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 He had been overjoyed when he was given that extra piece of land from the young mage and summoned a few dozen talented youths from the Dark Moon Fort, but he hadn't expected such an outcome. Those youths all became corpses in that sea of fire, without any exception.

'This is all because of Mafa Merlin!'

"Sir Suval, you cannot say such things..." Lin Yun looked indifferently at the raging Suval as he reminded, "I told you that there was danger in that unoccupied area when I gave it to you. Don't tell me you have forgotten, Sir Suval?"


Suval choked, he was stunned speechless. He clearly remembered what happened the previous day... The young mage indeed had said something like this, but Suval hadn't cared about the warning. Who would have thought that a peak level 37 Demon existed in the Ghost Valley?

He wasn't sure whether the young mage actually knew of the Demon's existence beforehand and deliberately trapped him.

Thinking of this, Suval threw an extremely strange glance at the young mage, but he didn't say anything. Instead, he turned and walked away, his exhausted body quickly disappearing in the darkness of the night.

Lin Yun still stuck around to look into something after Suval left.

He felt that the appearance of the Lesser Lava Overlord was a bit unusual.

'How could a Demon randomly appear out of nowhere? Is it really as the Thawing Fire Tribe's legend said? A Demon was sealed in the Ghost Valley and could be released with a certain thing...?'


Just as he was about to give up due to the lack of clues, his Magic Array suddenly discovered a life fluctuation.

This immediately made Lin Yun's eyes shine. He didn't hesitate and cast Haste on himself, rushing through the sea of fire before stopping a few hundred meters away.

The source of the life fluctuation was in a sprawl of shrubs.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Yun frowned and cautiously released a Light spell to see better.


In the depths of the verdant and lush shrubbery, there was an altar with dark-red runes on it emitting an ancient aura. It looked especially mysterious in the darkness of the night.

With one glance, Lin Yun could feel that the architectural style of this altar was somewhat similar to the Thawing Fire Tribe's altar in the Sacred Land. It also had countless carved Ancient Beastman characters densely packed like numerous tadpoles and seemingly containing boundless mana.

But what really attracted Lin Yun's eyes wasn't the altar itself, but the silhouette next to the altar.

This was an old and bony Raging Flame Beastman with ash-colored hair. His eyes were completely empty and he wasn't emitting the slightest bit of aura. He looked as if he had gone through a lot, and his expression didn't change at all when looking at Lin Yun. After a few seconds, he said in a hoarse voice, "I can't accept this... In spite of everything, I wasn't able to kill you damn invaders..."

"Turns out to be you..."

Lin Yun thoughtfully looked at him for a moment, before frowning. After half a minute, a smile appeared on his face as he suddenly realized what had happened.

The Raging Flame Beastman before him was one of the six Great Prophets. When Lin Yun entered the Ghost Valley for the first time, he was attacked by a Beastman army. And the one leading that army was this Great Prophet, Lazart. At the same time, Lazart was the teacher of the young Raging Flame Beastman, Yass.

The decisive battle between the allied army and the Raging Flame Beastmen at the foot of the Sacred Mountain resulted in the destruction of the entire Thawing Fire Tribe, but after a careful inspection, some people realized that there had only been five Great Prophets. There had always been six Great Prophets in the Thawing Fire Tribe, yet the remaining one never appeared.

And Lazart was that missing Great Prophet...

If Lin Yun hadn't seen him a few months ago in the Ghost Valley, he would have never believed that this Beastman before him was a Great Prophet.

Because the current Lazart was in an unusual state... He was really too weak, and so were his life fluctuations. He was even inferior to a Great Mage right now. His life had already been used up, and it wouldn't be long before his death.

Many people wouldn't even spare a glance to a Raging Flame Beastman that was in such a state.

No one would believe that he was a tribe's Great Prophet.

After all, the tribe's Great Prophets were considered their strongest powerhouses, comparable to the high-ranked Archmages of the human race.

"You are the one who summoned that Demon? Using some kind of soul sacrifice..." Lin Yun muttered aloud with a pondering smile as he looked at Lazart on the altar.

