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 Although that half of the northern part of the Raging Flame Plane was only comparable to Noscent's Andlusa Kingdom in terms of size, it contained at least ten times the amount of resources.

The Black Tower and the Merlin Family were bound to have a qualitative increase in power once they reaped the rewards of this battle, giving them a superior advantage in the fight over the Raging Flame Plane.

This was all due to the annihilation of the Thawing Fire Tribe...

After half an hour, this group reached the peak of the Sacred Mountain unobstructed. The trip had been extremely peaceful, but the environment there was even more dangerous. There were blazing airflows that carried the aura of fire elements within.

"High Mage Merlin, take a look at this..." Weiss, who had been walking alongside Lin Yun, wiped the sweat from his forehead as he exclaimed with a happy expression while pointing ahead.

In fact, Weiss had never relaxed ever since they arrived at the Sacred Mountain. He controlled a few Mage Eyes and discreetly scouted the surroundings. He was worried that the Thawing Fire Tribe's Chief had fled. After all, the Black Tower had acted against the Thawing Fire Tribe mostly because of that Peak True Spirit Magic Tool.

Although the Black Tower would gain quite a bit from eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe, it simply couldn't compare to obtaining a True Spirit Magic Tool.

Since they came this far, he didn't want the Black Tower to incur a loss because of him.

"Hmmm?" Lin Yun was surprised at first, but he then let out a Mage Eye before being able to see the scene happening a kilometer away. There was a vast land with countless tents. This was the living area of the Raging Flame Beastmen, as well as the headquarters of the Thawing Fire Tribe.

A smile appeared at the corner of Lin Yun's mouth. Those weren't ordinary tents. They were all made of leather created from fire-type magic beasts and could withstand flames and high temperatures. Although they could only be considered ordinary materials, the number of tents was frightening. There were over ten thousand!

But they didn't seem to do much to them with magic. The magic beast leather had only gone through a simple treatment. If Lin Yun's Gilded Rose got a hold of the leather, they would be able to craft many different defensive tools, which would put the entire Andlusa alchemy market into chaos if he released them all at once.

"Haha, High Mage Merlin, your Gilded Rose should need these things right? It would be best like this... All of these tents should be sent to the Gilded Rose. Once they are crafted, you can sell half of it to the Black Tower at the market price. How about it?" Weiss clenched his teeth as he made this difficult decision. He naturally understood that this was giving a lot of money to the Gilded Rose, but he couldn't do anything about it. Harren had told him to use this opportunity to deepen the friendship between the Black Tower and the young mage.

"Alright..." Lin Yun's expression was a bit strange as he looked at Weiss, but he naturally wouldn't refuse such a gift.

The group reached the tents not long after, and because they were made out of fire magic beast leather, the entire area was filled with the aura of fire elements. Roughly another ten minutes ahead of them, there was a huge tent.

That tent felt like an imperial palace.

Lights flickered as if countless mysterious runes were moving about, emitting faint mana fluctuations and looking extremely magnificent.

"This should be the tent of the successive generations of Tribal Chiefs..." Even the experienced Weiss couldn't help being startled when he saw the tent. The foundation of the Thawing Fire Tribe was far richer than he had imagined.

Lin Yun could feel the simple and ancient aura, which had clearly settled after the baptism of countless years.

He couldn't be sure, but the thing he needed might be hidden inside.

"Let's go take a look..." Lin Yun's heart was moved. Just as he finished his words, he rushed inside the tent. After entering, he discovered that the interior was extremely spacious, and mysterious Ancient Beastman Runes were carved in the surroundings. With a gesture, over ten Mage Eyes appeared out of nowhere and rushed to every corner.

"How is it?" Weiss and a few powerhouses also came in several minutes later, and Weiss couldn't help but ask Lin Yun what he thought.

"Not here..." Lin Yun shook his head. His dozen Mage Eyes hadn't found anything, and barely concealed disappointment could be seen on his face.

He did a thorough search, checking every corner once, but didn't find anything valuable, not even finding any of the Tribal Chief's tracks...

"How could this be..." Weiss looked quite perturbed. He cared about finding the Tribal Chief a lot more than Lin Yun. From the top-secret information the Black Tower had obtained, that Peak True Spirit Magic Tool had been passed down through the Tribal Chiefs, so they had to find that Tribal Chief to locate it.

