In fact, the others were also aware of this problem, Lahn included, or he wouldn't have tried to flee so urgently.

Unfortunately, Lahn understood that he couldn't escape after hearing Lin Yun and Thorne's discussion.

"What to do, what to do, what can we do..." In the end, he lost hope and went out of control. An esteemed 4th Rank Archmage was nothing more than a helpless child at such time. He held his head in his hands, a pale expression on his face as he painfully said, "I don't want to die here..."

"Shut the hell up!" Thorne's expression was unsightly. In such a situation, even if he had been through countless battlefields, swept through every major plane and experienced leading numerous Planar Wars as a Commander, Thorne couldn't help becoming irascible when Lahn Merlin started to give in to despair and ruthlessly glared at him.

In fact, even he didn't know what to do...

The current situation was remarkably bad...

It was to the point where a feeling of powerlessness rose in this experienced Commander's heart.

"No one is willing to die here!" Thorne looked at Lahn, resentful towards him for failing to meet his expectations, before coldly saying, "Although there is no way for now, it doesn't mean we have no opportunity. The greater the danger, the less we can succumb to chaos, a headless chicken like doesn't need to wait for the arrival of the Ice Field Mammoths, I might as well finish you off myself."

After Thorne's strict rebuke, Lahn, whose emotions were out of control, gradually calmed down. But this 4th Rank Archmage was still somewhat depressed, despair plainly visible on his face.

"Now, everyone has to stick together, never separate. Only that way can we have a chance of staying alive.." Thorne looked at the white mist clouds and thunderous booming sounds slowly approaching. After finishing his words, his face was devoid of blood.

Even if they only had six people, they were all Archmage level powerhouses, such a line-up would be considered quite formidable in Okland, but he wasn't confident in facing over a thousand Ice Field Mammoths.

Although he was already an esteemed Sword Saint, after going through that nightmare, he was still fearful of those Grim Reaper Ice Field Mammoths.


The ice shook under their feet and the cracks widened and lengthened, that thunderous sound felt like doom announcing its entrance and everyone had alarm and terror plastered on their faces.

As the white mist rose higher in the air, the silhouettes of the Ice Field Mammoths appeared in everyone's line of sight. They could see those mountain-like monsters with long tusks charging across the Winter Ice Field, cracking the vast expanse of ice and sending shards flying.

This ice had been formed throughout the years and was extremely solid, even some newly advanced Archmages might need to spend a lot of power and all kinds of spells to be able to shatter it, but those Ice Field Mammoths only needed to run to burst it, this showed how terrifying their raw strength was...

Hundreds of Ice Field Mammoths sieged them from all directions, their limbs heavily trampling the ice field as they were dashing at maximum speed, and letting out deafening roars.

"Coming, coming... They are already here, have you thought of a good plan?" Lahn was panicking, shouting and shrieking, despair on his face.

The people in the team answered with silence, they were all nervously looking around, those long tusked mountain-like monsters looked extremely fierce.

The momentum displayed by over a thousand mammoths was indeed scary. Even if only for a moment, most of them had already thoroughly gave up resisting.

Maybe no one noticed that the silent Lin Yun was frowning, gazing into the distance, entranced, as if he wasn't caring about those charging mammoths.

"High Mage Mafa, Mafa..." Thorne shouted twice, but he suddenly discovered that the other side simply wasn't answering to him. At such a crucial time, the young mage was actually absent-minded, 'Does he not know how bad the situation is?'

But Thorne didn't get angry and quickly moved over, he coughed, wanting to say something, but he then saw the youngster calmly turning towards him.

"Sir Thorne, I know what you want to say..."

"You..." Thorne suddenly froze, how could he not understand, the situation was so dangerous yet the young mage was so calm, despite what was happening.

Could it be, the young mage thought of something?

Thorne felt somewhat worried, he squeezed an unsightly smile at the young mage and calmly waited for the young mage to talk again.

He didn't have to wait long as the young mage's voice echoed a few seconds later, "I have a way..."

Although Lin Yun's voice was very soft, it clearly transferred to everyone's ears. In a flash, everyone nervously looked at him. His words were like a stone thrown into a calm lake, sending waves in everyone's minds.

"What... What do you mean..." Thorne flushed, unable to stop his voice from getting louder.

"This plan might not guarantee everyone's safety, but this is our best way..." Lin Yun's expression was as calm as before as he pointed towards the north, "We need to go two kilometers north, moreover we have to attract all the Ice Field Mammoths over. As for the reason, I don't have the time to explain."

Hearing this, their expressions turned somewhat unsightly.

Because the young mage's plan was truly risky.

There were over a thousand Ice Field Mammoths surrounding them in all directions and each mammoth was at least level 30. Pushing through two kilometers under such a fierce assault, they didn't need to think much to realize how dangerous it was.

Most importantly, they didn't have confidence.

Even if they did manage...

They would have wasted a large amount of mana to burst through the siege and reach that two kilometer mark, but did the young mage really find a way to deal with this crisis?

That was still over a thousand mammoths...

Let alone their group, even a powerful Planar Legion would run the risk of being wiped out when facing these Grim Reapers.

What happened to the Merlin Family in the Ice Prison Plane was a good example.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the area froze, and a short silence reigned.


The one breaking the silence was Lahn Merlin, a sneer could be seen on that cowardly Archmage's face as he looked at Lin Yun, "Mafa, don't think you're clever, you are a mere 5th Rank High Mage, what kind of plan could you have at such a critical time? You are simply making trouble..."

A twenty something 5th Rank High Mage, even if he was an Archmage, he would still be the youngest in this group.

Everyone else had a lot of experience, they had been Archmages for decades, how could the youngest come out with a plan.

In Lahn's eyes, the young mage's actions were ridiculous.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What's more...

What was that plan even?

Leading the thousand of Ice Field Mammoths to a place two kilometers away, wouldn't they have to think of something else at that time? He didn't believe that the young mage could find a way to deal with over a thousand Ice Field Mammoths.

Because it was simply impossible.

Without a Heaven Rank powerhouse, none of the troops dispatched by the top-notch forces of Okland could deal with this mammoth pack.

However, Lahn suddenly discovered that everyone was looking at him strangely after he said those words.

"You have another way?" Thorne's voice was gloomy.

"Eh?" Lahn suddenly froze, how could he have a way? He was barely able to control his emotions and made a fool of himself in front of everyone. He squeezed a smile on his aged face, "Sir Thorne, you are the only one qualified to make a decision..."

But Thorne didn't even throw a second glance at him and turned towards Lin Yun, after struggling for a bit, he bitterly smiled, "High Mage Mafa, we will do as you said..."

This decision is the result of Thorne's careful deliberation. Although the young mage didn't explain clearly, under the current circumstances, he could only make a gamble.

Yes, he was gambling...

He was betting that the young mage was right...

He had always been dependable and had never done anything without assurance. The young mage's plan involved leading the mammoths two kilometers away, this sounded very absurd and meaningless, why did they have to lead them two kilometers away?

Could this resolve the crisis?

If the others had raised this idea, Thorne would have ignored it, not even considering it.

But the one coming up with this plan was actually the young mage that continued shocking him.

Although he had rarely been in contact with the young mage in the past three months in the Raging Flame Plane, he had some understanding of his ways. Everything he did seemed preposterous, but his decisions would be proven right later.