With his insight, he could easily figure these things out. The altar before him was specially used for sacrifices, and given that Lazart's vitality had been completely sapped away, he had most likely made a sacrifice.

"Yes, so what? I just wanted to kill you damned invaders to avenge my tribe.." Lazart's aged face was already thoroughly distorted from madness. With a sinister voice, he threatened, "Although I failed and wasn't able to kill you invaders, don't stay happy for too long. When two suns appear in the sky, the fire of the Volcanic Mountain Range will burn you... Damn invaders, you'll sink in hell for all eternity..."

The sound of flesh tearing could be heard.

Lazart's voice came to an abrupt halt as a Frost Spike pierced his chest, taking his life.

'Two suns... Volcanic Mountain Range...'

Lin Yun kept pondering over Lazart's words on the way back. Two suns appearing in the sky sounded a bit unimaginable. It simply couldn't happen here.

But Lin Yun had experienced the even more unimaginable end of times, so what if two suns appeared...?

Naturally, the most important part was that Lazart mentioned the Volcanic Mountain Range.

The Volcanic Mountain Range was extremely important to Lin Yun. It was the place he had to go to on this trip to the Raging Flame Plane. The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was being nurtured in the Volcanic Mountain Range, and it was related to the very awkward problem that Lin Yun was now facing. He had to fuse his Meditation Law Sets with his Magic Conducting Rune if he wanted to advance to the Archmage realm.

But he only had the Magic Array as his Magic Conducting Rune, and while the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could be used to fuse with another Meditation Law Set, there was still one left. Thus, Lin Yun could only pin his hopes on the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

Thus, he had no choice but to go to the Volcanic Mountain Range.

Moreover, the Family Council didn't dispatch him to the Raging Flame Plane to participate in the fight over the plane, but to cooperate with the Watson Family to go to the Volcanic Mountain Range and find the ruins left behind by the Merlin Family's ancestor.

Regardless of which reason it was, the depths of the Volcanic Mountain Range weren't just mysterious; they also held the most powerful Beastman Tribe.

After spending over ten minutes, Lin Yun returned to the surroundings of the Raising Dragon Array. After working on it for nine days, the defensive power was almost weak enough to be completely disregarded, but Lin Yun didn't dare to act rashly and kept watch on the side. He estimated that the power should be completely removed within a day.

'Lava Heart...'

After a few hours of meditation, Lin Yun recovered and suddenly recalled the Lava Heart in his pocket. This was a material that would make any alchemist go crazy. It didn't have a wide range of uses... It could be used like a mana crystal, but that was a waste of resources.

The Lava Heart's worth lay in the fact that it can be used to set up a miraculous array called the Demon Contract.

At the peak of the Magic Era, almost every first-rate force had a Demon Contract. It could be said that this array was the symbol of a first-rate force. After all, Lesser Lava Overlords, these special Demons, were extremely rare in Noscent. If one wanted a Lava Heart, then unless one had good luck like Lin Yun, they would have to go to the lowest floor of the Abyss to kill a Lesser Lava Overlord.

The moment he took out the Lava Heart, a terrifyingly high temperature spread in the surroundings. Once the Lava Heart appeared, it started beating, and with every throb, Lin Yun could sense a shocking power, seemingly slowly recovering.

Lin Yun took a quill from his pocket and dipped it into prepared ink before slowly writing runes on the Lava Heart. Even with his current skill in the field of alchemy, he had no choice but to be cautious with each step, because any small alteration might lead to failure, which would be a terrible loss.

After a short few minutes, he was covered in nervous sweat, but he couldn't care about that for now. His mind was focused on the array.

He had to go through a lot of calculations every time he wrote a rune on the Lava Heart. Had he been an ordinary Master Alchemist, he would have needed to spend at least four to five days on calculations to confirm whether it was feasible, but Lin Yun's speed was greatly shortened by the Magic Array. After three hours, the smooth exterior of the Lava Heart was filled with countless golden runes.

'Good...' After writing the last rune, Lin Yun put down his quill and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He felt drained and exhausted. After all, this was dull work. With his terrifying computing ability, he was able to complete the preliminary part of the Demon Contract.