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 Everyone's eyes focused on that Raging Flame Beastman. He was considerably powerful despite his young age, he was one of the strongest three of the Beastman army with power equivalent to an Archmage.

Yass was standing at the front of the army, calmly waiting with a cold aura after his arrogant shout. He had led a thousand Wolf-Riders to their deaths three days ago, that was the greatest humiliation of his life.

From childhood to adulthood, everything always went well for Yass, thus he felt he had to wash away this disgrace.

"That would be me..." Lin Yun stepped out with a smile.


Although it was night, it was just a bit more dusky than day in the Raging Flame Plane, so Yass could clearly see the silhouette of the human mage several hundred meters away. This was a shockingly young mage who seemed familiar.

"I don't need to say much about your current situation, you should understand, right?" With the army standing behind him, Yass was full of confidence as he looked at Lin Yun, somewhat disdainfully.

"What do you mean?"


Hearing the other side's answer, Yass snorted, a cold smile appearing at the corner of his mouth, "Crafty Human, you are dreaming if you think you can contend against our Thawing Fire Tribe, you would be able to persist for an hour at most with those cannon fodders. There is only one path of survival ahead of you, give up and surrender to the Thawing Fire Tribe, I promise not to make things difficult for you, how about it?"

In Yass' eyes, eliminating that army of mages was very easy with the power at his disposal. He felt that if those human mages were smart, they would surrender without issues, but he wouldn't mind ordering the attack if they acted stupid, they would die tragically under the paws of the several thousand Wolf-Riders.

Yass had been reflecting in the Thawing Fire Tribe a few days ago, the battle that caused disastrous losses for the tribe had been the result of his carelessness, after all, the appearance of those High Mages had been too sudden and he simply didn't guard against it and he was caught unprepared. But he didn't need to be so apprehensive now. If the other side refused to surrender, then even if they had a few dozen High Mages, death would still be the only outcome.


Lin Yun's expression became a bit strange, no one could understand what he was thinking at this moment. However, Ida and Yuri were as pale as sheets of paper, beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads, their eyes filled with shock. They clearly hadn't expected that the Thawing Fire Tribe would dispatch such a formidable army.

Several thousand elite Wolf-Riders, a hundred Wyverns as well as fifty Beastman Mages.

This wasn't something the mage army could contend against.

They believed Yass' words, the Caster Legion would be able to resist for an hour before being crushed.

But surrender?

Ida and Yuri didn't even think about it before tossing the idea away. Even if they had to die there, they still wouldn't consider surrendering to the Thawing Fire Tribe, because it wouldn't just be them getting humiliated, even the Merlin Family in Okland would become the ridicule of all major forces and they wouldn't be able to lift their heads.

"Yes, although you aren't very strong, you could barely be considered a smart person, so, how about it? Are you willing to lead your mage army to surrender to our Thawing Fire Tribe?" Yass had a smirk on his face as he threw a disdainful glance at that group of mages.

"Eh, shouldn't you be the ones surrendering...?"

"What are you talking about? Haha..."

In a flash, Yass' expression distorted, as if he had heard the world's best joke, he was laughing so hard he was shaking, 'To say something so ridiculous as us surrendering, he must be terrified.'

'No one in their right mind would say such a preposterous thing...'

"If you don't believe me, you can take a look behind you..."

Yass stopped laughing his head off when he heard Lin Yun's words, as if someone grabbed him by his neck choking any sound he might try to make.

At this time, Yass really couldn't laugh anymore, because he clearly noticed some disturbance at the back of the army just as the young mage finished his words. Before he could react, one frantic mana fluctuation after the other rose up as dazzling spells blossomed within the Beastman army, followed by countless screams...


Yass was completely panicking, he didn't dare to believe it. Everything had been perfect, how come an army suddenly appeared at their back?

At this time, Lin Yun led the Caster Legion to launch their fiercest attacks on the Beastman army, especially the fifty High Mages, they would blast a large area every time they burst out. As for Lin Yun, Ida and Yuri, they rushed into the densest part of the Beastmen army. Red and blue lights shone as a bright moon rose up behind Lin Yun. As mana was poured in, a dazzling light burst out and countless low tier spells emerged, flooding the battlefield.

