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 He knew that Noscent, as well as every major plane, would have some places with higher mana density, suitable for mages' meditation. At the peak of the Magic Era, those kinds of places had been crazily unearthed by countless mages. He actually remembered that during that era, there were many more places in Noscent suitable for meditation that had yet to be excavated.

And Ghost Valley was most likely a similar place. Something must had pushed this place's mana density to increase over countless years.

But this was only Lin Yun's conjecture, he didn't know what exactly happened.

The three cousins and Xiuban quickly recovered and calmly followed behind Lin Yun. After all, they had seen his Demiplane already.

After entering the valley, Lin Yun was a lot more vigilant. He urged his Magic Array to inspect everything within a kilometer. They then followed a simple path and slowly trod deeper into the valley.

There was nothing unusual on their path, even magic beasts were rarely seen. The surrounding trees were overflowing with vitality and reached up to a hundred meters in height. Apart from the unusually dense mana in the valley, Lin Yun hadn't found anything. As they got deeper and deeper, Lin Yun gradually felt that both sides of the valley weren't as calm.

Nothing could escape Lin Yun's Magic Array, not a single strand of weed swaying in the wind could escape his detection. He very quickly discovered that stationed on both sides were the Merlin Family and the Thawing Fire tribe troops, and it was clear that both sides wouldn't give up on the Ghost Valley. After all, this place was regarded as extremely precious by all the major forces. Whether it was the Raging Flame Beastmen, or Mankind, meditating in Ghost Valley greatly increased their growth speed.

There would often be small conflicts between both sides, and Lin Yun caught onto the mana fluctuations. But this had nothing to do with him, as such, he went deeper into the valley, but didn't discover anything after ten minutes. But just as Lin Yun planned to return, a special mana fluctuation could be felt from the depths of the valley.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Yun couldn't help frowning.

He tried rousing his Magic Array to its peak, and after analyzing the mana fluctuations, he discovered something very strange. The usually omnipotent Magic Array was shockingly unable to analyze the source of the mana fluctuations.

'Strange, what is this...'

"Let's go take a look..."

Lin Yun didn't hesitate and led the three Merlins and Xiuban in the depths of the Ghost Valley. As they got deeper and deeper, the surroundings slowly changed. A huge primitive forest spread before them, trees over a hundred meters could be seen everywhere, they had thick tree trunks and dense foliage.

Moreover, there were very few traces of humans in this forest, showing that the Merlin Family and the Thawing Fire Tribe hadn't set foot here.

There was a subtle change in the density of mana, if not for the Magic Array's analysis, this subtle change would have been very hard to discover...

In a place like the Ghost Valley, Mage Eyes were ineffective, thus, Lin Yun could only rely on his Magic Array to follow that aura and slowly explore the area.

"Found it!"

Soon, that wisp of aura became more and more rich and the concentrated mana was almost visible. After another ten minutes, Lin Yun found the source of that aura.

He only saw numerous runes flickering in the air and transmitting a fluctuation so terrifying it was stifling. Everyone including Lin Yun couldn't help stopping, looking forward with pale expressions.

The thing ahead of them gave them a huge feeling of danger.

"What the hell is this..."

Lin Yun frowned as he was facing that frightening fluctuation. He slowly moved a foot, his heart shivering as he faced those numerous runes. He only waved to the few people behind him after confirming that there was no danger, hinting them to get closer. The group took three minutes to walk ten meters.


At this time, beads of sweat dripped down Lin Yun's forehead, he was looking at the numerous patterns in front of him, bewildered. He was fairly certain that this was a genuine array. It was hard to imagine that an array could give him such pressure.

After all, even the arrival of the true body of the Greater Devil of the Charlotte Family wouldn't make him suffer.

But now, standing next to this array made him feel as if he was facing a powerhouse on the same level as Oren Merlin, it was hard for him to avoid feeling apprehensive.

To be more precise, this was an array he had never seen before. He could feel that this was an extremely abstruse array from the entangled complicated patterns and numerous runes. If there was nothing unexpected, then this might have been an array at the peak of the True Spirit realm.

What kind of concept was a Peak True Spirit Array...

If news of this array leaked out, it would become a hot topic of discussion in all of Noscent. Even during the peak of the Magic Era, Peak True Spirit Arrays weren't commonly seen, this was comparable to a Peak Archmage.

