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 "High, High Mage Mafa..."

When they first entered the Flame Demon Fort, the first acquaintance Lin Yun met was Lahn who had went to the Winter Plane with him. But that 4th Rank Archmage was abnormally nervous when facing Lin Yun. Beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead.

Nothing could be done about it, the young mage had left a deep shadow in his mind, he didn't dare to face him, especially after what happened with the Snow Phantoms. He had thought he would definitely die and thus let out all the resentment he held towards the young mage.

Just thinking about it made him sweat. He had been uneasy for the past few days, worried that the young mage would cause trouble for him.

He even felt that he should request the Ancestral Land to transfer him out of the Raging Flame Plane.

But before he could make up his mind, he met the young mage again...

Speak of the devil...

"Haha, Sir Lahn..." Lin Yun chuckled as he nodded. He then sensed that the Flame Demon Fort was almost empty and couldn't help frowning, "Did something happen recently?"

As one of the Seven Great Forts, the importance of the Flame Demon Fort was evident, even if the Merlin Family was spreading their troops, there should be at least three Archmages protecting it. But after scanning the Flame Demon Fort with his Magic Array, Lin Yun didn't find any Archmage aura beside Lahn's.

This was a bit strange...

"Ah... Nothing big. It's just that something happened to the Flame Frost Fort last night and Sir Thorne led people over..." Lahn was stunned for a moment, the young mage's attitude toward him was a lot better than he had imagined. This made Lahn relax quite a bit and he cautiously said, "You are here for..."

From what he knew, the young mage would hardly come to the Flame Demon Fort. Half a month ago, Sir Thorne repeatedly said that he wanted to discuss something important with the young mage, but his shadow couldn't even be found.

"A small matter to take care of, Sir Lahn, go ahead and do your thing, if someone comes looking for me, send that person to the reception room and have someone notify me. I should be in the alchemy laboratory unless something happens..." Lin Yun frowned, when battling Reina in the Winter Plane, his puppet had taken some hits and was slightly damaged. Restoring it wouldn't be an issue, he only needed some time.

After informing Lahn, Lin Yun led his group away...

"Yes, yes... Rest assured, I'll take care of this." Lahn quickly nodded like a child being given candy. It was quite normal, the young mage was giving him too much pressure.

But before he could wipe the cold sweat off his forehead, he unconsciously looked to the side and caught sight of that silver white silhouette closely following behind the young mage.

And cold sweat started dripping again...

He naturally knew that silver white silhouette, it was the level 38 Frost Dragon that had terrified him!

Although he already knew that the Frost Dragon had reached some kind of agreement with the young mage, he was still terrified when he saw her again. Had the young mage not been there, their group would have been crushed by this Frost Dragon.

"Phew..." He only relaxed when Lin Yun's group left his line of sight, only then he let out a relieved sigh and went on his way with a pale expression.

Ten minutes later, Lin Yun reached the alchemy laboratory of the Flame Demon Fort. This was his first time here and he was somewhat startled when he arrived. The equipments and tools were a lot more advanced than the ones in the Merlin Family Manor. Crucibles, test tubes, the laboratory was equipped with the most advanced tools from the Crystal Workshop. Lin Yun estimated that this laboratory cost near a million golds.

After taking a tour around the laboratory, he found some of the tools he needed and started repairing the puppet.

The repairs were completed after an hour, and just as he collected the puppet, urgent knocking could be heard coming from the door.

"What are you doing? Cousin Mafa is busy..."

"I, I... I, I have something for High Mage Mafa..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Yun smiled when he heard the answer, he scratched his nose and said, "Cousin William, I'm already finished, let Sir Lahn come in..."

The laboratory's door was instantly opened as Lahn hurried over.

"Black Tower's Weiss should have arrived, right? Let's go to the reception room..." Lin Yun smiled. For Lahn, a 4th Rank Archmage to personally come, it must have been due to Weiss' arrival.

"Eh?" Lahn was stunned.

"Is it not?"

