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 There might be only 20% of the parts missing, but the impact was huge. Some of the missing parts included some of the core components, and those components were very hard to find in Noscent.

'It looks like I have to take a trip to the Puppet Plane soon...'

After finding that Planar Path during the Tulan Mountain Range trip, Lin Yun had planned to visit the Puppet Plane, but something unexpected happened in the middle and he had no other choice but to give up. But he would go back to the Tulan Mountain Range sooner or later, and through that Planar Path, he would enter the Puppet Plane. That plane was filled with endless puppets, and getting a large amount of rare materials wouldn't be a problem there.

Moreover, that thing was in the Puppet Plane. If he could get it, he would definitely get huge benefits, and although his puppet wouldn't reach Heaven Rank, easily dealing with level 37 and level 38 existences wouldn't be a problem.

The next step was constructing arrays. This work would expend a lot of energy, and various problems would appear midway, such as the carved array conflicting with a spell enchanted on the puppet, or similar issues. These thorny problems would be very troublesome if they couldn't be fixed.

Even Lin Yun, who came from the future and had dismantled countless puppets, also felt like he was under pressure. With ink and a quill in hand, he first made calculations on a draft paper before starting to carve the array.

He attached a lot of importance to this Heaven Puppet, and the carving of the arrays was no exception. They were all extremely profound and could be classified as the work of a top-rate Master Alchemist. Most of the techniques used didn't belong to this era. However, Lin Yun fell far short in terms of technique. Even some Saint Alchemists couldn't reach the requirements. It was because this Heaven puppet came from the greatest alchemist since ancient times, the Dark Sage.

After carving the arrays, he added a few enchantments and finished up everything. After two days of work, Lin Yun's eyes had become bloodshot. He was completely exhausted, but when looking at the puppet in front of him, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. After installing the parts, the power of this Heaven Puppet could be considered quite good.

He estimated that the puppet was no weaker than a 5th Rank Sword Saint.

Moreover, this was after using ordinary materials to repair the damaged components. If his trip to the Heaven Plane went smoothly, this Heaven Puppet might become one of the most terrifying assets he possessed.

Lin Yun could no longer resist the urge to activate the array to look at the might of the Heaven Puppet. After all, he had spent a lot of time on this puppet. He fished out a level 35 mana crystal from his pocket, the one he obtained after killing the Wyvern King, and although it was only a level 35 mana crystal, it was enough for now.

He inserted it into the mana source location.

But it was immediately followed by a voice: "The end of the Wailing River..."

Lin Yun suddenly noticed the eye of the Heaven Puppet opening. Although this wasn't the first time, Lin Yun was still startled and anxiously looked at the Heaven Puppet... But after saying those words, the Heaven Puppet remained motionless.

'Could it be another message left behind by the Dark Sage?'

Lin Yun felt strange. The Heaven Puppet had said two sentences when Lin Yun first found it. The first one was, "Is there still someone left alive?" while the second one was "There is no path forward, no future, no hope..."

Back then, Lin Yun had been wondering if it had been a message left by the Dark Sage. Unfortunately, the Heaven Puppet had been damaged too severely.

The information the Dark Sage wanted to transmit had to be very important. Otherwise, he wouldn't use such a method. If Lin Yun could, he would repair the Heaven Puppet to its original state to receive that message.

Unfortunately, it was too difficult.

'The end of the Wailing River...' Lin Yun kept repeating this sentence in his mind. The phrase was definitely holding some important clues, and although he didn't have a lot of information concerning the Wailing River, he knew that it was located in the Raging Flame Plane.

Lin Yun suddenly recalled that Emperor Zhantui had remained in the imperial palace during his last decade and rarely showed his face. Many people thought that the emperor had caught a serious illness. However, there had been one exception, which had been a year before Emperor Zhantui's death. Sengman Zhantui secretly led guards and a group of Court Mages to the Raging Flame Plane. When he returned a month later, Sengman passed the throne to his 2nd son and passed away not long after.

From the three sentences uttered by the Heaven Puppet, as well as that stone tablet left in the Bloodshed Forest, it looked like those three powerhouses from different eras all shared something in common, it seemed to be related to a terrifying secret which was now pointing towards the Wailing River.

It looked like he had to take a trip to the Raging Flame Plane...

