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 Lin Yun was busy thinking how to deal with the Thawing Fire Tribe, he naturally didn't have time to care about Thorne Merlin. In fact, after coming out of the meeting room, he had someone call for Yuri and Ida.

After all, he didn't have much control over the Merlin Family's Planar Legion. He had to take out enough power for the collaboration with the Black Tower to deal with the Thawing Fire Tribe, or he wouldn't be able to explain to the Black Tower and they might believe that he was insincere.

This gave him a headache.

Although he was appointed as Commander by the Ancestral Land, this Planar Legion stationed in the Raging Flame Plane had previously been led by Thorne. In the past few years, Thorne conducted battle after battle, willing to risk everything alongside those people, establishing an unshakable reputation as a Planar Commander.

Lin Yun had just arrived to the Raging Flame Plane with the status of Planar Commander, and being an outsider didn't help. Although he was sharing Thorne's authority in name, in reality, Thorne's power hadn't decreased at all. Most of the members of the Planar Legion were listening to Thorne's assignment.

Lin Yun had to find a way. A few months later, they would be officially cooperating with the Black Tower to attack the Thawing Fire Tribe, it would be hard to avoid an issue if he couldn't get a decent military by then.

With his understanding of the Black Tower, he naturally knew why they straightforwardly accepted. It was mostly because Harren wanted to reduce the risks of losses while maximizing his profits, cooperating with the Merlin Family would make both sides jointly assume the risks.

Moreover, he had been very brazen earlier this morning and directly seized 70% of the quota for the Ghost Valley. It would truly be embarrassing if he couldn't get a sufficient force.

After all, both sides had to make some efforts for the collaboration.

"Sirs, this Planar Legion defending the Flame Demon Fort, how many people would I be able to mobilize from it?"

Ida and Yuri barely entered his living quarters when Lin Yun already got to the point.


The two froze. They didn't expect the young mage to suddenly ask this question, but they then recalled the situation within the meeting room and their expressions suddenly changed, 'Could it be that he wants to shed all pretense with Thorne?' Thinking that this might be the case, Ida and Yuri's expression suddenly turned unsightly.

They came from the Ancestral Land after all, and although they had a good opinion of the young mage while their opinion of Thorne worsened, they had to consider this from the point of view of the Merlin Family.

What good could come out of the young mage breaking off relations with Thorne, this internal struggle would harm the interest of the Merlin Family.

They had to prevent this, if they couldn't... They truly didn't want such a matter to happen.

"Don't worry, I don't want to bother with Thorne for the time being..." Seeing Ida and Yuri's expressions, Lin Yun knew that they misunderstood, thus he scratched his cheek and continued, "I want to take control over the Ghost Valley, so I need some force. Of course, I'll explain some things to you in the future."

"What? Take control over the Ghost Valley...?"

When they heard Lin Yun's first sentence, Ida and Yuri both relaxed. But they felt weird after hearing the rest, 'He said he wanted to take control of the Ghost Valley?'

'How could this be...'

The two had participated in several battles in the Raging Flame Plane and naturally understood that the Thawing Fire Tribe had always been eyeing the Ghost Valley. Even if they smoothly took over the Ghost Valley, the Merlin Family would need a force guarding it all year round, remaining stuck there.

The young mage's plan to take over the Ghost Valley was a bit unrealistic.

The Merlin Family spent so much effort for so many years towards the Ghost Valley without making much progress. They didn't believe that the young mage could manage to do it.

Although they had seen the power of the young mage, this involved the fight over the Ghost Valley, it wasn't something one or two people could settle, it needed a huge force. Not to mention, the young mage didn't have much Planar War experience.

"This Planar Legion followed Thorne Merlin for many years, transferring them right under Thorne's nose is nearly impossible. But before leaving for the Raging Flame Plane, the Ancestral Land transferred some people, roughly 400 to 500 people..."

Ida and Yuri looked at each other, bitterly smiling inwardly, they truly didn't want to dampen the young mage's enthusiasm, "We are actually capable of mobilizing this group from the Ancestral Land and make them listen to your command, but, High Mage Mafa, it might be a bit troublesome to take over the Ghost Valley with just these people..."

They originally wanted to say that by relying on four to five hundred people, it would be impossible to take over the Ghost Valley, but after thinking about it, they remained tactful.