"High Mage Mafa, just now, a young man proclaiming to be from the Watson Family came over, he said he wants to see you, so I arranged for him to wait in the reception room..." Lahn suddenly realized that the young mage had originally been waiting for Sir Weiss of the Back Tower, and not some damn Watson Family youth...

But it was too late, he already disturbed the young mage for this.

"From the Watson Family? Looking for me?" Lin Yun frowned, for a moment, he couldn't figure out who had been looking for him.

"Yes... He said he was looking for our Merlin Family's Commander." After saying this, Lahn nervously looked at Lin Yun, "If you don't want to see him, I can help you send him away..."

Lin Yun now understood that this turned out to be a misunderstanding. The young man of the Watson Family came to the Flame Demon Fort to find the commander, which might not necessarily refer to Mafa Merlin.

There were two commanders after all.

"Forget it, Sir Lahn, I'll go meet him..." Lin Yun waved his hand, a pensive expression on his face. He already knew before he even came to the Raging Flame Plane that the Merlin Family and the Watson Family were collaborating to jointly explore the ruins left behind by the Merlin Family's Ancestor.

A Watson coming to the Flame Demon Fort should be to discuss their collaboration.

Now that the matter of the Raising Dragon Array came to an end, he wouldn't reject such a well-timed collaboration. After all, beside the Merlin Family Ancestor's ruins, there was also the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras in the Volcanic Mountain Range.

Lin Yun soon led William and the others over, and after ten minutes, they reached the door to the reception room, only to hear a sneer.

"Looks like your commander is quite arrogant, he is actually making us wait so long. I can guarantee that your Merlin Family is going to regret if he doesn't show up within five minutes..." Said a young man wearing a mage robe. He was holding a gorgeous staff atop which was embedded a glittering mana crystal. Any mage would notice with a mere glance that this was a spirit mana crystal, and one close to level 35.

This magic staff should be worth a few million golds.

And on the cuffs of that white gown were surprisingly two lines interweaved, one gold one silver.

This was the emblem of an Archmage!

In fact, from the mana fluctuations emitted by the white gowned mage, Lin Yun could accurately determine that this was an Archmage.

Otherwise, the 9th Rank High Mage of the Merlin Family's Planar Legion facing him wouldn't be sweating so much.

"Sorry, I'm late..."

As the voice of the white-robed mage faded away, another voice echoed in the reception room. The white-robed mage turned around and his expression instantly sank, "Don't you know that disturbing an esteemed guest from the Watson Family is a very serious offense?"

He continued, "The youths of the Merlin Family don't even know basic manners..." The white-robed young man took one glance at Lin Yun before losing interested when he noticed that he was merely a high ranked High Mage. After a short pause, he added, "If you disappear right now, I'll consider not blaming you..."

"Excuse me? Aren't you the one looking for me...?" Lin Yun frowned and indifferently glanced at the white-robed young man.

"You think that you, a 6th Rank High Mage, is qualified to make an esteemed Archmage look for him?" The white-robed mage turned his head again to look at Lin Yun with disdain, apparently having lost his patience. He got up and started walking towards the door as he sneered at Lin Yun, "Take me to your commander if you don't want to bear the fury of an Archmage. I want to see for myself how arrogant that commander is!"

He felt that the meaning behind his sentence was very obvious, there was no need to say any more threats, if the young mage wasn't foolish, he would know what to choose...

After all, the fury of an Archmage wasn't something a High Mage could endure.

Although the other side was a member of the Merlin Family and he couldn't be too excessive, there shouldn't be a problem with teaching him a lesson.


As his words faded away, he discovered that the young mage was looking at him with an extremely strange expression.

No, the young mage wasn't the only one looking at him weirdly, the three High Mages behind the young mage and the 9th Rank High Mage that had been receiving him also looked at him as if he was an oddity.

"What is it?" With so many people staring at him, Mark Watson suddenly felt uneasy, he coldly looked at Lin Yun and couldn't help saying in a heavy voice, "Don't think that I won't dare to make a move against you because this is the Flame Demon Fort. My patience is limited, take me to your commander, now..."

After saying those words, Mark took a deep breath as he tried to keep his emotions under control and ignore those strange gazes, before calmly waiting near the door.