Collecting the valuables wouldn't take too long... They all had Spatial Magic Tools, after all, so it shouldn't take more than ten minutes to store everything.

Yet the young mage's attitude was firm, almost unyielding.

Lahn's expression became extremely ugly, but he didn't give up. With a weak voice he said, "High Mage Mafa, you see... This... So much wealth, it wouldn't be bad to take a bit..."

After saying that, Lahn turned towards Thorne, looking for support.

"Well... High Mage Mafa, it wouldn't take us a lot of time. I feel that Lahn is right, it would be better to collect the treasure. This would be a huge help to the development of the Merlin Family..." Thorne clearly couldn't turn a blind eye to this huge stash of wealth. Even if he felt some greed, as a Planar Legion Commander, he clearly knew that this was enough to greatly increase the power of the Planar Legion. The equipment of every member of the Planar Legion could be replaced by more powerful items.

He thought it was inconceivable for the shrewd young mage to make this choice, especially since it could be seen from his attack on the Ghost Valley that the young mage did care about the Merlin Family.

How he so decisively choose to give up on that wealth?

This was truly abnormal.

'Oh, right...'

Thorne suddenly recalled that the young mage's purpose in coming to this plane was to find something that he needed in a certain place.

'Could it be that he can't even wait for this little bit of time?'

"Haha... Let's get out of here," Lin Yun said, as if he hadn't heard the two trying to dissuade him. Then, without even giving the cave another glance, he just turned around, showing the others his back.

"Err... Alright..." Thorne clenched his teeth. After being in contact with the young mage for a few months, he clearly knew that this seemingly amiable young mage was extremely stubborn. Once he made a decision, he wouldn't easily change his mind. And leaving now didn't necessarily mean that they wouldn't return. Once the young mage got what he needed, wouldn't it be okay to take these things on the way back?

"Let's go..." Ida and Yuri looked at each other. Although they didn't know why the young mage made such a puzzling decision, they always supported him. This time was no exception; they didn't ask any questions and quickly followed.

"You... You lunatics!" The group had started walking away, with only Lahn left behind, fiercely shaking with an abnormal expression before cursing.

They found this treasure trove because he accidentally discovered a broken sword. It would be recorded as a huge contribution if they brought those treasures back.

The Ancestral land might even send him some rewards.

But now, the young mage's decision was making him miss this opportunity.

He was really unwilling to leave.

He couldn't help resenting the young mage even more. This was too excessive! How could there be such a person in the world!

Naturally, he didn't dare to share his thoughts aloud.

After Lahn's shout, the young mage who was ten meters away suddenly stopped and turned, giving him a glance.

The young mage's face was devoid of emotions and he remained silent.

But this simple glance made Lahn feel a chill... He then realized that his behavior had been too dangerous.

He had insulted an existence capable of suppressing and Mana Shackling him...

As he thought of this, cold sweat dripped down Lahn's forehead as he nervously looked at the young mage, his heart throbbing furiously.

But he then saw the young mage smiling at him as he said a few words: "Hey, Sir Lahn, are you coming or not?"

But... it wasn't a smile, it was a sneer...

"I... I... I'm coming!" Lahn was truly scared and didn't dare to stay there. He was afraid of losing his life. He threw a reluctant look at the snow cave before clenching his teeth and replying, "I will..."

After saying that, he rushed over with a fearful expression.

This might have been a brief interlude to Lin Yun's team, and no one mentioned it afterwards, but the atmosphere in the group seemed to have become heavy. After walking for over half an hour, it was Lin Yun's turn to use Mage Eyes to check the surroundings.

In fact, this wasn't necessary since Lin Yun's Magic Array was constantly revolving during their trip, examining everything within a kilometer.

But in order to make the others feel at ease, he still released three Mage Eyes into the sky.

The scene transmitted by one of the Mage Eye made him frown, but he didn't say anything and just hastened on his path with the others.

"Hmm? What was that..."

In the group, Sword Saint Thorne's vision was undoubtedly the best when not using detection spells, which was why he was walking at the forefront. He suddenly stopped and pointed forward with an amazed expression.

"There is something wrong, how come the ice in that region has completely melted?"

An area of ice a few hundred meters away had been completely melted, exposing a calm sea. This strange phenomenon alarmed everyone. In the extremely cold ice plane, the ice simply couldn't melt. Even if the ground suffered a hit, it would only lead to the ice shattering. There shouldn't be such a large sea.

They could clearly see that this sea spread for a few kilometers.

"Eh? There seems to be a ropeway on the sea, we can go through that sea area by using it. That will allow us to avoid a detour..." A smile replaced the disappointed look on Yuri's face after he sent some Mage Eyes over.

"Well, there really is a ropeway. What are we waiting for, let's go." Lin Yun smiled and casually walked ahead of the group.

"That..." Thorne wanted to say something, but he was hesitating.

"Sir Thorne, what is it?" Lin Yun asked as he stopped.

"High Mage Mafa, don't you feel that this ropeway is very strange?" Thorne pointed at the ropeway floating above sea level and frowned. "Apart from the greatswords and the treasures that appeared not long ago, we haven't discovered any traces left behind by humans on the way. In other words, this plane hadn't been conquered by Noscent's forces. Apart from the 3rd Dynasty's people from millennia ago, we are the first group of humans to have set foot on this plane, so how could there be a ropeway?"

Thorne, as a Commander of the Planar Legion, has always been sharp, and he wouldn't let any details slip by.

The others' expressions changed when they heard that.

"Haha, Sir Thorne, you are overthinking..." Lin Yun scratched his cheek. "As you just said, the people from the 3rd Dynasty set foot on this plane several millennia ago, this ropeway might have been left back then..."

"But why would they spend so much effort making a ropeway?"

"Alright, you are really overthinking now... We have to hurry and cross the ropeway to reach the other side..." Lin Yun impatiently waved his hand and took the lead.


Thorne hesitated before softly shaking his head and following behind the young mage.

After a few minutes, everyone crossed the few hundred meters and stepped onto that ropeway. They cautiously followed it towards the other side.

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But after walking over a dozen meters, Lahn, who was worrying and was looking down as he walked, suddenly screamed. He was deathly pale and was shivering, rooted on the spot.

"What happened?"

Yuri, who was walking in front of Lahn, promptly grabbed him and helped stabilize him before asking with a frown.

To be honest, Lahn had surprised him and almost made him fall.

He really couldn't understand how this nearly 5th Rank Archmage could act like a careless youth.

"I just... I just... I just saw the shape of a huge monster, swimming right under us..." Lahn's face was devoid of blood. He was still looking at the sea with a dazed expression as lingering fear could be seen on his face.

"I'm telling the truth," he added when he saw that Yuri didn't seem to believe him, "I definitely didn't make a mistake..."

"Haha, Lahn, you are too nervous and your eyes might have tricked you..." Yuri laughed. He knew that the matter of the snow cave had made this 4th Rank Archmage extremely jittery on the way.

But, after finishing that sentence, he discovered that Lahn was grabbing his palm as he looked at the sea with an alarmed expression. "It... It appeared again..."


Yuri froze and quickly reacted. He followed Lahn's gaze and looked at the sea. His expression changed and he screamed as if he had seen a ghost.

"It... It... It really is it!"