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 Thorne was seriously worrying within the meeting room of the Flame Demon Fort. He had received a report the previous day and learnt a shocking news, the reinforcements dispatched by the Thawing Fire Tribe had been annihilated overnight, not even one escaped.

Thorne was startled speechless when he heard that news. The information showed that the reinforcement were extremely powerful, made of several thousand Beastmen and countless powerhouses. These reinforcements could even pose a threat to the Flame Demon Fort.

Yet, such a tyrannical Beastmen army was annihilated overnight, this was unimaginable.

Thorne thought about it, he couldn't figure out which force had such frightening power that they could eliminate that Beastmen army, but he quickly associated it to the young mage leading an army into the Ghost Valley.

'Could it be related to him?'

'This is impossible...'

Thorne instantly denied this conjecture, the young mage's force only had about six hundred mages, and most of them were Great Mages. Although there was a few dozen powerful High Mages, the power of that Beastmen army could only be described as frightening, they definitely weren't their match.

'Then which force did it?'

But as Thorne was puzzled about it, a new report came through. After reading it, Thorne was no longer surprised, just completely shocked, as well as in disbelief.

The Caster Legion led by Mafa Merlin and the Black Tower collaborated and, within a few days, thoroughly controlled the Ghost Valley. The most important part was that they jointly eliminated the Beastmen army.

'Is this true or fake?'

Thorne didn't dare to believe this...

The Black Tower had always been doing everything the way of the mightiest, how could they choose to cooperate with puny Mafa Merlin? This was simply illogical. After all, the Black Tower was one of the two top mage forces of the Andlusa Kingdom, their formidable strength was hard to describe, their foundation dated a thousand years and they were more formidable than the Merlin Family. Thorne truly couldn't understand why the Black Tower decided to cooperate with the Merlin Family.

Although Mafa Merlin was one of the Commanders of the Merlin Family, he was actually controlling a very small portion of the Planar Legion. How could the Black Tower consent to collaborate with Mafa Merlin under such conditions.

There was definitely something hidden behind this...

Although Thorne felt that this matter was very strange, he also understood that Mafa Merlin had definitely done a great deed. Collaborating with the Black Tower to handle the Thawing Fire Tribe would definitely lower the risks and the losses. If everything went smoothly, the Merlin Family would inevitably have control over a portion of the Ghost Valley and would be able to dispatch youths there every year.

The benefits it would bring to the Merlin Family would be outstanding.

After realizing this, Thorne no longer hesitated and immediately issued an order to transfer most of the troops from the Flame Demon Fort and led the imposing army to the Ghost Valley. It was night when the Planar Legion reached the mage army's camp.

Following Thorne's arrival, the few domineering forces converged together.

Lin Yun wasn't surprised by Thorne's arrival, he felt that it was to be expected.

It was the Ghost Valley after all...

In the past few days, Lin Yun had been extremely busy. The two forces had cleaned the Ghost Valley once and were now in complete control of the entire Ghost Valley. Moreover, they had sent a large amount of powerhouses to make various arrangements in the valley. According to his agreement with Weiss, the two forces would head to the Sacred Mountain in five days to eliminate the Thawing Fire Tribe.

To be honest, Lin Yun had no interest in wiping out the Thawing Fire Tribe, his true goal in cooperating with the Black Tower was to control the Ghost Valley so he could unearth the Raising Dragon Array, and he had already practically succeeded. As long as he had the opportunity, he would unearth the Raising Dragon Array and accomplish his goal.

Unfortunately, he still had to respect the agreement, otherwise his relationship with the Black Tower would instantly sour.

They scheduled to go to the Sacred Mountain in five days, it was reasonable to say that he had more than enough time to dispatch some people to unearth the array, but he couldn't find a proper opportunity. He was cooperating with the Black Tower to jointly resist the Thawing Fire Tribe, they would have to act together during the day and he had to remain within the camp at night. However, the two forces had their own camps, even discreetly sending people to unearth the array wasn't quite possible, they would be noticed easily.