No wonder Lin Yun felt a huge pressure.

"How could it appear here..." What puzzled Lin Yun was the appearance of a True Spirit Array in the Ghost Valley. After carefully studying it, he discovered that the array was very ancient. And after connecting it to the abnormality in Ghost Valley, he guessed that the array was most likely behind the valley's rich mana.


What made him vexed was that after ten minutes of studying, he still couldn't find anything even with the Magic Array working at full capacity. This was the Magic Array after all, this was outrageous. Not long ago, he had read all the books in the decaying library and had paid more attention to the alchemy knowledge.

It was hardly an exaggeration to say that in this era, no one could compare to him when it came to knowledge.

But the array in front of him was so unfamiliar, he racked his brains but still couldn't solve this.

This was strange...

'There is only one possibility...' Lin Yun frowned. He believed in his own judgement, the only explanation was that this kind of array never appeared in Noscent, or else, how could it be unknown to him?

Naturally, this explanation made his mind jump, he was happy after having discovered something novel.

With a serious expression he took out a crystal brush from his pocket and dipped it into Star Ink he had prepared before, but he didn't write right away, he thought over and over again before cautiously writing a rune. In fact, this was the first time he had been so careful while breaking an array ever since he came to this era.

He had cracked a few True Spirit Array since coming to this era and had been able to quickly write on them, but he couldn't do so for this one. This was a genuine Peak True Spirit Array, a minor mistake would end up with unthinkable consequences. After all, no one would dislike living a bit longer.

Soon, over ten minutes passed, and sweat kept dropping down his forehead, Lin Yun's robe had long since been drenched in his sweat and was sticking close to his back. Although it was very uncomfortable, Lin Yun didn't care much about this right now. When he wrote the 7th rune, a ray of light shone, followed by a terrifying power.

A rumble echoed, suddenly startling the group behind Lin Yun. They hadn't expected something like this to happen. That power had been truly tyrannical and made their heartbeat rise very fast. Following that fierce explosion, the Runic Shield protecting Lin Yun had greatly darkened before being silently destroyed.


After letting out a long breath, Lin Yun's expression was pale as he threw away the crystal pen and helplessly shook his head. It was truly difficult for the current Lin Yun to get in contact with a Peak True Spirit Array. If not for the preparations he had made, he would have suffered heavy losses from that power.

Moreover, that was only a part of the array's power, one could easily imagine how great the full power of the array was.

Maybe not many people under the Heaven Rank could endure it, even Lin Yun wasn't sure he could.

"Cousin Mafa, are you okay?"

William couldn't help but ask after seeing Lin Yun frozen on the spot with a frown for over five minutes.

"Yeah, it's nothing..."

Lin Yun bitterly smiled before he shook his head. He had already given up, Peak True Spirit Arrays were no small matters, he wouldn't be able to avoid suffering a loss if he forced this. But he clearly understood that this strange array was definitely valuable. Others might not think much after finding a strange array.

But Lin Yun was different.

In this era, only he knew how extraordinary this array truly was. After all, it was an array never before seen in Noscent, it's worth couldn't be described.

"Let's return to the Flame Demon Fort first..."

Lin Yun put back the crystal pen and the Star Ink into his pocket before standing up. There was no meaning in staying in the Ghost Valley, finding the existence of the array was already an important clue. He waved at the others, getting ready to leave the Ghost Valley, when William suddenly exclaimed.

At this time, a fiery silhouette scuttled from the depths of the jungle and instantly attacked them. Its speed was so shocking that William was startled and let out an alarmed shout.

To be more precise it was a Fire Salamander. This kind of magic beast was only level 15 and could be seen everywhere in the Raging Flame Plane.

Normally, with their power, they should have sensed a low level magic beast like a Fire Salamander before it appeared. But everyone had been focused on the array and due to the array's fluctuations, they all overlooked the Fire Salamander's aura.

"Haha, it's only a Fire Salamander..."

William was a bit embarrassed, even his smile couldn't cover up his embarrassment. He had followed Lin Yun for over a year and his power had risen to a whole new level, he was a genuine 5th Rank High Mage, he could now stand alongside geniuses like Ross and Leon.