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 Suval was terrified when he heard the young mage's dull tone. He was deathly pale and so nervous that he actually stopped breathing.

This was no joke...

His enemy was a level 37 Lesser Lava Overlord that was attacking him crazily. Even an 8th Rank Archmage might be injured in this situation, let alone him.

Suval felt anxious, and a feeling of despair rose up for the first time in his mind. He was in a terrible situation and was constantly using up a large amount of mana to resist the Lesser Lava Overlord's attacks. He simply didn't have any opportunities to flee or counterattack. The consequences would be too terrible if the young mage didn't help him now.

Suval had the urge to curse...

He could see that the young mage was simply doing this to retaliate against him.

But it had no meaning even if he knew about it. He used Flame Flash once again, leaving a shadow behind as he managed to dodge another attack from Lesser Lava Overlord. He then gloomily said, "High Mage Merlin, I know there have been some unpleasant matters between us, but it's clearly not the time to bicker over this. I need your help to kill this Demon..." He continued, "If we don't kill this Demon and allow it to rise in the Ghost Valley, the Merlin Family and the Black Tower will suffer huge losses. I hope High Mage Merlin can think this over..."

After saying all this, Suval scrunched up his face in dissatisfaction. In the entire Black Tower, he would only be this polite to Harren, yet he was having to act like this to a youth, and furthermore, one he hated.

Under such circumstances, the highly qualified Representative of the Black Tower was already reining in his temper.

"Haha, Sir Suval, I didn't say I wouldn't help you..." At this time, Lin Yun released some raging flames as he hovered in the air, covering his entire body. After using Fire Elemental Incarnation, Lin Yun didn't remain there for long and disappeared with a Flame Flash.

Then, a red light cut into the horizon, sweeping with momentum before engulfing the Lesser Lava Overlord.

To be honest, he really didn't want to get involved if he could help it.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to act. Although he didn't have a good opinion of Suval and was even disgusted with him, that person was an important member of the Black Tower, one of the Representatives of the Council of Seven. There would be no benefit to him if Suval bafflingly died there... He wouldn't be able to explain to Harren.

But this could also be considered giving a lesson to Suval...

Moreover, this lesson was deep enough.

"Roar!" A deafening sound echoed as the Lesser Lava Giant Overlord let out a deep bellow, instantly filling the surrounding with fire elements. They flared up and were frantically surging. At the same time, scalding lava kept splattering, filling the sky with a rain of fire that had a thick aura of sulfur.

The entire area was already submerged in flames.

Lin Yun, under Fire Elemental Incarnation, was flitting through the sea of fire. The Doom Staff in his hand burst with a dazzling light, raging with a bone-chilling aura as tyrannical ice spells exploded on the body of the Lesser Lava Overlord.

Then, a loud rumble kept echoing.

But this hadn't caused the Lesser Lava Overlord any substantial injuries.

Although he'd made such a big move, the Lesser Lava Overlord was a level 37 demonic lifeform. It was an extremely terrifying existence in the Raging Flame Plane and couldn't be injured by low-tier spells. Even if there were many of them, it still wouldn't have much of an effect.

"Very powerful..."

But, a smile could be seen on Lin Yun's flame-covered face. He had only done a probing attack just now, using a few dozen low-tier ice spells. Although they didn't injure the Lesser Lava Overlord, they did have an impact, and they allowed him to assess the Lesser Lava Overlord's true strength.

The most important part was that those spells formed a thin layer of ice elements.

This would result in his next action doing twice as much with half the effort.

For outstanding mages, any step, any detail, would have to go through careful calculations. Just like the current Lin Yun. Faced with a Lesser Lava Overlord, an existence that possessed high fire resistance and high fire affinity, it would be very hard for the fire spells he was proficient in to play a big part.

Ice spells were undoubtedly the best choice.

But, under the influence of the Lesser Lava Overlord, the surroundings had already turned into a burning sea filled with fire elements. Under such circumstances, the power of any other spells would be greatly weakened.

