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 Lin Yun's appearance surprised and startled the dozen Raging Flame Beastman Mages. They looked at him in disbelief and took a few seconds to react. They could feel that the human in front of them wasn't simple.

In the chaotic battlefield, let alone finding them, even just noticing their presence wasn't easy.

"Roar..." A deep roar echoed as the group of Beastmen realized that this might be a troublesome opponent. At this moment, the dozen powerful mages firmly held their two-handed hammers, red runes flickering on their arms as they burst with mana fluctuations, making their hammers emit dark red flames.

The Raging Flame Beastman Race was a true dual-path race, following both the Martial Path and the Magic path. They had extremely tough physiques, and usually, an adult Raging Flame Beastman would be comparable to a Great Swordsman on physique alone. As for those with innate talents, they would be able to contend against Expert Swordsmen.

And this was just with regards to pure power.

The Mages among the Raging Flame Beastmen had frightening magical abilities due to their bloodline. They innately had extremely high control over fire as well as the ability to summon Flame Elementals. That boundless army of Flame Elementals had been the work of this group here. Fortunately, Lin Yun found out, or else they might have ended up losing the Flame Demon Fort!

At this time, Ida and Yuri, who had rushed over to join up with Lin Yun, saw the group of Raging Flame Beastman Mages attacking Lin Yun and couldn't help feeling nervous.

Even though they were close to begin with and had only taken a few seconds to cover the area, they were still too late...

They felt that the young mage was truly too impulsive. He should at least have taken them with him after discovering those mages. This would have increased their odds of success. Ida and Yuri's could see that any one of these dozen Raging Flame Beastman Mages wasn't an opponent the young 5th Rank High Mage could handle.

After all, among them, the weakest were still on the same level as a Peak High Mage, and there were even three of them whose strength could compare to that of Ida and Yuri!

Under such circumstances, how could they not be worried...


But both Ida and Yuri looked at what happened next in disbelief. The young mage clearly wasn't as weak as they had imagined as he kept ingeniously using Flame Flash to avoid the dangerous attacks. A 5th Rank High Mage being able to do this was enough to make anyone exclaim in surprise. There might not even be 9th Rank High Mages with such wondrous casting ability.

But what truly shocked them wasn't that the young mage was dodging the attacks, but rather the fiercely rising Fire Bolt that curved strangely before hitting one of the Beastmen. A mournful scream then echoed as it turned to ashes.

"H-he... How did he do it?" Ida couldn't help swallowing nervously.

This was truly outrageous. After all, the young mage was only a 5th Rank High Mage, and although that Raging Flame Beastman Mage was the weakest of the lot, it was still a Peak High Mage.

A 5th Rank High Mage instantly killing such a powerful enemy... This made Ida feel as if he was in a dream. It felt a bit surreal.


That Fire Bolt was too frightening. It instantly turned a Raging Flame Beastman, known for their fierce physiques, into ashes.

Even the 2nd Rank Archmage, Ida, would need at least ten seconds to kill the weakest of the Raging Flame Beastmen there while using his True Spirit Magic Tool.

He was truly shocked by the young mage's methods.

It was hard to imagine that such a young 5th Rank High Mage could be so powerful.

"Very strong..."

Yuri was also shocked and could barely even utter those two words. He had seen countless young geniuses while staying in the Ancestral Land, but a 5th Rank High Mage that could kill a 9th Rank High Mage was truly something hard to accept. It completely overturned common sense.

This time, Yuri realized that the young man might not only have terrifying insight, but also tyrannical power. With that strange Fire Bolt, even 3rd Rank Archmages might not be able to stand against him. This was in no way an exaggeration... It was what his intuition told him.

"How could this be..."

Lin Yun didn't even pay attention to the newly arrived Ida and Yuri. He was actually frowning, surprise apparent on his face. Just now, he had controlled Syudos to kill one of the Raging Flame Beastman Mages and clearly saw that after it turned to ashes, it left behind a dark red flame the size of a fingernail.

That flame didn't remain there, but instead flew up and to the east.