In their eyes, even if the young mage didn't have any Planar War experience, he would still know how to back out of an awkward situation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Sirs, I shall trouble you to mobilize these people to march out of the Flame Demon Fort and leave for the Ghost Valley with me..."

Ida and Yuri definitely didn't think that Lin Yun was actually quite satisfied at this time.

Although four to five hundred people was a bit less than expected, it was always better than nothing. He originally thought that he wouldn't be able to get many people since the Planar Legion was under Thorne's control, but he happily found out that Ida and Yuri were commanding a few hundred people. Along with the three Merlin Cousins and Xiuban, this would be considered a decent force.

The conversation ended there. Lin Yun didn't delay and led his awe-inspiring group to the Ghost Valley, making some arrangements like blocking the valley and such...

The Ancestral Land's people under Lin Yun's command were mostly Great Mages, there was only ten High Mages.

This was far inferior to the force controlled by Thorne Merlin.

Soon, two months passed. During that time, Lin Yun was making proper arrangements, running back and forth between the Flame Demon Fort and the Ghost Valley. During this time, the attacks on the Flame Demon Fort showed no sign of stopping. A total of ten attacks hit the Flame Demon Fort, both large-scaled and small-scaled. Although they held their ground, they had some losses.

During this time, the atmosphere in the Flame Demon Fort was heavy. Thorne gave out some commands and had some high-ranked members of the Planar Legion leave, only leaving Ida and Yuri behind.

"Sirs, you are making trouble..."

During the two months, Thorne had already found out that Lin Yun had set his sight on the Ghost Valley. He had laughed for a long time when he heard the news.

Just where was the Ghost Valley?

That place was so rich in mana that it condensed into the form of mist. The Merlin Family did want to take over it, but the Thawing Fire Tribe wouldn't give it up, yet, Mafa Merlin wanted to recklessly take over the Ghost Valley with a mere five hundred Great Mages. In Thorne's eyes, this was simply courting death...

After all, Thorne had went through battle after battle in the Raging Flame Plane for a few dozen years, he tried to take over the Ghost Valley many times, but he failed every time. The Ghost Valley was tightly guarded by the Thawing Fire Tribe. Unless they had the power to crush the Thawing Fire Tribe, they wouldn't be able to obtain the Ghost Valley.

Thorne had observed Mafa Merlin's actions for the past two months, but chose not to stop him. He felt that this young mage was ridiculous, dreaming of handling the Thawing Fire Tribe with five hundred Great Mages? If it was that easy, the Thawing Fire Tribe would have already been eliminated by the Merlin Family, why would they wait till now?

But he didn't plan on reminding Mafa Merlin, letting him suffer for his actions was also good.

Over the years, he had gotten a good understanding of the Thawing Fire Tribe's strength, those six Great Prophets were enough to give him a headache. They all had the power of a 5th Rank Archmage, and there was also the mysterious Tribal Chief. Moreover, the Thawing Fire Tribe had numerous Prophets comparable to Archmages as well as various troops. Even if the Merlin Family pulled all the forces within the Raging Flame Plane together, it wouldn't be enough to entertain the Thawing Fire Tribe.

As for Mafa Merlin leading five hundred Great Mages, it was even more ridiculous. Thorne Merlin estimated that this force wouldn't even be able to handle the troops stationed near the Ghost Valley.

"Mafa Merlin is too young and lacks experience, it is understandable for him to be ridiculous, but you are a lot more experienced, Sirs. Why don't you advise Mafa Merlin..." Although Thorne was smiling and was treating these two Archmage very politely, his words were very harsh.

Originally, Thorne felt that Mafa Merlin's status of Commander existed only in name and he simply couldn't sway his control over the Planar Legion, and it was truly the case.


Ida and Yuri Merlin, these two Archmages from the Ancestral Land, actually chose to support Mafa Merlin. Those Great Mages from the Ancestral Land who were transferred to the Flame Demon Fort were given to Mafa Merlin. This made Thorne secretly angry, but these two came from the Ancestral Land, they had deep background and couldn't be easily offended.

"Haha, High Mage Mafa is a Planar Legion Commander, he has his own judgement..."

Ida Merlin and Yuri Merlin were pale, they also wanted to advise Mafa Merlin, but they didn't dare to. Two months ago, they gave the commanding rights of these five hundred Great Mages to Mafa Merlin, and since then, the young mage was crazily running to the Ghost Valley everyday.

They felt very helpless....