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 Thus, Lin Yun very carefully read - Explanations of the Max Formula -.

He was turning through the pages far slower than he had been when he browsed - Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm -.

As Lin Yun would soon enter the Bone Plane, every battle that Max fought against the undead was worthy of his attention, even if they weren't Bone Devils. Nothing guaranteed that after Lin Yun put an end to the Bone Devils and occupied the Nether Iron Vein, he wouldn't come across other kinds of undead.

While Lin Yun was conscientiously browsing through - Explanations of the Max Formula -, Solon suddenly looked toward the entrance of the library as a shadow flashed past. After some time, someone beckoned to him from the entrance.

"..." Solon suddenly shook, as that person was clearly Solomon.

Why would an esteemed High Mage act like a thief...

Solon came out of the library, filled with questions. When he arrived at the door, he was pulled aside by Solomon, who asked, "Is that person reading - Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm -?"

"Yes... What's wrong..." Solon felt a bit strange. Someone reading - Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm - shouldn't gather so much attention from a High Mage...

"It's not important!"


"Don't mind it, you leave first." Seeing that Solon wanted to ask a question, Solomon hurriedly waved his hand and drove his only disciple away.

How could he tell his disciple that he had only come to the library to find out the young mage's opinion on - Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm -? He wouldn't be able to keep his prestige as a teacher if he did.

This seemed very ridiculous, an esteemed High Mage coming to the library while sneaking like a thief to try to find out what a young mage thought of a particular book. If this spread out, who would believe it?

But the problem was that it really was the case...

Recently, the mages of the kingdom had been fervently discussing those four pieces of information that he had submitted. That information might likely prove the Fanrusen Formula's mistakes. It was just that these mages still only knew that this information had come from the Mage Guild of Thousand Sails City, from the disciple of Star Sage Jouyi, Solomon.

But Solomon knew that this had all come from a young mage named Mafa Merlin that was about twenty years old. He had been a failure of a Magic Apprentice that was unable to form his Mana Whirlpool a few months ago.

But Solomon never said anything publicly...

It wasn't because Solomon wanted to take credit for proving the mistakes of the Fanrusen Formula, but rather because Solomon knew that even if he explained the truth, no one would believe it. The facts were too strange and ridiculous. If ten people heard it, then all ten of them would consider it a joke.

Let alone others, even Solomon, who had experienced it himself, didn't dare to believe it.

For this reason, he probed the young mage's breadth of knowledge during the Black Horn Auction.

In the Sage Tower's box, the two had a long discussion.

At that time, Solomon didn't show anything on his face, but his mind was already in shock.

Solomon had realized that this young mage was a person who could actually discuss magic with him on a deep level...

Although Solomon took the initiative to bring up the topic, wanting to probe him by any means, the other side seemed to know what he was trying to do, and would be careful not to overdo it.

But he was able to reach the core of any topic with just a few sentences.

Indeed, it was that kind of feeling.

No matter how complicated or challenging the topic was, it felt as if that young mage only needed a few words to make it sound much more understated, to the point that it even made Solomon feel the misconception that the topics he chose were that simple.

But once Solomon returned and thought carefully about it, he was startled. These weren't topics that could be casually understood and solved. Even he himself, as a respected High Mage, would need a few years or perhaps even a dozen years to solve all of them, yet that young mage was able to grasp the key points.

Solomon remembered very clearly that when he asked some questions, that young mage seemed a bit absent-minded, but when he started talking, it hit the core of the matter. That felt like a kind of frightening instinct, a subconscious action.

That discovery made Solomon feel a chill...

Starting from that moment, Solomon truly believed that the answer to the Fanrusen Formula had come from this young mage, and wasn't just something he had overheard.

Right now, it was the same library and the same young mage, along with a controversial, millennium-old book.

Solomon really wanted to know what that young mage thought of the Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm.

Unfortunately, Solomon was disappointed...

After making a copy of the method to build the Magic Array, Lin Yun put down - Magic Conducting Rune Creation Paradigm - and started browsing through - Explanations of the Max Formula - instead. This made it very awkward for Solomon, who had been waiting outside the door all this time.