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On the way back from the Tulan Mountain Range, Lin Yun had been pondering on how he could quickly increase his strength. After fusing with the three Meditation Law Sets, Lin Yun became a 5th Rank High Mage. Although the trip to the Tulan Mountain Range quickly increased his rank, it also caused a lot of problems. It was common knowledge that whenever a mage wanted to break through to the Archmage realm, they had to merge their Meditation Law Set with their Magic Conducting Rune.

This might not be a difficult step for others, as normally, fusing a Magic Conducting Rune and a Meditation Law Set together was only a matter of time. But it was a huge problem for Lin Yun.

After all, he had three Core Meditation Law Sets: the Equilibrium Law, the Void Forge and the Elemental Heart. However, he only had the Magic Array as a Magic Conducting Rune.

In other words, he could only fuse one of the Meditation Law Sets with his Magic Conducting Rune. But if that happened, he wouldn't be able to advance to the Archmage realm.

Moreover, he had never heard of someone possessing three Magic Conducting Runes...

After thinking for a long time, he had an idea. The Magic Array was the most powerful Magic Conducting Rune in Noscent's history. It was almost omnipotent and had high capacity, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was crafted using the principle of the Magic Array, making it also have high capacity. Lin Yun's idea was to try fusing a Meditation Law Set with the Spell Wheel. The theory should be fine and it should most likely be a success.

But even if he dealt with second Meditation Law Set, there was still one left.

He had thought of fusing the last Meditation law Set with the Book of Death. After all, it wasn't an ordinary Magic Tool, and a few millennia later, Heaven Mage Bane would fuse his own core Meditation Law Sets with the Book of Death.

But fusing one's Meditation Law Set with the Book of Death was very difficult. The lowest threshold required would make Lin Yun flinch. He estimated that he would need to reach the Heaven Rank like Bane first.

Thus, merging the Meditation Law Set with the Book of Death could only be put at the back of his mind for now.

He soon recalled the diary that Heaven Mage Bane left behind. Inside, Bane had mentioned that his biggest regret in life was not being able to figure out the true secret of the Book of Death. Moreover, Bane always felt that the Book of Death's complete form was that of one of the two books born with Noscent, the Book of Ten Thousand Spells which recorded all spells.

As for the other book, it was called the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and recorded all mantras, incantations, curses, maledictions, and so on. It was extremely powerful, not any weaker than the complete Book of Death. Moreover, the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was just like the Book of Death, in the sense that they both had yet to recover their complete forms. In the current era, the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was merely a True Spirit Magic Tool.

If he could obtain the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, then the matter of fusing with his Meditation Law Set would be easily solved.

Lin Yun happened to know some of that book's history. In a few millennia, a powerful person would rise in Noscent. He was called Wayate and came from the Starry Sky College.

Although Wayate was considered the backbone of the Starry Sky College, the first half of his life could only be described as ordinary. It was only when Wayate led the Starry Sky College's Planar Legion in the fight over the Raging Flame Plane that he inadvertently obtained the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. Wayate's name then slowly spread through Noscent.

After returning to the Starry Sky College, Wayate remained silent for ten years. During those ten years, Wayate had been studying the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. When he reappeared in public, he had already become the most powerful Archmage in Noscent and defeated one challenger after the other. Even Heaven Mages would look up to him with newfound respect.

It was said that after Wayate controlled the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, he fought over certain ruins and killed several dozen Archmages alone. This was also the battle that made Wayate famous, and after that battle, his achievements would spread crazily through Noscent...

He became the idol of countless mages for some time.

At that time, the powerful Wayate had already joined the core power of the Starry Sky College and become one of the new higher-ups. With the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras in hand, he led the Planar Legion of the Starry Sky College to conquer large plane after large plane. After developing for a few dozen years, the Starry Sky College gradually became one of Noscent's most formidable forces, almost on the same level as the Ivory Tower.

During that time, the two individuals mentioned the most by mages were the Starry Sky College's Wayate, and the Ivory Tower's Bane.

Most mages clearly understood that the wielders of the two books were bound to have a fight, and Wayate and Bane didn't disappoint them. In their later years, they both reached the peak of the Heaven realm and were the policymakers of their respective forces.

At the time, the two formidable forces simultaneously discovered a secret, and it was said that this excavated secret changed Noscent's power structure. The two powerhouses led the entirety of their forces and collided several times. Just the fallen Heaven Mages amounted to more than ten, not to mention Archmages. They were no different from cannon fodder in that battle, and the number of fallen Archmages reached triple digits.