Thus, not long ago, Lin Yun released a wave of low tier-ice spells to rouse up the ice elements near the Lesser Lava Overlord.

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Because Lin Yun's next spell was somewhat special.

In an instant, Lin Yun raised the Doom Staff in his hand and it burst with a dazzling light. He chanted profound and mysterious characters and a shocking mana fluctuation rose up, covering the entire area.

Just as he finished his incantation, gales whistled past as the surroundings turned into a vast expanse of whiteness. Countless ice shards floated down, fluttering in the air, looking quite gorgeous.

In a short few seconds, the frighteningly high temperature disappeared and was replaced by a bone-chilling cold. Even High Mages wouldn't be able to last long in the midst of this before being frozen stiff with their blood congealing.

This was a 6th Tier Spell, Frost Lock.

Frost Lock wasn't an offensive spell, but rather a control spell.

Its restrictive power could only be described as terrifying.

Naturally, the mana consumption was also monumental. Although this was only a 6th Tier Spell that could be used by any mage above the 5th Rank, even 9th Rank High Mages would find it very difficult to maintain this spell for just three seconds. It could be seen from this how terrifying Frost Lock was.

Generally speaking, even some Archmages wouldn't be able to maintain the spell for long because its consumption was too terrifying.

But Lin Yun had two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, so he felt no pressure when using Frost Lock. What he needed now was actually this spell which was of little value in most people's eyes.

After the cast was over, a silvery-white layer covered the entire area, and boundless ice shards solidified together to completely submerge the Lesser Lava Overlord, forming a thick block of ice. From a distance, it looked like shackles trapping the Lesser Lava Overlord.


The faint roar of the Lesser Lava Overlord could be heard through the layers of ice. But regardless of how it shook its body, it was unable to break free.

A 6th Tier Control Spell was in no way that simple. Even an existence like a level 37 Lesser Lava Overlord would remain trapped, unable to get out for some time.

Lin Yun, who was maintaining the Frost Lock, could feel his mana emptying at a frightening pace. He had no time to lose, so he cast a Flame Flash, instantly arriving a dozen meters in front of the Lesser Lava Overlord. He raised the Doom Staff and all the elements in the surroundings turned berserk.

Then, he demonstrated his shocking casting ability once more, compressing spell cooldowns to their limits as another powerful spell was sent out each time the Doom Staff flickered. He didn't need to guard against the shackled Lesser Lava Overlord. He only needed to keep casting.

Every single spell he cast greatly injured the Lesser Lava Overlord...

After roughly ten seconds, he was starting to feel the strain, but he pushed further and used the Ultimate Spells within the Sage Chapter. At that time, the slot representing the Ultimate Haste instantly darkened.

"High Mage Merlin, many thanks..."

Suval, who had originally been facing the Lesser Lava Overlord on his own, had been cutting a sorry figure. He was finally able to breathe after Lin Yun joined in.

But just as he was thanking him, he suddenly discovered that after the young mage cast Haste and turned into a shadow, using some kind of unimaginable speed to quickly leave this battlefield.

Suval hadn't been able to finish thanking him and remained there awkwardly, feeling stunned. He didn't dare to believe what he saw. 'That damn youngster left me and ran away on his own...

'To hell with him!'

Suval inwardly cursed, a vein pulsing on his forehead. But he suddenly stopped cursing. The anger completely disappeared from his face and was replaced by an uncertain fear. Cracking sounds could be heard in the surroundings, as if a glacier was breaking apart. He turned his head and saw a crack appearing on the Frost Lock and then rapidly start spreading. At the same time, an aura of extreme heat was quickly emanating from inside.

It was followed by the deafening roar of the Lesser Lava Overlord.

Suval was truly scared to death this time, his face devoid of blood as he looked at the Lesser Lava Overlord almost within reach of him with a betrayed expression.