The force behind the Beastmen army was also fierce, countless powerful mages moved uniformly. Chants could be heard, echoing incessantly, followed by powerful spells with terrifying momentum killing groups of Raging Flame Beastmen.

In just a bit over ten minutes, the losses of the Beastmen Army were disastrous and the army was in disorder, the scene truly looked chaotic.

This originally formidable Beastmen army soon lost their ability to resist under the fierce attack and was gradually shrinking under the encirclement of the Caster Legion and the new force. Those Raging Flame Beastmen had nowhere to escape, and ultimately, the entire army was annihilated.

Then, the two armies worked to clean up the battlefield. At the same time, a few mages started walking towards Lin Yun, there was Weiss, Suval, as well as a few Archmages.

"High Mage Merlin, fortunately we weren't late..." Black Tower's Weiss greeted him with a smile, he was clearly satisfied by the outcome of this battle. After all, they had wiped out a rather formidable army, greatly weakening the Thawing Fire Tribe's strength. This would be a huge help in their decisive battle against the Thawing Fire Tribe.

The suddenly emerging new force was naturally the reinforcements from the Black Tower. The core members the Black Tower had sent this time included Representative Weiss and Suval, apart from this, there was still a few Archmages.

"Is this the power of the Merlin Family?" Suval walked over with a poor expression, looking at Lin Yun with hostility. Three hundred years ago, Santon Merlin had severely injured him and severed his magic path, forcing him to remain as a 7th Rank Archmage. After returning to the Black Tower and obtaining a seat as Representative, he entered the Raging Flame Plane with the goal of using the power of the Black Tower to take revenge against the Merlin Family. But two months ago, the Merlin Family and the Black Tower officially became partners. On the surface at least, he couldn't make a move against the Merlin Family.

Seeing the Merlins, Suval who was full of hate simply couldn't look good.

"Mafa Merlin, is this how sincere your Merlin Family is?" Suval looked at those busy mages with a disdainful expression. Several hundred Great Mages as well as a few dozen High Mages, this kind of force was unpresentable for the Merlin Family, "Your Merlin Family dispatched only this many people to handle the Thawing Fire Tribe? If the Black Tower has to deal with everything, then we should be getting more in the loot distribution."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Suval naturally knew that the Black Tower and the Merlin Family's collaboration was in order to thoroughly control the Ghost Valley. If they eliminated the Thawing Fire Tribe, then this vast valley would fall in the hands of the two forces, and with a part of it, the Merlin Family's strength would inevitably rise slowly, this wasn't a result he was willing to see.

Since the collaboration between both sides was a foregone conclusion, he was powerless to change it. But looking for opportunities to suppress the Merlin Family wasn't very hard.

"Sir Suval, let's put this matter aside for now..." Hearing Suval, the smile on Weiss' face turned into a helpless expression.

In fact, before departing, Harren had looked for him and told him to do his best to respect Mafa Merlin during this collaboration. It would be for the best if a deep relationship could be established between the Black Tower and Mafa Merlin, and if there was a suitable opportunity, he should try to come in contact with the Heaven Rank powerhouse behind Mafa Merlin.

Thus, it didn't matter if the Black Tower ate a small loss in this cooperation.

Even if the strength of the army led by the young mage was a bit weak, it was still acceptable...


Suval's expression was gloomy, he looked at Weiss before turning away and leaving.

"Haha, Sir Weiss..."

Once Suval left, Lin Yun and Weiss started chatting with smiles on their faces. While the two armies cleaned up the battlefield, the two of them discussed some details of the collaboration.

It didn't take long before they reached a consensus, and they then looked for a place to pitch camp. The next morning, the mighty force kept moving to the depths of the Ghost Valley. In fact, before the Black Tower's army arrived, Lin Yun's Caster Legion had already been controlling over half of the Ghost Valley.

And due to the fierce battle that happened the previous night, the Thawing Fire Tribe shouldn't be sending in reinforcements to stop them anytime soon, thus, it was the best time to take control over the Ghost Valley.

After three days, the two armies cleaned the entire Ghost Valley, there was not a single Beastman remaining within the valley, they all fell to the two major forces.