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 The former was already a huge surprise. After all, those mages that had inferior aptitudes could become High Mages in a short time in such a blessed environment. If their talent was strengthened, they were bound to walk further and further along the magic path. After becoming 9th Rank High Mages, they might even eventually become Archmages.

As for the latter...

That was something he didn't dare to think of. To have the bloodline of an Ancient God, even if it was just mixed blood, was scary enough. In Noscent, everything regarding Ancient Gods was taboo, but Lin Yun didn't dare to imagine how crazy the achievements of a group of mages with Ancient God Bloodline would be in the future.

He could be sure of one thing: this group of mages was no longer ordinary, it was the most special group of mages since time immemorial.

Enderfa soon returned to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, but the extremely excited Lin Yun couldn't calm down. He made a trip around the Demiplane, but this time, the way he looked at the mages greatly changed.

In the future, these people would become a terrifying force.

And he planned on sparing no efforts to nurture them.

Standing on the lawn, Lin Yun roused his Magic Array to its peak and covered the area where those mages were cultivating. Not long after, Lin Yun discovered that they were indeed progressing at a very fast pace, and three of them had already condensed their Magic Conducting Rune after just four days.

He could foresee that after three months, they would all become High Mages. At that time, the joint burst power of these mages with the Blazing Storm would be frightening. He had originally predicted that they would be able to deal with Archmages below 5th Rank, but the unforeseen matter of the Ancient God aura made this a bit unpredictable. Maybe even he would have some trouble when faced with those fifty mages.

After staying four to five hours in the Demiplane, Lin Yun returned to his room. It was already dawn, so Lin Yun prepared himself and opened his door, only to discover that William, Ross, and Leon were waiting for him.

"Cousin Mafa, these two guys want to follow us to the Raging Flame Plane." William helplessly said, rolling his eyes.

Who would have thought that Ross and Leon, the two geniuses with the greatest chance of becoming the next Patriarch of the Outer Merlin Family, would actually fall so fast.

The relationship between Ross and Leon was very precarious. After Aube was crippled, only the two of them remained in the race for the seat of the next Patriarch. If nothing unexpected happened, one of the two would become the future Patriarch.

The competition had already reached its climax.

They knew that Lin Yun would go to the Raging Flame Plane as a Planar Legion Commander, so they didn't slack off after returning from the Tulan Mountain Range because they were afraid of missing that opportunity.

They knew very well what kind of benefits they could get from following Lin Yun after their experience in the Tulan Mountain Range. This time, Lin Yun wanted to go to the Raging Flame Plane, so how could they not follow?

These two youths were competing. If one of them didn't follow, wouldn't he lag behind the other?

Lin Yun didn't refuse them and only smiled, allowing Ross and Leon to follow him. After interacting for a few months, he knew that these two were trustworthy individuals.

After that, they spend a lot of effort to wake up the slumbering Xiuban before the party was finally ready to head towards the Ancestral Land. As for the Draconic Beastman, he had gone straight to sleep after returning to the Merlin Family Manor and had just woken up. He was carrying Carnage while following behind Lin Yun, yawning and mumbling.

Half an hour later, they reached the Ancestral Land's ravine. Although the ravine was filled with a thick layer of fog and they couldn't see anything, Lin Yun could still feel the imposing momentum of the Legion rushing forth from all directions.

He had roughly guessed that this should be the Planar Legion that would follow his lead in the Raging Flame Plane. He discreetly roused his Magic Array to its pinnacle and was able to figure out the situation within a few hundred meters. This was a huge Planar Legion consisting of about a thousand people.

'They are all at least Great Mages...'

Lin Yun held his breath. Although most of these people were Great Mages and weren't particularly outstanding, when a thousand of them stood there and countless mana fluctuations and aura fluctuations mixed together, the momentum was quite powerful.

In fact, he was very surprised when he found out that all of them were at least Great Mages. This Planar Legion was very frightening!

Even in Okland, Great Mages weren't as numerous as this. Although each major force had its own method of nurturing powerhouses, nurturing a Great Mage wasn't that easy. After all, in Thousand Sails City, Lin Yun had to borrow the Black Death Rune and have it transform the Soul Fires in the Bone Plane into mana, which took three months to make those 50 mages become great mages.