'What should I do...' Solomon waited for a long time, but Lin Yun never put down the second book to return to the first one. The High Mage couldn't help but inwardly curse, irrationally blaming Lin Yun for deliberately going against him...

Solomon was very clear about the contents of - Explanations of the Max Formula -. It gave insights on the Flame Tyrant's Fire Magic. But there wasn't much special content, as it mostly consisted of some practical descriptions of his fights. Solomon had once described it as "very entertaining".

Normally, a very entertaining magic book like this shouldn't be read so earnestly, as there was little knowledge to actually glean from it.

But this time, Lin Yun was being wronged...

The reason Lin Yun could be so conscientious wasn't the Flame Tyrant's insights on Fire Magic control, as Lin Yun had already researched Fire Magic control quite thoroughly ten years ago. Even if this Flame Tyrant was still alive, he would be utterly inferior to Lin Yun in theoretical knowledge.

What Lin Yun was researching was the description of real battles. To be exact, the battles between the Flame Tyrant and the undead.

After all, the one who wrote this book was the disciple of the Flame Tyrant.

The battles that the Flame Tyrant had experienced had been experienced by the author. This kind of personal experience was most important to Lin Yun, especially the battle against a Bone Devil.

- Explanations of the Max Formula - recorded a total of two fights against Bone Devils. In the first one, the Flame Tyrant had already advanced to High Mage and completely obliterated a dozen Bone Devils. The other one was when the Flame Tyrant was only a 5th Rank Great Mage and met a roaming Bone Devil outside Ghost City...

It was a fierce battle that time. Usually, a Bone Devil's fighting strength was between level 15 to level 19, which was equivalent to a 5th to 9th Rank Great Mage. At that time, the author of the book had just started following the Flame Tyrant and had personally experienced that battle.

According to his memories, the Bone Devil that the Flame Tyrant met that time was already approaching the level of a High Mage, but the Flame Tyrant used almost all his cards and ultimately faced the danger of a backlash by using a Spiritual Magic Tool before finally managing to get rid of that Bone Devil. That fight was also one of the most dangerous fights of his whole life.

Such a dangerous battle naturally left a profound impression in the mind of his follower, and the description of this battle was exceptionally detailed. What made Lin Yun pleasantly surprised was that this disciple ultimately mentioned that when the Flame Tyrant recalled that battle many years afterwards, he reflected upon it and listed a few mistakes he had made, and even claimed that if he hadn't made those mistakes, he might not have needed to use his Spiritual Magic Tool at all.

This self-reflection had a great significance to Lin Yun...

This was equivalent to pointing out a clear road for Lin Yun so that he could challenge an extremely powerful Bone Devil once he was a 5th Rank Great Mage.

Thus, Lin Yun was focused on his book and didn't notice Solomon standing outside the door...


While Lin Yun read - Explanations of the Max Formula - in the Sage Tower, the Gilded Rose called together an alchemy exhibition.

The contents of that exhibition included four Excellent Magic Tools, two Magic Weapons, as well as alchemy puppet dedicated for mining called Miner. But the focus was on the so-called "Hope Potions".

Indeed, the Hope Potions that could easily make a Magic Apprentice reach the 9th Rank.

Along with the appearance of the Hope Potion, this small-scale alchemy exhibition immediately caused a stir in the entire Thousand Sails City.

And due to this exhibition, the name of the Gilded Rose was remembered by countless people. Many people found out that after Locke Merlin died, the Flashing Gold chamber of commerce didn't disappear. They still had an alchemy shop in the Victorious Return street called the Gilded Rose. The magical potion that allowed Magic Apprentices to easily reach the 9th Rank was developed by the Gilded Rose.

After finishing all this, the old butler smiled as he priced the Hope Potion at two hundred thousand gold while also asserting that he only had one potion in hand. After the sale, the next bottle would appear one month later.

Such a price would stop ordinary Magic Apprentices with no background and no savings from getting a chance to buy it, as two hundred thousand gold was a truly astronomical sum to them. But apart from these ordinary Magic Apprentices, Thousand Sails City still had many more unusual ones. There was no lack of children from the leaders of major forces, and neither was there any lack of children that were born in well-off merchant families. Such a price wasn't a big deal to them. Their only worry would be that they didn't buy it fast enough.