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 That transaction had been quite successful.

After all, the remains of the Sun King Ruins had already been excavated when they dismantled the traps. The most precious resources, knowledge, and equipment had already been shipped back to the Black Tower.

The Sun King Ruins were only an empty shell. He obviously made a profit by trading it for a 8-Formula Meditation Law Set.

The Black Tower's power greatly increased in the half year after obtaining that Meditation Law Set. Harren really wanted to thank the young mage for this, but he felt a bit embarrassed about the matter of the Sun King Ruins...

But this was the request the young mage had raised himself, so Harren couldn't be blamed for fleecing him.

"I came here today for a matter of great importance. It concerns the mana-filled Ghost Valley. Our Merlin Family wants to collaborate with the Black Tower to jointly exterminate the Thawing Fire Tribe. The ownership of the Ghost Valley would fall into the hands of the Merlin Family and the Black Tower. Moreover, I have a way to double the mana density of the Ghost Valley..." Lin Yun smiled as he explained the proposal. Harren had been upstairs and had definitely heard what happened below, yet he didn't mention the subject when Lin Yun entered the study. He clearly wanted Lin Yun to be the one bringing up the topic.

Truly an old fox. Like this, Harren would have the upper hand.

"Haha, turns out it was this," Harren said indifferently before softly nodding, not a trace of emotion on his face. After a few moments, he said, "I don't see any reason to decline such a partnership that benefits both sides. Haha, I wish us a pleasant collaboration in advance."

"To a pleasant collaboration..." Lin Yun stretched out his hand with vigilance and shook Harren's hand. He knew that this confrontation with Harren was far from over... It was just the beginning. He had experienced his acting skills firsthand. Back then, he had obviously already emptied the Sun King Ruins, but still acted as if he was unwilling to let go.

"The Ghost Valley is a good place. It is rich in mana and mages would quickly grow after meditating within. As for the quota after we successfully get hold of the Ghost Valley, our Black Tower will take 70% of the spots, while the remaining 30% will go to your Merlin Family. What do you think of this arrangement, Merlin?" A faint smile appeared on Harren's face. In his eyes, this was pretty fair. He knew the extent of the forces that the Merlin Family had in the Flame Demon Fort. The Black Tower would definitely do most of the work.

Under such circumstances, Harren felt that these terms weren't excessive. After all, the Black Tower was one of the two greatest mage forces of the Andlusa Kingdom, it was quite formidable. If someone else requested a collaboration, giving them 20% would be quite good. Offering 30% to the Merlin Family was purely out of respect for the young mage.

After all, he had already gained so much from the previous transaction. Regardless of the reason, it was a bit too much. Thus, Harren couldn't avoid having a guilty conscience when dealing with the young mage.

After returning from the Magic Hand's gathering, Harren had some people gather information on the youth, and after going through it, Harren discovered that he wasn't as simple as he had thought. When they first met, Harren had thought that he was an important youth that the Star Sage was planning to accept as a disciple, so he obstructed the young mage from joining the Magic Hand.

Back then, the young mage could easily defeat a 9th Rank High Mage while he was a 5th Rank Great Mage, and he possessed terrifying computational abilities. And this wasn't all... That young mage took out three completely new 8-Formula Meditation Law Sets.

As for what he found out about the young mage, it was even more outrageous. A year ago, he was only a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice who had just lost his father in a shipwreck as well as all financial support. He should have had no hope of becoming a mage at that point. But then, one shocking matter after another happened, and the young mage rebuilt the Gilded Rose with his own power. In a short year, this alchemy shop quickly developed and monopolized the alchemy market of the eastern part of the kingdom.

The biggest change was in the level of the young mage's power. From a Magic Apprentice that was unable to become a Mage, he became a 5th Rank Great Mage in less than a year. This made Harren realize that there definitely was a powerhouse hidden behind the young mage, and that person might be even more powerful than Harren himself or Jouyi. If that was really the case, then he had to be a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

After all, the world of magic relied on inheritances. The most powerful and talented mages couldn't be self-made geniuses. The more formidable a mage was, the more shocking his background was. This could be seen from Jouyi and himself.

If that young mage was merely an ordinary mage, then Harren wouldn't have thought so, but there was nothing ordinary about the young mage. He had seen it for himself. Back then, the young mage already had the power to contend against an Archmage!

