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 However, Lin Yun knew very well that the fifty High Mages were only displaying a very small portion of their fighting potential, after all, they had advanced to the High Mage realm not long ago and their control of the Blazing Storm, this battle-type Magic Conducting Rune, wasn't perfect; moreover, they had yet to be well coordinated.

Naturally, these weren't issues, they only needed time and battle practice.

And during this time, the fifty mages didn't let Lin Yun down, the strength they displayed was out of the ordinary.

In the special environment of the Ghost Valley, the mana was so dense that it almost formed a mist, thus, countless powerful magic beasts resided there. Magic beasts over level 20 were very common. The worst time was on the second day, when over twenty magic beasts rushed out of the forest, all over level 20. But even then, those magic beasts weren't able to reach 30 meters from the army before being annihilated by the fifty High Mages.

As they went through battle after battle, those High Mages became more and more comfortable with their own powers and the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune. They had significant improvements after every fight, after all, they had been meditating day and night in the Demiplane, absorbing the mana from within. The aura of the Ancient God had condensed within their bodies and completely transformed their talents. Their comprehension was a lot higher than ordinary people and they wouldn't be much inferior to the so-called young geniuses.

A heart-wrenching battle happened when they approached the depths of the Ghost Valley as a level 35 magic beast appeared. The battle lasted over twenty minutes until the tyrannical magic beast unwillingly collapsed under the siege of the fifty High Mages. Although the battle had been long, the fifty High Mages remained composed, not suffering a single injury.

The performance of these fifty High Mages was undoubtedly breathtaking, shocking even Yuri and Ida. Only Lin Yun knew that a level 35 magic beast wasn't the limit of these fifty High Mages.

As night fell, the Caster Legion halted their progress and looked for an open space to pitch camp. At that time, Ida and Yuri came over, worry plastered all over their faces.

"High Mage Mafa, we are sorry to disturb you when you are resting..."

"Haha, it's fine, Sirs, you came over at such a late hour, is there something on your minds?" Lin Yun smiled at the two, not minding it too much.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Ida took a deep breath, hesitating for a few instants, before resolutely saying, "High Mage Mafa, such a big matter happened recently, the Thawing Fire Tribe should have already become aware of it and reinforcements could already be on their way and they might reach the Ghost Valley soon. We have taken advantage of them this time and annihilated almost the entire Beastmen army, while securing control of over half of the Ghost Valley. We should stop advancing and enter a defensive state to resist the reinforcements of the Thawing Fire Tribe..."

This was truly necessary in his eyes, he would have definitely done so if he was the Commander.

The Caster Legion only had three powerhouses above the High Mage realm; himself, Yuri, and the young mage. There was about sixty High Mages, while the rest were Great Mages. Although such a force was very powerful, it wouldn't be able to withstand the Thawing Fire Tribe.

Ida had participated in a few battles against the Thawing Fire Tribe and naturally knew how frightening the Thawing Fire Tribe's true power was. Apart from the six Great Prophets and the Tribal Chief, the tribe still had a large amount of powerhouses and elite troops. Even if the Thawing Fire Tribe suffered disastrous losses in the battle over the Ghost Valley, they wouldn't watch as the Ghost Valley fell into enemy hands.

They would definitely send help, it was only a matter of time.

The Caster Legion had annihilated one of their armies and occupied over half of the Ghost Valley, they had gained a lot from them. It could even be said to be the greatest gain of the Merlin Family in the last few dozen years. If they could fully defend and obtain Thorne and the Planar Legion's support, they might be able to keep control over half of the Ghost Valley.

But if they were greedy and kept moving forward, they might end up encountering the Thawing Fire Tribe's reinforcements. At that time, the Caster Legion might land in a predicament, and possibly even face destruction.

Because of this, Ida and Yuri spent the entire day worrying and came to see the young mage at night when the army stopped to pitch camp.

The consequences would be disastrous if the Caster Legion kept going...

"High Mage Mafa, you should know that our Merlin Family and the Thawing Fire Tribe had remained in a deadlock over the Ghost Valley for close to a hundred years. The Thawing Fire Tribe had never given up this battle. Although the losses of the army stationed there had been devastating, it wouldn't stop them, reinforcements would come sooner or later. I think it's better to be a bit more cautious..." Yuri was earnestly trying to convince him.