But Thorne leading some troops over was providing him with an opportunity. The camp no longer contained just Lin Yun's and the Black Tower's armies, it also had most of the force of the Flame Demon Fort, it was over a thousand people. For a time, the entire camp was in chaos.

When the camp calmed down, late at night, no one discovered that Lin Yun had already led the fifty High Mages, the three Merlin Cousins, as well as Xiuban, to the path he remembered through the dense jungle. After a few hours, they reached the location of the Raising Dragon Array.

To be safe, Lin Yun arranged a few soundproof force fields around as well as a few arrays that can block mana fluctuations. After finishing, he had the fifty High Mages start the excavation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This was undoubtedly a huge engineering project to ordinary people, it would take a long time to reach a kilometer below the surface in the Raging Flame Plane.

But with the soundproofing force fields and the arrays, the fifty High Mages' tasks were allocated. A part of them used spells to bombard the ground, and once the earth was softened, the remaining people would dig. But even then, it took over two hours to dig a kilometer deep. At that time, the fifty High Mages were all dripping with sweat, exhausted.

"Go and rest..." Lin Yun gestured. These people had been casting spells for a very long time. Even with the era transcending Blazing Storm, it was hard to endure so much.

Once the High Mages started meditating, he used Lighten to go towards the depths. During the fall, he could sense the change of temperature in the surroundings.

The depths weren't dark, it was actually very bright down there, dazzling runes were flickering and shining. Soon, a huge and unimaginable array spread in front of Lin Yun, the countless runes forming complicated patterns and carrying a profound aura of mystery. At this time, he knew that the part on the ground had only been the tip of the Raising Dragon Array.

"Time to get started..."

Lin Yun had a very serious expression, even he, with his transcending knowledge, wasn't confident when facing the Raising Dragon Array. Although the theory behind the Raising Dragon Array had spread extensively during the peak of the Magic Era and countless powerhouses thoroughly researched it and analyzed all the details concerning it, the Raising Dragon Array never appeared in Noscent.

He fished out a crystal pen from his pocket and dipped it in Melting Snow Ink. He followed the steps from memory and quickly found a mana circuit at the edge. He then took a deep breath and lowered his crystal pen, planning on writing. But suddenly, a few dark red runes rose and tightly wrapped around the Raising Dragon Array.

'What's going on...'

Lin Yun was startled, he couldn't help withdrawing a few steps. The dark red runes' sudden appearance was beyond his expectations. A few seconds passed, but those dark red runes didn't attack him, they instead coiled around the Raising Dragon Array.

'Could it be a defensive power?'

Lin Yun frowned, this could be explained if this was truly a defensive force. After touching the Raising Dragon Array, he was able to feel how frightening the power contained within the array was. It was in no way as simple as a True Spirit array, if that defensive power wasn't there, then the power leaked by the array would be even more frightening.

To crack this Dragon Raising Array, he would have to destroy this defensive power first.

But the defensive power formed by those dark red runes gave him a very powerful feeling. He sent a wisp of aura into the array and calculated in an instant. This power was far stronger than he anticipated, he wouldn't be able to break through it with his current strength.

From the calculations of his Magic Array, even powerhouses like Star Sage Jouyi would have to spend a lot of effort to break this defensive power.

This definitely frustrated Lin Yun.

He had been busying himself for the last few months, he hadn't expected such an outcome. Even with his growth speed, he would still need some time before he could reach Star Sage Jouyi's realm, but he couldn't wait. He kept pouring mana into the Magic Array, incessantly calculating and analyzing.

He soon made a new discovery, the dark red runes forming the defensive power were filled with blazing aura. Maybe only with the support of an even more powerful blazing impact could the defensive power scatter. Naturally, this was nothing more than a conjecture, he had to put it into practice first.

But the conditions were troublesome, where could he find an even stronger blazing power?

Not long after, Lin Yun returned to the surface and had William's group return to the camp to bring him one person. Half an hour later, William's group came back, and along with them was a young Raging Flame Beastman, glaring and swearing at the group.