Yet, the Merlin Family dispatched over a thousand Great Mages in one breath. How could he not be shocked?

With the insight of the Magic Array, he quickly found out that the amount of High Mages, Divine Archers, and Expert Swordsmen wasn't low in this Planar Legion either. There were close to a hundred of them.

The true strength of the Merlin Family was a bit scary.

"You are Mafa Merlin, the Planar Legion Commander?"

As Lin Yun was immersed in his amazement, a disagreeable voice rang out. Lin Yun then noticed two figures coming out of the dense fog. One of them was a middle-aged man with an arrogant expression, wearing a mage robe and holding a magic staff emitting a frightening aura.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'True Spirit Magic Tool...'

With one glance, Lin Yun knew that the magic staff was a genuine True Spirit Magic Tool, and from the mana fluctuations emitted by that middle-aged man, he should be a 2nd Rank Archmage. The power of this middle-aged man with his magic staff should have exceeded his own rank, so he'd likely be more powerful than 3rd Rank Archmages.

When the middle-aged man appeared, Leon, who had been standing next to Lin Yun, frowned. It was clear that he had never seen that middle-aged man in the Merlin Family.

This meant that this person ought to be someone from the Ancestral Land.

Coming out alongside the middle-aged man was a thin and bony old man who seemed to be over seventy. His body was tightly wrapped in his black robe, and although he looked at Lin Yun in a bad way, he was a lot more polite than the middle-aged man. "You are High Mage Merlin?"

"I am..."

Lin Yun calmly nodded, squinting as he looked at the two Archmages in front of him. With his insight, he could naturally tell that these two should be some of the most powerful members of this Planar Legion.

"Acknowledged, I am Ida Merlin..." The middle-aged man shot a glance at Lin Yun expressionlessly. "Commander Thorne took a part of the Planar Legion and rushed to the Raging Flame Plane two hours ago. Mafa Merlin, you are a little late..."

Ida Merlin was from the Ancestral Land and had participated in countless Planar Wars in the past decades, contributing in every major plane.

To be honest, Ida wasn't looking forward to working with this young mage.

He thought about it a lot and couldn't understand the intention of the Family Council. They actually sent a 5th Rank High Mage s a Planar Legion Commander. This was insane!

Moreover, he had heard that this young mage had no experience of Planar Wars.

Ida had been shocked by this news and had wondered if there had been a mistake. How could such a person become a Planar Legion Commander? Was the Family Council deliberately planning to have the Planar Legion destroyed in the Raging Flame Plane? Why else would they send such a person as their commander?

He simply couldn't understand.

As he thought that he would have to unconditionally obey the orders of a commander who didn't know anything, Ida was driven mad. If possible, he would really like to withdraw from this Planar Legion.

In his eyes, the decision of the Family Council was too silly. Originally, the Planar Legion should have followed Thorne Merlin, but now, half of the authority was given to Mafa Merlin. In the Ancestral Land, Ida had heard of Thorne Merlin's battle achievements, and he would have no problem if Thorne had been leading the entire Planar Legion.

But reality wasn't as nice.

This young mage didn't have the slightest bit of self-awareness, hadn't experienced any Planar Wars, and wasn't obviously powerful. There was not a single good point. And Ida, who spent so much of his time in Planar Wars, knew that a single mistake from a commander would have a huge effect and might lead to the destruction of the Planar Legion.

Thinking of this, Ida's expression turned cold. 'It looks like I have to wake up this Mafa Merlin early on. If he goes on like that, everyone will run out of luck, me included...' He then said, "Mafa Merlin, I heard you had no experience of Planar Wars? That's fine, this isn't a huge problem. Commander Thorne has a lot of experience, he's already participated in Planar Wars before you were even born and contributed greatly. I think you should carefully study under Commander Thorne, you'll benefit a lot that way."

"Oh, really?" Lin Yun scratched his cheek and threw a strange look at Ida, wondered if that guy was ill. How could Lin Yun not understand the meaning of those words? He was asking him to defer to Thorne in the Raging Flame Plane.

How could this ever happen...