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 After recently coming out of the Holy Land, he made some discreet inquiries regarding the Merlin Family and found out that the Merlin Family had no Heaven Rank powerhouses overseeing it at the moment and that their stronger for now was a Peak Archmage named Oren Merlin.

Moreover, that damn Santon Merlin had not returned to the Merlin Family for many years.

He then thought of retaliating against the Merlin Family. Him coming to the Raging Flame Plane wasn't accidental. He wanted to use the power of the Black Tower to snatch the Merlin Family's Flame Demon Fort. Naturally, this was only the first step of his revenge. He would slowly nibble away at the Merlin Family and thoroughly throttle this Great Family.

Just as he was lost in these thoughts, Suval found out that a member of the Merlin Family arrived to the Dark Moon Fort and was thus unable to hold himself back from rushing to the reception room. After arriving there, he heard, from the other side of the door, the young mage raise the matter of the collaboration. He couldn't deny that this collaboration would be extremely beneficial to the Black Tower, but Suval didn't want to see the Black Tower ever work together with the Merlin Family. If it really reached that step, how would he be able to draw support from the Black Tower to take care of the Merlin Family?


The Merlin Family didn't put the Black Tower in their eyes! They sent a mere 5th Rank High Mage youth over, so they clearly weren't being sincere. Thus, Suval could use this as an excuse to prevent the collaboration. With fierce words, he would completely suppress this messenger.

"I want to know why the Merlin Family sent you. Is the talk of collaboration just a pretense?" Suval kept sneering as he looked at Lin Yun, his wrinkled palm moving back and forth. Sharp mana fluctuations quickly spread from it as he coldly said, "You won't leave the Dark Moon Fort for the time being... Have Oren Merlin come over to take you back."

As he said those words, Suval couldn't see Weiss sweating heavily and looking at him with an alarmed expression.


Weiss would have cursed if not for the situation being so tense. 'We clearly had a good discussion, Suval. You just arrived at the Dark Moon Fort, yet you insist on joining in and disturbing this discussion. Do you know how much the Black Tower would miss out on if we don't accept this? You are truly selfish!'

Weiss naturally knew that Suval was still brooding over the matters from those past years. 'Even if you want to retaliate against the Merlin Family, you have to choose the right person...

'If this young mage wants to leave the Dark Moon Fort, then he'll leave. You aren't able to stop him, Suval...'

In the entire Black Tower, perhaps only Weiss knew how terrifying this seemingly peaceful and ordinary young mage was. After all, what happened in the Tulan Mountain Range was like a nightmare to Weiss. He could hardly forget how the young mage killed those two formidable Undead creatures. Even when handling Baiers' body, he used an even more frightening move and summoned the formidable Undead Horseman and the Lich.

And this wasn't all... The performance of the young mage was even more frightening on the lowest floor. Baiers' soul, which had the power of a Peak Archmage, wasn't able to take the Undead Essence from the hands of the young mage.

As for the Great Devil they met on the way back, that frightening existence from the Abyss, it ended up scared away by the young mage.

In Weiss' eyes, if they truly fought, the 7th Rank Archmage Suval didn't even have a 20% chance of winning against the young mage. Let alone the rest of his abilities, just summoning one of those Undead beings would pressure Suval.

Moreover, he disapproved of Suval's way of handling things. Even if he had enmity with the Merlin Family, couldn't he endure at such a critical moment? Was he happy with forcing the Black Tower to not get any benefits?

"Sir Suyass, High Mage Merlin is a most respected guest of our Black Tower. We should be treating him as a guest, not detaining him. Moreover, the collaboration plan raised by the Merlin Family would benefit the Black Tower quite a bit," Weiss said with a cold expression.

In fact, Weiss had held Suval, who'd just come out of the holy land, in high esteem. But now, his words weren't polite anymore.

He was a bit angry.

"How come I can't see how collaboration with the Merlin Family would benefit the Black Tower? Weiss, you must have been deceived by the Merlin Family..."

A gloomy expression appeared on Suval's face. He almost burst out in anger when he heard Weiss' words. He thought that he had clearly expressed his stance. He was clearly trying to antagonize the Merlin Family, yet Weiss wasn't helping and was instead speaking on behalf of them.

This instantly put Suval in a bad mood.

Although they were both Representatives, he was clearly far stronger and far more experienced than Weiss, yet the other side was provoking him.