But they still had no news of the Tribal Chief right now.

Weiss couldn't help feeling anxious...

"Don't worry, it's not as if there is no method left to us..." Lin Yun glanced at Weiss, inwardly laughing. After saying those words, he used the soul contract to get in touch with Xiuban and transmit a message. Not long after, Xiuban casually came in while carrying Carnage.

Moreover, he wasn't alone. He was dragging a young Raging Flame Beastman behind him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You, you... What do you think you are doing!?" The Raging Flame Beastman dragged in was naturally the young genius of the Thawing Fire Tribe, Yass. His aura was very weak and his body was filled with scars. He looked very miserable, and he roared as Xiuban dragged him in, but when he saw Lin Yun, his gaze filled with fear.

What he experienced half a month ago was a nightmare. He'd still had a trace of hope since he had only been imprisoned. He felt that since his teacher was one of the tribe's six Great Prophets, he would find a way to rescue him.

But he was thoroughly despairing right now...

The recent events shocked him too much. The glorious Thawing Fire Tribe with over a millennium of history had been annihilated by these humans.

"I want to know where your Thawing Fire Tribe's Tribal Chief is..." Lin Yun smiled at Yass as he spoke in a casual manner. The Tribal Chief was Lin Yun's only clue. That thing mentioned in the legend which could release the fiend of the Ghost Valley was supposed to be in the Sacred Mountain. Lin Yun hadn't found it, but the Tribal Chief might know some secrets.

"Haha... You want to know?" The despairing Yass had lost the poise of a young genius long ago. His face was completely distorted as he talked, and he even erratically howled with laughter sometimes while leaking intense hatred. "Damn Human, don't even think of getting what you want! I'll never speak even if you torture me to death..."

"Heh, well, I don't want you to die for the time being..." Lin Yun frowned for a moment before a wry smile appeared on his face. He didn't bother with Yass and instead rubbed the ring on his finger. "Lord Shawn, I got some work for you..."

The ordinary ring suddenly burst out with a bright light as the faint silhouette of the Ghost Wolf appeared.

Lord Shawn had become a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool after fusing with the Evil Dragon Eye and was a lot more arrogant than before. He came out from the Soul Walker and couldn't help curling his lips. "Merlin, did you seek out Lord Shawn to extort a confession?"

"I hope that guy can sincerely answer my questions. You don't need to worry about the remuneration not being enough, how about three level 25 mana crystals?" Lin Yun squinted as he pointed to Yass, who was laying on the ground.


As long as it concerned mana crystals, Shawn, as a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool, wouldn't mind leaving his integrity back in the ring, especially when it had to do with the business of extorting confessions. That closed vertical third eye was emitting an evil aura as Shawn pounced onto Yass in his Ghost Wolf shape.

At that time, Shawn's silhouette disappeared without a trace.


Yass, who was originally lying on the ground with a distorted expression and a nasty smile, suddenly froze before shuddering and letting out a mournful scream. Yass truly wanted to die. The pain he was enduring simply couldn't be described with words! It felt as if a cruel hand was tearing his soul apart.

This continued for five minutes before Shawn's faint silhouette appeared once again in front of Lin Yun. He then swayed and laid down on his stomach on the side.

No new wounds had appeared on Yass' body, but his mind had completely collapsed. He was motionlessly lying on the ground, his eyes vacant and lifeless.

"Hmm, Lord Shawn, did you kill him...?" Lin Yun couldn't help throwing a sympathetic glance at Yass. This young Raging Flame Beastman still had value at the moment, so it would be quite problematic if he died.

"Rest assured, Lord Shawn knows how to do his job. I wouldn't let him die, you can ask what you wanted to ask now. If he still doesn't answer sincerely..." Shawn suddenly emitted a strange mana fluctuation.

But before he could finish his words...

"I'll talk, I'll talk, I'll say everything!" Yass suddenly shook, seemingly scared by something. He emotionally said, "Actually, I don't know where the Tribal Chief is, but I'm certain that the Tribal Chief didn't leave the Sacred Mountain. There is a place you haven't found yet, that is our Thawing Fire Tribe's Sacred Land..."