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 "In fact... There is some news that was sealed off by the Merlin Family. If it spread through Okland, it would trigger a storm. Last night, our Merlin Family clashed with the Charlotte Family in the Cold Wind Plane..." Ofran was no longer smiling as he mentioned this matter. Three hundred years ago, after the emergence of Santon Merlin, the young genius who crushed the Charlotte Family, the Charlotte Family's resources had been decimated and the entire Charlotte Family walked into a dead end. They remained very low-key in Okland, and besides Hanson Charlotte's matter, the Charlotte didn't do anything big in the past few years.

But Ofran was in disbelief when they conquered the Frost Leaf Plane. Even the Merlin Family wouldn't be able to conquer the Frost Leaf Plane so easily in such a short time.

Yet the Charlotte Family did it...

And not only did the Charlotte Family conquer the Frost Leaf Plane, but after doing so, they directly threatened the Merlin Family's Cold Wind Plane. A conflict had occurred on the previous night. Ofran wasn't able to sleep well after receiving that news.

After saying this, Ofran looked at Lin Yun and found out that the young mage's mood hadn't changed at all, which couldn't help but make Ofran feel disappointed. Such an outstanding youth had no sense of belonging towards the Merlin Family, it was such a pity. However, he could understand it when he thought about the events from three months ago. Those Elders were impatient to snatch Mafa Merlin's Gilded Rose, and even though they didn't end up getting it, a few of them still had to compensate with their lives. It was inevitable for Mafa Merlin to have some bad feelings about it.

Had Ofran been in his shoes, he would have felt the same.

After a faint sigh, Ofran said, "I sent someone to tell the Charlotte Family to negotiate. The Charlotte Family's Patriarch, Wollings, should be here soon..."

"This matter might not be that simple..." Lin Yun smiled while remaining calm. He had already determined that this whole matter was linked to the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, but he didn't intend to reveal the secret of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, because that would just bring trouble to himself.

In any case, the Charlotte Family and the Thousand Souls Sacrifice had to be dealt with sooner or later.

Lin Yun recovered a lot of energy after meditating for more than half an hour. At that time, they finally heard news of the slow Patriarch Wollings. One of the guards rushed in with the Charlotte Family's patriarch.

"Ofran, sorry, I'm late..."

A terrifying mana fluctuation followed that voice, and although his words were apologetic, he didn't sound sorry at all. The door was roughly pushed open, and an old man walked in, seemingly in his sixties. After coming in, his eyes swept across the surroundings. He didn't even stop on Lin Yun before looking back at Ofran. He squinted and coldly said, "I heard that you were looking for me, Ofran?"

"There is something I wish to discuss with Patriarch Wollings..."

Ofran's gaze turned cold. He knew from the moment Wollings entered that the negotiations didn't have much meaning. When they met before, Wollings would respectfully call him Patriarch Ofran, or Sir Ofran. Since when did he dare to call him directly by his name?

When Wollings became the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, he acted very sly and simply didn't dare to offend anyone. He would show him the utmost respect in every possible way.

It was a lot different from his current appearance.

Wollings had a very tough attitude right now.

"If there is anything you want to say, say it quick," Wollings said with an icy expression. Impatience could be seen on his face as he sat opposite Ofran. "Don't waste time, I still have something to do, just say it..."

Ofran's expression hardened even more. Anger was overflowing within his heart. 'That Wollings is too rampant, he doesn't even put the Merlin Family in his eyes. I've been patient enough, but he can't even tell what's proper. Does he really think that the Merlin Family is afraid of the Charlotte Family?'

"I'm in no hurry. Patriarch Wollings should speak first, you are a guest, after all..." But as he thought of the current situation of the Merlin Family, Ofran had no other choice but to rein in his anger. Thus, he just put on a fake smile as he talked.

"Haha, Ofran, you are too polite..."

Wollings shot a glance at Ofran with a smirk on his face, as if everything was normal. He put his withered hand into his pocket and fished out a sheet of yellow paper. He then carelessly threw it on the table in front of Ofran. "Ofran, take a look at this. I came this time because I want to take back a piece of territory in the northern part of the kingdom. That place originally belonged to our Charlotte Family, so there should be no problem with taking it back, right?"

"No way! This is definitely out of question... Wollings, I'm telling you, your Charlotte Family shouldn't even entertain those thoughts!" After picking up the paper, Ofran's eyes widened. He didn't even think and directly refused. 'Hell, Wollings should wake up already, to dare make such a request...'

