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 Lin Yun soon realized that such a large group of people gathering outside the Merlin Family Manor was indeed inconvenient for the Merlins wishing to enter or exit the manor. Thus, after a few minutes, he led the group in the Merlin Family Manor and went straight for their residence. Although the power of the fifty Great Mages, William, and the others wasn't particularly high, such a grandiose group appearing in the manor would be very imposing. On the way, many people curiously looked over, but they would be scared right away after seeing Lin Yun at the forefront.

After returning to their residence, the room ended up filled with people. Lin Yun then held the Book of Death and chanted an incantation, distorting space in an instant and creating a Planar Path in front of everyone.

The group of Great Mages weren't surprised, they had the experience of the Bone Plane.

The entire Demiplane still seemed to be thriving, trees were casting shadows everywhere, while grass spread all over the land. The air was filled with a fragrant smell as the whole world was full of vitality.

Lin Yun didn't say anything after arriving to the Demiplane, he only smiled.

But that group of Great Mages behind him couldn't remain calm, their gazes became heated. These Great Mages weren't completely ignorant, they could clearly feel that mana circulated twenty times faster here.

Even though they had experienced the Bone Plane and the rich mana created by feeding Black Death Rune with Soul Fires, they still ended shocked and speechless when arriving in the Demiplane.

The surroundings were so rich in mana that it even took liquid form. They had no other choice but to be stunned, this wouldn't happen in all of Noscent.

"This is the place you are going to be meditating for a while..."

Lin Yun stood in front of the Great Mages and looked at the expressions of all the Great Mages before slowly saying, "I presume you all already found out how superior the environment in this place is? I can guarantee that within a year at most, the worst one among you should still be able to advance to 1st Rank High Mage, if you put in a lot of effort, you might even reach 5th Rank..."

He said this based on his calculations, the current Demiplane was still growing, the density of mana was twenty times that of the outside world, and the Mana Vine would finish maturing in several months to half a year, at that time, the steady flow of mana absorbed from the void would speed up the growth of the Demiplane.

In fact, he himself didn't know what kind of appearance the Demiplane would have after a year. But he was certain that this group of Great Mages would reach the High Mage Realm.

At this time, it felt as if a fire was burning in the eyes of the fifty Great Mages. They looked around, but no one questioned Lin Yun's words, not even in their minds.

They were sent to Thousand Sails City by the Merlin Family because of a big problem, their aptitudes were too bad, almost every one of them had no hope of reaching the Great Mage realm. It was only after being in the Bone Plane for a while that they managed to become Great Mages.

This was all due to this young boss.

In fact, they were perfectly content to become Great Mages with their aptitudes, as for the High Mage realm, this was a dream they didn't dare to have.

But now, this young boss gave them the opportunity to become High Mages.

Had it been someone else saying that, they definitely wouldn't have believed it. After all, advancing from Great Mage to High Mage in a year was simply inconceivable. But the one who said that was their young boss, so they had no reason not to believe him.

Moreover, the mana flowing in this place was enough to prove it already. With such a heavenly advantage, they would only need to put in some effort before they could become High Mages.

Soon, this group of excited Great Mages built a camp in a spacious area. There was no need to build a sentry tower since they was no danger in the surroundings, there wasn't any magic beast. Moreover, they didn't need to do anything here beside meditating.

After finding a good place for the Great Mages, Lin Yun didn't leave right away, he instead took a trip around the Demiplane and went to check on the Mana Vine he had personally planted.

After close to a month, this Mana Vine had already become a dozen meters tall and was exuding frighteningly high vitality.

Not far from the Mana Vine was a small pond in which a shining light flickered. This was the place with the densest mana in the entire Demiplane.

The Mana Vine was extracting a lot of mana through the ground. If that Mana Vine had been growing normally, it would have taken at least three to five months before it could reach such a height.

The Laws of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth were a lot more stable than a month ago.

He originally planned on getting a batch of magic beasts in here to raise the vitality of the Demiplane and get some fighting experience for those Great Mages, to let them familiarize themselves with their power. After all, in the Bone Plane, these mages quickly became Great Mages under the influence of Black Death Rune, but they also had a lot of opportunities for battle, which they wouldn't in the Demiplane.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, it seemed hard to control magic beasts in such an environment, unless he kept them Mana Shackled.