After not getting an immediate response, Harren added in a plain tone, as if speaking of an insignificant matter, "Well, Merlin, after we exterminate the Thawing Fire Tribe, our Black Tower will also need to take some of the spoils. But what do you think of the 30% quota?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He tried to say it in a tone that emphasized the last part. Harren had already planned to give up some additional spots, firstly to make up for their last deal, and secondly, to express goodwill to the young mage. After all, there was a Heaven Rank standing behind him, so it was worth making some concessions.

"30% is too little..."

Lin Yun suddenly frowned. He thought for a few minutes before declaring, "I think the Merlin Family should have 70%..."


Harren, who had already been prepared to haggle, suddenly felt awkward. 'This young mage's appetite is too huge! He actually wants 70% of the quota... He isn't showing the Black Tower any respect at all...' Had it been anyone else, Harren would have already shown them the door. Trying to profit from the Black Tower was no different from a death wish.

But this was what the young mage had suggested.

"Sir Harren, I know this can make you feel a bit awkward, but there is no problem if you want to take something from the Thawing Fire Tribe. Even if you take ten things, there will be no problem..."

"Merlin, you..." Harren's expression was even more awkward. After a while, he helplessly nodded. "Alright..."

In fact, Harren wasn't as embarrassed as he looked. On the contrary, if not for his respect for Lin Yun's talent, he would have already laughed out loud.

Because the Black Tower had already learnt that there was a very formidable Magic Tool in the Thawing Fire Tribe. If they weren't wrong, that was a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool!

What kind of concept was a True Spirit Magic Tool? That was comparable to a Peak Archmage powerhouse! If news of such a Magic Tool spread, it would trigger a storm in Noscent.

That Peak True Spirit Magic Tool was very important to the Black Tower. If they could really obtain it, the Black Tower's strength would rise to a whole new level.

The Black Tower had always looked for an opportunity to make a move against the Thawing Fire Tribe to snatch that Peak True Spirit Magic Tool. But over the years, most of the power of the Black Tower had been spread across the major planes. It was very difficult for them to transfer enough manpower to deal with the Thawing Fire Tribe, so they ran into a wall.

When Harren heard the discussion in the reception room, he realized that this might be an opportunity. With the support from the Merlin Family, eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe would be an easy matter. But what he truly cared about was the Peak True Spirit Magic Tool. As for the Ghost Valley, it would just be a side benefit. This was why Harren didn't refuse when Lin Yun asked for 70% on behalf of the Merlin Family.

Harren felt that this offer was really hard to decline, as the young mage was a member of the Merlin Family. Even if he didn't choose to collaborate with the Black Tower, once those guys from the Holy Land finally came out, they would be able to deal with the Thawing Fire Tribe. Moreover, the young mage had a deep background. Behind him was most likely a Heaven Mage. This was the kind of person that could only be enticed and couldn't be offended. A conflict occurred during the gathering of the Magic Hand, so Harren made a concession on the quota to make up for it. He didn't want to see his rival, Jouyi, be the one to obtain the support of that Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"Haha, it's a pleasure doing business with you, Sir Harren..." Harren couldn't have known that Lin Yun was laughing inwardly.

In fact, when Harren asked to get something from the Thawing Fire Tribe, he had tried to make it sound insignificant. But Lin Yun, who already dealt with Harren, knew very well how crafty the other side was. After pondering over it, he managed to guess what the Black Tower wanted from the Thawing Fire Tribe.

He had learnt from the decaying library that over a hundred years in the future, the Black Tower would dispatch a very large force against the Thawing Fire Tribe. Although that war ended up in their victory, the Black Tower's losses were disastrous. At least 7 Archmages and close to a hundred High Mages fell. But not only was the Black Tower not dispirited by this loss, they even celebrated, because they obtained a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool from the Thawing Fire Tribe.

It was a Magic Tool that genuinely reached the peak of the True Spirit realm, and their losses simply couldn't compare to such an item's value. The Black Tower was immeasurably satisfied with themselves for a while.

But when they got an understanding of that Magic Tool, the Black Tower no longer felt pleased. That Magic Tool had been left by the first ancestor of the Thawing Fire Tribe. It was the tribe totem, and although it was a genuine Peak True Spirit Magic Tool, it had no use in the hands of the Black Tower.