To be more accurate, the paper a deed for the territory in the northernmost part of the Andlusa Kingdom, bordering Gaugass. The amount of resources it brought every year was comparable to a private plane, and even if his life was on the line, Ofran wouldn't agree to this condition. Furthermore, such a major decision would have to go through the Elder Council in the end.

The territory did belong to the Charlotte Family a few centuries ago, but it was a complicated matter.

Three hundred years ago, the Merlin Family was facing a crisis. They were suppressed by the joint effort of the Watson Family and the Charlotte Family, and many of their territories had been divided by the two Families. They seemed to be headed towards their downfall, but the appearance of Santon Merlin thoroughly reversed the situation and his abrupt rise gave a huge advantage to the Merlin Family.

The power struggle between the Families was no longer in the dark, so in order to prevent the Charlotte Family from rising up again, they did everything they could to weaken the strength of the Charlotte Family. As for that bounteous territory in the northern regions, it had been ceded by the Charlotte Family.

But that territory was truly fertile, and for the following years of exploitation, the Merlin Family invested a great amount of financial and physical resources and turned it into one of its primary economic sources.

And now, Wollings brought a deed and wanted to get back the territory for nothing. That was truly crazy.

"Wollings, you should clearly know what's going on with that territory. Over two hundred years ago, an ancestor of your Charlotte Family took the initiative to cede that territory and asked our Merlin Family to accept it. You think you'll get it now just because you are asking for it?" Ofran had already been restraining his anger, but when he heard Wollings' unreasonable request, he couldn't help sneering.

Besides, he wasn't making it up, this was a fact.


Wollings had an icy expression on his face as he couldn't help but look back on past events. Killing intent directed towards Ofran could be seen in his eyes, but he then smiled and fished out a crystal card from his pocket and threw it on the table, coldly saying, "No matter what, the Merlin Family has to hand over that territory today. It obviously belongs to our Charlotte Family, why is your Merlin Family occupying it? You think the Merlin Family can hide the truth from Okland?! I know the Merlin Family spent a lot of effort developing that territory, and our Charlotte Family isn't unreasonable. There are a few dozen thousands on that crystal card, this shall be regarded as proper compensation..."

Recalling what the Charlotte Family had experienced in the past few centuries, Wollings couldn't help gnashing his teeth. That had been an extremely humiliating period, and it was all because of that Santon Merlin that the Charlotte Family fell from prosperity and sank without any hope. All their resources and wealth had been divided up by the Watson Family and the Merlin Family.

But that was a matter of the past.

The Charlotte Family wasn't easy to bully now!

It wouldn't take long before their former enemies would be destroyed, starting with the Merlin Family.

The Thousand Souls Sacrifice, who had remained silent for close to a millennium, had recently promised that he would do his best to help the Charlotte Family. This kind of support was a great boon to them, and in a mere two days, the Charlotte Family completely conquered the Frost Leaf Plane! Moreover, this was only the beginning. After some time, they planned to make a move against the Cold Wind Plane and weaken the power of the Merlin Family.

When the time was ripe, he would instantly defeat the Merlin Family and ruthlessly stomp on that hateful Family...

He couldn't wait...

This time, he took the deed of the northernmost territory of the Andlusa Kingdom to get it back. It had great significance. He wouldn't allow any failure because this represented not only a piece of land, but if he could get it, it would declaring to Okland's forces that the Charlotte Family had returned!

Moreover, it was stronger than it had been at its previous peak.

"Wollings, wh... What are you trying to do!" Ofran didn't bother to hide his anger. 'That damn Charlotte Family is shameless. Did they think that such a pittance would be enough to get that territory back?' Ofran coldly said, "Your Charlotte Family is deluded... Haha, Wollings, we don't welcome you here, please leave."

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The Charlotte Family was definitely provoking the Merlin Family's honor by raising this request, so Ofran naturally had no plan to negotiate peacefully. 'Do you really think the Merlin Family is afraid of your Charlotte Family?'

"Want to make me leave? How could I let that happen? I'm telling you Ofran, your Merlin Family has to hand over the territory, or else... Hmpf!" Wollings wasn't angered, an expression of ridicule appearing on his face. But after saying those words, he emitted shocking mana fluctuations.