"Sir Suval, you haven't learnt the details of the collaboration. How could you so arbitrarily decide that it brings no benefits to the Black Tower?" Weiss had an ashen expression as anger rose up in his heart.

"Weiss, you are really silly. If the Merlin Family truly attached importance to this, how could they dispatch such a young guy to bring up the issue? If they were truly sincere, Oren Merlin would have come himself," Suwal sneered as he retorted.


Weiss was so angry that he was speechless, but it was hard for him to explain. Even if he said that Mafa Merlin wasn't that simple and was even more powerful than Suval, the latter wouldn't believe him and would merely consider that an insult. This would only escalate the situation, and it would be extremely hard to mediate.

Weiss truly couldn't understand how such a perfectly good proposal could end up like this.

"Invite him up..."

But suddenly, a gentle and feminine voice echoed in their ears, instantly silencing them. Weiss and Suval paled as they remained motionless.

'Invite... him up. Sir Harren actually used "Invite" and not "Send" or "Lead"... This is too shocking...'

After all, Sir Harren was the Chairman of the Black Tower, a Peak Archmage powerhouse, an existence that had come into contact with the Extraordinary power, one of the two strongest Archmages of Okland alongside Star Sage Jouyi. The number of people Harren would "Invite" could be counted on two hands.


Those words were clearly referring to the young mage of the Merlin Family. This thoroughly shocked Suval, and he didn't dare to believe his ears. How could Sir Harren politely invite a twenty-year-old 5th Rank High Mage? Sir Harren wouldn't even be polite to 5th Rank Archmages...

But the truth was that Sir Harren did ask them to invite the young mage from the Merlin Family. No matter how Suval didn't want to believe it, he had no choice.

'Damn it...'

"This.." Suval looked at Weiss, wanting to ask what was happening, but he saw that the other side also had a poor expression.

"High Mage Merlin, Sir Harren is inviting you up..." Although Weiss was extremely shocked, Sir Harren declaring his position was clearly good for them. He indicated a spiral staircase on the left. He then threw a strange glance at Suval, as if he was rejoicing in his misfortune.

Nothing could be done about it. Suval had angered him, so he wouldn't miss getting this small bit of payback.

Suval's intervention had made him feel uneasy. After all, the young mage's temper wasn't good and everything might have ended up blown out of proportion.

Fortunately, Harren intervened and declared his position, removing this crisis.

But that young mage was too strange... Not only was he extremely powerful, but even Harren was treating him politely. This was something even he himself had never experienced.


Lin Yun softly nodded and followed the spiral staircase while Weiss and Suval stared in amazement. He reached the door on the 2nd floor and entered a delicate study. There was only a middle-aged man inside, the Chairman of the Black Tower he had met at the Magic Hand's gathering, Harren.

To be accurate, this was the second time he'd met Harren. The first time was during that gathering, and they'd had some disagreements back then. He had been recommended by the Star Sage to join the Magic Hand, but Harren had tried to think of every possible way to stop him because of his grudges against Jouyi. But in the end, Harren wasn't really targeting Lin Yun.

Afterwards, they had a deal regarding a Meditation Law Set. It looked very pleasant on the surface, but both sides had ulterior motives. Harren thought he had fleeced Lin Yun, while Lin Yun knew that Harren was the one that was fleeced.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Naturally, this would forever remain secret.

At this moment, Harren was peacefully sitting behind his desk, his body emitting indescribable mana. Lin Yun could feel boundless power after entering the room. He was already a 5th Rank High Mage and was very sensitive towards the flow of mana, so he could clearly feel that this power didn't really come from Harren, but was in fact World Power.

This was Extraordinary Power...

Harren, the Chairman of the Black Tower, was just like Star Sage Jouyi. They were existences with one foot in the Heaven Realm and who had touched a wisp of Extraordinary Power. They could burst with heaven-defying power that far surpassed ordinary Archmages. Even a mana fluctuation released unintentionally could make an Archmage powerhouse tremble in fear.

"Sir Harren..." Lin Yun hadn't expected that next time he met Harren would be in such circumstances.

"Haha, Merlin, we meet again..." Harren, who was leaning on his desk, raised his head and swept a glance at Lin Yun, smiling. Seeing this young mage, Harren couldn't help thinking of that Meditation Law Set.