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 Unable to persuade Suval, Lin Yun didn't say anything else and remained in place, watching with a frown as Suval's back got further and further away.

As for Weiss, who stood to the side, he looked somewhat embarrassed. He was inwardly scolding Suval in his heart. 'Damn, although those are facts, can you be less blunt about it? Haven't you noticed how I have been lowering myself in front of High Mage Merlin? Not long ago I even gave him all the tents of the Thawing Fire Tribe. That's a huge sum, I wouldn't make such a huge sacrifice if I hadn't been ordered to befriend Mafa Merlin.'

'I barely managed to get some goodwill with him, but you just went ahead and ran your mouth, even going as far as threatening him. Even if Mafa knew the truth of the matter, the Black Tower could give some compensation afterwards to repair this weak friendship, but you went ahead and told him that we're just using him...'

'This is very troublesome...'

What Harren really wanted to avoid was the wrath of the powerhouse behind Mafa Merlin. If that Heaven Rank was angered and came over, then the Black Tower would run out of luck.

But, Suval didn't know of Weiss' worries. He happily walked to the altar while looking at the Tribal Chief with a disdainful expression. "Haha, I really didn't think you had so much courage! You are actually so unyielding, is it the so-called pride? Truly ridiculous."

Suddenly, a roar burst out from the calm Tribal Chief, his entire body flickering with dark red runes as he released a blazing aura. The totem in front of him shook as the frighteningly powerful flame atop the totem split, exploding in an instant before being followed by rising mana fluctuations. They could faintly see a transparent silhouette appear in the air.

Everyone, including Lin Yun, felt palpitations when facing that silhouette.

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It made everyone feel like they couldn't prevail.

At this time, the silhouette suddenly darkened and quickly descended, merging into the body of the Tribal Chief and making the latter's power sharply increase. The runes on his body flickered fiercely as if they were igniting, and the temperature in the surroundings shot up dangerously.

The two faintly red eyes had long since turned crimson. They seemed somewhat empty, as if there was no life within. The Tribal Chief's palm suddenly grabbed the totem while the other hand grabbed a hatchet.

"Drop dead!" the Tribal Chief roared as the frightening mana fluctuations crazily rose up. He jumped down from the altar, his legs heavily stomping the ground. Only a rumbling sound could be heard as very large holes appeared under his feet and rocks were sent flying away with great momentum.

Naturally, this was only the beginning.

A loud sound echoed as the hatchet covered in countless flames was thrown at a lightning speed, echoing as it ripped through the air. In a flash, the flames were a few dozen meters away from Suval!


The sudden changes stunned Suval. He was scared to death when he sensed the force behind that huge hatchet. The Tribal Chief's power far exceeded his imagination. Suval's scalp felt numb as he thought, 'How should I face such a frightening attack?'

But he didn't have time to consider it. He let out a panicked shout before raising his old magic staff. At that time, the staff burst out with dazzling light as he subconsciously cast the most powerful defensive spell an Archmage could use, Elemental Shield. But not feeling reassured, countless runes also floated over, forming a Runic Shield.

Then, they collided.

The hatchet covered in flames was like a scorching sun as it directly pierced the Elemental Shield! Then, countless runes rose up to resist the attack, but it was useless. The Runic Shield didn't even last a second before being snuffed out. The hatchet smashed heavily into Suval's stomach.

In a split second, over ten of his defensive spells were damaged.

Suval was sent flying a few dozen meters back, unable to struggle or let out a scream, before crashing onto the floor, raising a cloud of dust. While he was on the ground, a fearful expression appeared on his face and he spat out blood.

Apart from Suval's coughing, nothing could be heard in the surroundings. Everyone was looking at the Tribal Chief with deep fear.

He was truly too frightening...

Only one hit seriously injured 7th Rank Archmage Suval!

This showed that the Tribal Chief's strength had already reached an unreasonable level, far surpassing that of a 7th Rank Archmage. The power he burst out with just now was most likely that of an 8th Rank Archmage.

An 8th Rank Archmage...

Such a powerhouse was rarely seen, even in the Andlusa Kingdom. It was evident from the Merlin Family's Ancestral Land. In the Family Council, apart from Lin Yun, only Oren and Ryan were 8th Rank Archmages or higher, while the others were all around 6th or 7th Rank.

How terrible...

Lin Yun had a very serious expression, and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he frowned. It was troublesome even for him.

He could naturally see that the Tribal Chief had linked to a mysterious existence with the help of the totem, thus sharply increasing his power. As for that mysterious existence, it was most likely an ancestor of the Thawing Fire Tribe!

The power of the ancestor descended into the body of the Tribal Chief through the totem. At this time, the Tribal Chief was no longer the original Tribal Chief...

The Beastman Tribes generally pursued Shamanism, which was divided into two fields. The first field dealt with the elements. It wasn't hard to understand, as it was their own elemental power. For example, the Raging Flame Beastmen all had extremely formidable control over fire and had an innate advantage when summoning fire elementals.

The other field was a bit special. Each tribe would worship their ancestors, producing a power similar to faith, and after more than a thousand years of accumulation, the remnant of an ancestor's soul, or even an ancestor himself would become extremely powerful after being immersed in this kind of power. When the tribe met danger, the ancestor would descend to help.

It was clear that the Tribal Chief had used the totem to summon a certain ancestor, and that the price to summon an ancestor was death.

Thus, it all made sense. The Tribal Chief knew that the Thawing Fire Tribe didn't have any chance of winning in the previous battle, so he remained hidden in the Sacred Land, waiting for the arrival of the strongest foes. He then used his life to summon an ancestor, dying to avenge his clansmen.

This was a plan that had been premeditated.


Suval took out a small potion from his pocket and drank the light blue liquid, and mana fluctuations flowed out as the weak and injured Suval regained some color.

After cursing, he once again looked at the Tribal Chief and couldn't help turning pale. He was still afraid of that power. Had he cast only an Elemental Shield, he might have already died.

He only now understood why the young mage had told him to wait a moment earlier.

As he thought of this, Suval couldn't help glaring angrily at Lin Yun. 'Damn, why weren't you clearer if you knew something was strange? You only said to wait a moment, how could I know what you meant?'

Suval's hatred towards Lin Yun deepened.


The fiery hatchet returned to the hand of the Tribal Chief, and he immediately brandished it, turning into a red silhouette radiating incredible heat before charging at the group. Each move was extremely frightening and even this group of over ten Archmages had some trouble dealing with the fierce Tribal Chief.

After all, the power of the Tribal Chief was that of an 8th Rank Archmage, while the strongest within the group, Suval, was only a 7th Rank Archmage, and he had already been seriously injured. He managed to recover a part of his strength due to using some precious potions, but he would only be able to display the power of a 6th Rank Archmage for now.

Apart from this, there was still 6th Rank Archmage Weiss, 5th Rank Sword Saint Thorne, as well as Lin Yun.

The rest were all low-ranked Archmages. These people might be famed for being powerful outside, but in front of the terrifying Tribal Chief, the careless ones might die.

The fire elements in the surroundings were flaring up. An aura of destruction rose as the large sword in the hand of Crimson Flame Sword Saint Thorne was ignited with raging flames, emitting boundless Sword Aura. Thorne launched an attack on the Tribal Chief.

A loud rumble echoed. The Tribal Chief's body only stiffened for a moment when receiving such a fierce attack. The runes on his body flickered for a bit, but he was unexpectedly unaffected. The blazing hatchet in his hand was raised high up before colliding with Thorne's Crimson Flame Sword. After this first exchange of blows, Thorne was forced to fall back a few dozen steps before managing to stabilize himself.