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 They were already despairing. They felt that they would definitely die, but the Frost Dragon froze when that familiar voice echoed. Her claw stopped in midair, not going down even after a few seconds.

'What is going on?'

Everyone lying on the ground was in disbelief. They had naturally heard the young mage's voice just now...

Although the young mage was abnormally powerful, to the point that if he wasn't with them, they simply wouldn't have had a chance, they still couldn't believe that the Frost Dragon had stopped due to the young mage's words.

But they also felt relieved, because regardless of the method, the young mage saved their lives for the time being.

They then saw that the pale young mage had actually crawled onto the back of the Frost Dragon and was holding a glittering dagger, pressing it against the Dragon's neck.

They suddenly realized why the Frost Dragon had listened to him. It turned out that she had no choice but to obey him and halt her movements.

"Would you dare?" Even under such circumstances, the Frost Dragon's attitude was unyielding. Her claw above Thorne and the others was clearly her bargaining chip. It could fall at any time, so she wasn't worried about the young mage's threat as long as she also had leverage.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

While she had the lives of the young mage's companions in her hands, she was certain that he wouldn't dare make a move against her.

But even if she acted tough, seemingly not caring, she wouldn't blindly throw away her life, so they could only remain in a deadlock.

What infuriated her was that the young mage's actions were too hateful... He had actually crawled onto her body!

"You aren't me, what makes you think I won't dare?" Lin Yun rolled his eyes and then remained silent. This Frost Dragon was too conceited. She truly thought that by holding the lives of the others Archmages in her hands, she would be able to threaten him into not making a move? This was such an immature way of thinking.

As he answered, he played with the dagger in his hands, and it inadvertently touched the Frost Dragon's neck. This action made the Frost Dragon gnash her teeth and curse the young mage in her heart.

Even if the dagger looked ordinary on the outside, from the faint energy it was letting out, it was clearly a genuine Spiritual Magic Tool. Had she been at her peak, then let alone a Spiritual Dagger, even a Mid-Rank True Spirit Dagger might not be able to break through her physical defenses. But the situation was clearly different right now. She was in a very weak state after using that last Dragon Breath. It would be very difficult for her to resist a Spiritual Dagger striker her directly now.

Thus, Lin Yun dared to be so fearless...

But others, such as Thorne, couldn't remain as calm.

After being frozen into ice sculptures and hearing Lin Yun's words, they couldn't help spitting out blood. If it went as the young mage said, they would be the ones that ran out of luck. If the Frost Dragon decided to throw caution to the winds, they would definitely die.

They really had no faith in the camaraderie of the young mage who always did absurd things.

But these ice sculptures couldn't produce any sound.

"Go ahead and try..." As Thorne and the others were secretly worried, the Frost Dragon's cold voice replied. At the same time, those two silvery-white eyes glanced at the ice statues as she sneered, "I can guarantee that they would die before me."

If that young mage truly didn't care about them, why would he spend so much effort on them? She firmly believed that the young mage wouldn't dare to act blindly.

Sure enough, it was as her father had said. Most humans were crafty, just like this young mage who was acting like he didn't care about the lives of his companions.

As she thought of her father, Reina's expression suddenly darkened and sadness filled her heart.

"I'd rather avoid this if possible. No one would benefit if neither side won..." A faint smile appeared on Lin Yun's pale face as he looked towards the depths of the palace. He couldn't see clearly, but his gaze was firmly locked there for a while. After looking there for a bit, he turned back.

In fact, he hated the feeling of being threatened. His life was always threatened at the end of the Magic Era, a feeling he had grown to loathe. Ever since he arrived in this era, those who threatened him always met bad ends.

Obviously, he couldn't accept the threat of the Frost Dragon. If it weren't for the fact that he wanted to avoid extra complications, he might have already used a wisp of mana to rouse the daggers to take Reina's life.

But he didn't do so.

Because he had made a new discovery not long ago... He had solved the problem that had been troubling him for a long time, and the key to this lay in the array at the center of the palace, as well as a buried Dragon.

Indeed, in the center of the palace was an undamaged Dragon's skeleton. With his Magic Array, he was able to able to infer from some clues that this Dragon had been a Frost Dragon, and the power emitted from its bones showed that this fallen Dragon had been at the Heaven Rank.

What amazed him was that this Heaven Rank Frost Dragon had fallen millennia ago, but there were still mana fluctuations remaining, which suggested that it was at the peak of the Heaven Rank.

Frost Dragons weren't very eye-catching among the Dragon Race. Compared to those pure-blooded Chromatic Dragons, there was some gap in their innate talents. For example, once a Pure-blooded Chromatic Dragon reached adulthood, they would have the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouses. In contrast, Frost Dragons were quite inferior. They were only comparable to Archmages when they reached adulthood. For a Heaven Rank powerhouse to appear within this branch was already surprising, but finding a Frost Dragon here that had been at the peak of the Heaven Rank was even more surprising.

As for the area that Frost Dragon was buried in, there was an array that wasn't unfamiliar. It was the Raising Dragon Array he had been searching for.

The Raising Dragon Array was taboo, as it was an array that could resurrect humans and other lifeforms. Even if it had never appeared in Noscent, its effect had been studied, theorized, and spread through Noscent during the peak of the Magic Era. Any mage would be shocked when they were first introduced to the Raising Dragon Array's effect. Lin Yun was also like that the first time. He felt that the power of the Raising Dragon Array was already distorting some Laws.

With the Raising Dragon Array and the skeleton of a Frost Dragon put together, he didn't need to think too much about it to know that someone was trying to use the Raising Dragon Array's power to revive that Frost Dragon...

Frost Dragon Reina had displayed deep hostility when she first saw everyone. That suddenly impulse to kill them could be explained by this. If Lin Yun wasn't wrong, the Heaven Rank Dragon buried in the center might be one of Reina's relatives, and she didn't want these uninvited guests to disturb the resurrection process.

Unfortunately, Reina didn't know that the existence of this Raising Dragon Array had a fatal flaw.

"Hmm?" Reina froze for a while before sneering. "In fact, it's not impossible to settle this problem. I can let your companions go, but you have to leave this place immediately and never come back, or I'll kill you, regardless of the price I have to pay."

If she could avoid it, she wouldn't want to die.

Because she might have the opportunity to see her father once again in the future...

"Ahah, I think you misunderstood. I want to settle this matter, but definitely not that way..." Lin Yun smiled as he calmly said, "In fact, I know that you are guarding this palace because you are using the power of the Raising Dragon Array to revive one of your relatives, am I right?"

Lin Yun had already seen through Reina. He knew that she was relatively smart and wasn't planning on taking a path of no return if she could avoid it, so the negotiation might go smoothly.

After saying those words, he fished out a mana crystal from his pocket and slowly started absorbing the mana within. The previous battle had completely exhausted his mana, including his two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools and his few True Spirit Magic Tools.

"How did you know!?"

Reina had been somewhat angry when she heard the first half of the young mage's sentence, but once Lin Yun mentioned the Raising Dragon Array, Reina became exceptionally emotional.

'How come this human mage knows?'

She was doubtful and on guard. 'He wouldn't be scheming to ruin it, right?'

"Now only do I know that you want to use the Raising Dragon Array to resurrect your relative, but I also know that you are bound to fail! Had you kept guarding without anyone bothering you, it might have been possible to revive after a hundred years... Sorry to tell you this, but what would have been revived at the time definitely wouldn't be your relative. It would have been an Undead. It would have destroyed not only you, but possibly the entire plane once it came out." Reina's heart sank as Lin Yun's voice went on.