This stunned Lin Yun and he couldn't help turning to look east, trying to see where it went. But he didn't find anything, so he just roused Syudos to turn into a Fire Bolt once again. In a flash, another Beastman's life was taken, and the outcome was the same as before. After being turned to ashes, a dark red flame remained and flew eastwards.

'What's going on...'

Lin Yun frowned, but he didn't think too much about it. If he had the chance, he would go east to take a look, and maybe he would find something. At this time, Ida and Yuri reached his side and joined the fight, each of them confronting a 3rd Rank Archmage Raging Flame Beastman.

In fact, the fighting style of the Beastmen was similar to the fighting style of the Gaugass Battlemages, only they were holding a two handed hammers and controlling flames as they fought Lin Yun in melee range. Every attack would stir up countless flames with immense destructive power. Even a Peak High Mage's Runic Shield wouldn't be able to last long under such an onslaught.

At this time, the Raging Flame Beastmen divided into three groups to attack Lin Yun, Ida, and Yuri under the leadership of the three most domineering ones. Among the Raging Flame Beastmen fighting Lin Yun, there was also a powerful one that was almost comparable to a 3rd Rank Archmage.


That Raging Flame Beastman suddenly let out a deep roar and his aura changed. Those red runes on his skin fiercely flickered, and following that roar, countless flames appeared in the sky. They then turned into a dark golden dragon leaving behind a long trail of flames as it dove towards Lin Yun with a loud roar.

This Raging Flame Beastman had clearly realized that they would be in great danger if this fight couldn't be resolved quickly. Only by killing the young mage in front of him could he go support his companions to kill the other two and go back to summoning Elemental lifeforms to take over the Flame Demon Fort.

At this moment, a dazzling flame rose up, sending out searing heat. The power contained within could only be described as world-shaking.

The Fire Dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it quickly pounced towards Lin Yun.

The Raging Flame Beastman that had sent out this attack was already pale. This was clearly his most powerful means of attack. He was controlling the Fire Dragon while smiling coldly.

"We are finished...."

Ida and Yuri, who were fighting in close-quarters with Raging Flame Beastmen, noticed Lin Yun's situation and felt the power behind that Fire Dragon. They both paled. Even as Archmages, they felt dread.

They knew that this was truly over...

Let alone a 5th Rank High Mage, even they, as 4th Rank Archmages, had no other choice but to be careful and use Elemental Shield, despite the attack not being aimed directly at them.

In this split second, the two roused their mana, wanting to break away from their opponent to help Lin Yun.

But it was all for naught.

The radiance of the Fire Dragon shone almost everywhere. When the rumbling sound echoed, Ida and Yuri couldn't help closing their eyes. This outstanding young mage was truly unfortunate, he must have already become a corpse.

And it might not be intact...

Everything was coming to an end.

Once the young mage died, the Raging Flame Beastman would be able to provide assistance to his companions, and Ida and Yuri would no longer be able to hold on. Their mana would eventually be exhausted and they would end up like the young mage... It was only a matter of time.

They felt quite regretful. Even though they knew that this battle was the sly plan of the Raging Flame Beastmen, they had no way to transmit the news. After they died, no one would know the truth, and the Planar Legion would only be able to delay while more and more Elemental lifeforms appeared, up until the Flame Demon Fort fell into enemy hands.

'Hold on...'

Time seemed to have been frozen for the two Archmages, but after a while, they realized that they didn't hear the miserable shriek that they had been expecting. The two became surprised as they realized that the young mage might still be alive.

Thus, although Ida and Yuri were still battling, they cautiously turned their heads to check.

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A slightly dim and burnt shield was spread in front of the young mage. As Archmages, the two could instantly recognize this shield... It was a mere Mana Shield!

Using a Mana Shield to block the fiercest attack of a Raging Flame Beastman was a fantasy!

They knew that although a Mana Shield was only a low tier defensive shield, that defensive spell could display its maximum effect in the hands of a true powerhouse. In other words, the defensive ability of the Mana Shield was based on the caster's mana density.

This meant that the intensity of the young mage's mana had reached an inconceivable level.

Just thinking of this shook the two Archmages.

But the true shock had yet to come...