"Haha, there is no need to defend for the time being, we are continuing towards the depths, the farther, the better..." Lin Yun had a calm expression on his face. He softly waved his hand, as he said without care.

"This... This is unreasonable!"

Ida and Yuri almost choked, they were deathly pale. They looked at each other and could see the worry in the other's eyes, 'What should we do?'

In the end, they could only try to persuade him, the young mage still had the decision-making power.

But if the young mage obstinately clung to his decision, something big would definitely happen.

The fruits of his previous victory would go up in smoke, and the gains would really not make up for the losses.

Just as Ida and Yuri planned on persuading him once more, they suddenly noticed the young mage frowning. The two were startled and didn't dare to utter a word.

Having been in contact with the young mage for a few months, they clearly understood that although the young mage was easy to get along with and would always have a smile on his face, a disaster was prone to happen if he was unhappy.

"Sirs, did you hear that sound?"

Looking at Ida and Yuri's expressions, Lin Yun couldn't help scratching his cheek as he bitterly smiled, he naturally knew what these two were thinking.

"Sound? That... What is that?"

Hearing Lin Yun's reminder, Ida and Yuri didn't dare to remain careless. As they listened carefully, they found out that there were some sounds coming from several hundred meters outside the camp. As they focused on them, they could discern a large amount of mana fluctuations and suddenly started sweating as they fearfully looked at Lin Yun.

"Thawing Fire Tribe's reinforcements..." Lin Yun still had a faint smile on his face. In fact, when he discovered these sounds, he roused his Magic Array to its pinnacle and he could perceive everything within a kilometer. He then noticed an approaching army several hundred meters away from the camp.

The power of that army could be described as monstrous.

Several thousands Raging Flame Beastmen were riding on Ashen Wolves, fiercely staring at the camp, ready to charge at any time. A hundred huge Wyverns were flying above them, with shocking momentum. The Raging Flame Plane's Wyverns were a bit different from Noscent's, they had fiery bodies emitting blazing auras.

Lin Yun already understood that this kind of Wyvern had far purer Draconic Bloodline than Noscent's Wyverns. They could also burst with fierce venomfire flames, which could be considered a weaker Dragon Breath. The weakest Wyvern would still be at level 20.

Unless one was a Sword Saint or an Archmage, they would definitely die when encountering a large amount of Wyverns in the Raging Flame Plane.

But a hundred of them appeared now...

Moreover, markedly tall Raging Flame Beastmen were sitting atop those Wyverns, holding spears flickering with cold lights. With Lin Yun's insight, he could naturally see that those particular Raging Flame Beastmen were equivalent to Expert Swordsmen just based on their bodies. If they threw their spears from high up, those below the High Mage realm would definitely be impaled.

Forty to fifty Raging Flame Beastmen stood at the front of the army, these Beastmen didn't have particularly robust bodies, but they emitted blazing mana fluctuations as their dark red runes flickered. Lin Yun had come in contact with the Raging Flame Beastmen a few times and could feel that they were powerful mages within the Thawing Fire Tribe, they could summon all kinds of Flame Elementals, and they would bring countless troubles once the battle started.

Lin Yun experienced the power of these Beastman Mages when he first arrived to the Flame Demon Fort, a mere ten hidden Beastman Mages had put the Merlin Family's Planar Legion under pressure. If it hadn't been for Lin Yun locating those Beastman Mages' accurate location, the Flame Demon Fort might have already fallen into enemy hands.

Lin Yun was a bit apprehensive, he hadn't expected the Thawing Fire Tribe to have such power hidden, there were close to fifty Beastman Mages and they were all at least at the High Mage realm, with over ten of them being Peak High Mages. There were even three Beastman Mages emitting extremely frightening mana fluctuations, not any weaker than an Archmage.

This line-up was formidable, it had the power to attack the Flame Demon Fort and take it over, provided Lin Yun wasn't there.

When compared to the human camp, there was a huge gap.

With no hesitation, Lin Yun left his living quarters, with Ida and Yuri behind him. He then sounded the alarm and one mage after the other rushed out of their living quarters, it took them only three minutes before they gathered.

After the Caster Legion assembled, a loud and arrogant voice came from the Beastmen side, "Human Commander, show your face!"