Even though he hadn't interacted with that group of mages very often, they were important to Lin Yun. This was a group of subordinates he could completely trust and who might become a huge force in the future.

In Okland, fifty Great Mages might not be much to any force, but what about fifty High Mages?

After all, except the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower, not many forces could have fifty High Mages. Even the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, the strongest among the three famous mercenary groups, couldn't gather fifty High Mages.

As for Lin Yun, he would have a commercial mercenary group consisting of fifty High Mages within a year.

Moreover, these High Mages wouldn't be ordinary High Mages.

Lin Yun specially helped that group of mages and taught them a Meditation Law Set and a Magic Conducting Rune. The Meditation Law Set contained fourteen formulas and was known as the Swift Star Mark, it was a first rate Meditation Law Set even during the peak of the Magic Era.

Actually, Lin Yun had been very anxious when he chose the Meditation Law Set.

He had a dozen such Meditation Law Sets, but he ultimately put his sight onto the Swift Star Mark. Even if that Meditation Law Set wasn't the best of the best, it had its own uniqueness.

The Swift Star Mark's only benefit was that meditations would be very efficient. And those Great Mages were in the Demiplane, a place were mana was twenty times as concentrated as Noscent. By relying on the meditation efficiency of the Swift Star Mark, that group of Great Mages would only need half the time to get to the High Mage realm.

If Lin Yun could be said to have chosen the Swift Star Mark Meditation Law Set because of its meditation efficiency, then the Magic Conducting Rune he chose was relatively special.

That Magic Conducting Rune was called Blazing Storm and was created at the start of the peak of the Magic Era, it was also one of the top Magic Conducting Runes, and although there was a gap between the Blazing Storm and first-rate Magic Conducting Runes like the Magic Array and the Well of Stars, the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune was still the most suitable for that group of mages.

After all, at the peak of the Magic Era, the Caster Legions controlled by those peak forces would mostly use the Blazing Storm as their Magic Conducting Rune. Alone, this Magic Conducting Rune wouldn't compare to the Arcane Ring, but it was different in a Caster Legion.

Lin Yun was certain that once those fifty mages with the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Runes reached the High Mage realm, their fighting power would reach new heights. Archmages below 5th Rank wouldn't be able to do anything against them.


It was already late at night when he came out from the Demiplane. But after returning to his room, Lin Yun remembered his Heaven Rank Puppet. In fact, the repairs on the Heaven Rank Puppet were almost finished before he came to Okland. Of course, those repairs referred to having an ordinary puppet shell wrapping the Heaven Puppet.

Let alone him, the people that had the financial abilities and skill to repair a Heaven Rank Puppet could only be counted on one hand in the entire Noscent. A Heaven Puppet's battle system wasn't something he could afford, it required an astronomical amount of Latour Gold Essence.

But Lin Yun had met a damaged Heaven Puppet on the 10th Floor of the magic tower, and he had dismantled all the intact rare parts of that puppet. Just those rare parts should be enough to raise the power of his Heaven Puppet to a frightening level.

He could only use this seemingly stupid method to restore the power of his Heaven Puppet, accumulating a large amount of precious parts, the more precious, the more power it would regain. Ultimately, that Heaven Puppet would be undefeatable below the Heaven Rank. But it would be a bit more complicated to make it reach Heaven Rank. After all, even Saint Alchemists could only shake their heads and sigh in front of a Heaven Puppet.

Lin Yun arranged a few arrays in the room to stop people from disturbing him, because repairing a Heaven Puppet might take a lot of time.

Lin Yun then took out the rare parts he had dismantled and put them on the ground. Just these rare parts were enough to make any Artisan crazy. Lin Yun frowned and picked up the mechanical system before starting to restore the puppet.

Repair work was undoubtedly dull...

It took him until the next morning to assemble and install all those rare parts on the Heaven Puppet. But it was still far from enough, because the Heaven Puppet's body still lacked two parts. And for these two parts, he could only do the next best thing and replace them with ordinary materials for now.