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 At this moment, everyone stood there, motionless, despair on their faces.

They still had the confidence to fight against a Heaven Rank skeleton that suffered a backlash and dropped to the peak of level 37, but Baiers... That was the soul of a Heaven Rank powerhouse. He could kill them in a short time even without a body, not to mention that Baiers was still possessing the powerful Desolate Overlord's Incarnation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They were in an impasse...

"Doomed, doomed, we are really doomed..." Weiss sat in the pitch-black floor, not keeping up the appearance of a Representative of the Black Tower. He kept mumbling before bitterly smiling and laughing nastily. He foolishly said, "This is a plot, a plot set up for millennia..."

"What are you hiding?" Lin Yun, who was sitting not far from him, looked at Weiss with a frown. He had always been suspicious as to why Weiss and Solan had come to the Tulan Mountain Range. It wasn't incidental, there was certainly a goal behind it/ "Speak now, maybe it'll be helpful."

Everyone's gazes instantly fell onto Weiss.

"We were deceived..." Weiss bitterly smiled. He looked at the dusky sky and slowly said, "Ten years ago, I met a descendant of the 3rd Dynasty's royal family in the Dark Azure Plane..."

"Hold on!" Delson suddenly interrupted Weiss. At this point, he had already forgotten Weiss' status as a Representative of the Black Tower. "Was it a descendant from the Odin Kingdom?"

"No, it wasn't them. Strictly speaking, that branch in the Odin Kingdom isn't considered among the descendants of the royal family, because they are the descendants of Baiers. Because of Baiers, they had been expelled by the royal family and were exiled to a land of cold. Ironically, it was because of this that they managed to survive the fall of the 3rd Dynasty..."

Weiss laughed at the thought. "The descendant we met was actually a proper descendant of the royal family. After the fall of the 3rd Dynasty, those people fled to various major planes, and there are traces of them in many of the planes. But a millennium ago, those people completely vanished. In the Dark Azure Plane, they had planned to capture the Dark Azure Dragon to control its power..."

"That is an existence surpassing Heaven Rank..." Lin Yun shook his head. He knew just how frightening that Dragon was. In several millennia, it would kill many powerful existences, with no lack of Heaven Rank powerhouses among them. As for those exiled descendents of the royal family, trying to capture that Dark Azure Dragon was just asking for trouble.

Let alone them, even Emperor Zhantui and Gaugass King Luo Ning might not necessarily be willing to act against that powerful Dragon.

"That's right..." Weiss nodded approvingly. "The Dark Azure Dragon was slumbering, so they had such thoughts. You should be able to guess the outcome. Over half of those descendants died, and the survivors took the bodies of those people away. But before they could even bury them, the Dark Azure Dragon pursued them. After those people fled, the fallen descendants had no one to bury them. Moreover, it was a very remote location that had been undiscovered for a thousand years, until Solan and I found it."

"Is this related to Baiers?" Lin Yun was getting interested.

"Yes, it is truly related to Baiers. Even they were deceived by Baiers..." Weiss let out a long sigh. "At first, I wasn't aware of the status of these people, but after inspecting the remains, I found an image. I managed to deduce the chain of cause and effect through that image, as well as the identity of those descendants. I then buried the skeletons based on the requirements of the image before acquiring a secret concerning Baiers."

"Baiers transmitted a piece of information to the descendants of the royal family through the Bloodline Curse, and it was roughly instructing them to go to the Tulan Mountain Range, summon the Desolate Overlord, sacrifice a powerhouse there, and enter the hovering palace to receive a part of his inheritance. Then, they would be able to obtain the complete power of Heaven Mage Baiers at the bottom of the magic tower. I was only a 4th Rank Archmage back then and had yet to become a Representative of the Black Tower, so I didn't dare to rashly enter the Tulan Mountain range. Thus, I crazily looked through all information concerning Emperor Zhantui's era."

"So that's why..." Lin Yun took a deep look at Weiss. "No wonder you are so familiar with that part of history and even recognized Lagulin and Barton."

Lin Yun then smiled mysteriously. "You did your best to nurture Solan to use him as an offering? But something unfortunate happened and Solan threw you out and turned you into an offering, it's so funny..."


Weiss' face was red. He had wanted to conceal that part, but he hadn't expected the young mage to see through him. He could only nod, feeling depressed. "You have seen what happened afterwards? This is a plot created by the treacherous Baiers. If I'm not wrong, Solan's strength should have quickly increased in the hovering palace because of the part of the inheritance. He saw Baiers' body and rushed over. He originally thought of obtaining Baiers' power, but he hadn't expected Baiers to trick him like that and devour him alive..."

Lin Yun secretly shook his head. This master and disciple pair was truly strange. They were master and disciple on the surface, but they were secretly scheming against each other. Lin Yun had been wondering if Weiss knew about the Bone Plane and if he had been involved in Locke Merlin's shipwreck, but it seemed that the chance was very small. With Solan's temperament, he wouldn't have told Weiss something so important.

What had been perplexing Lin Yun had been solved. The Bloodline Curse should have been left on Solan when he sacrificed Weiss, and he did get the inheritance from the hovering palace. That was the demonic energy of the Desolate Overlord's Incarnation. It was suppressed by the Bloodline Curse, which was why Solan hadn't transformed into a Demon.

And reaching the 2nd Floor was the only way for him. If they wanted to leave this place, they had to encounter Baiers' body. And after Devouring Solan, Baiers used his Bloodline Curse as a medium to send his soul into his body, causing Regeneration, making him become a human once again.

Baiers' plan had no loopholes... At least, not until Lin Yun appeared and shattered his plan. Lin Yun looked at the skeleton bitterly. The skull had long since been shattered and couldn't be restored. Even if Baiers' soul entered that body, he wouldn't have the chance to be reborn.

'Hold on...'

Lin Yun's expression suddenly changed. If Baiers obtained that Undead Essence while controlling the Incarnation, wouldn't he be able to fuse with it once again?

Thinking of this, Lin Yun unhesitantly rushed towards that pile of bones. After shattering the skull, he saw a huge Undead Essence fall down, but he had forgotten about it due to Baiers' roar.


A loud sound echoed as that huge Undead Essence let out fluorescent light and sent countless bone fragments flying as it shook. It then rushed towards that pitch-black crack.

"No!" Lin Yun's expression sank. He formed a huge Mana hand and grabbed the Undead Essence. With a peal of creepy laughter, the Undead Essence became covered in demonic aura and instantly evaporated the Mana Hand before continuing to fly towards the crack.

"Stop it!"

This sudden change roused everyone. They saw the Undead Essence move and immediately used all kinds of spells to try to stop that Undead Essence.

If Baiers really obtained that Undead Essence, he would definitely reach Heaven Rank and they would have no chance to survive.

"We definitely can't let Baiers obtain it!" Dean let out a powerful roar, Aura spreading around as lightning coursed through his hand. He slashed with his sword, trying to disable or at least stall that Undead Essence.

"We can't let Baiers get it, even if we destroy it!" Rolf's expression turned fierce as the Magic Aura within his body surged. His True Spirit Longbow shook as the seven powerful arrows were shot in succession.

They all used their own methods.


That Undead Essence wrapped in demonic energy was extremely powerful. With a simple shake, it stopped the lightning, the arrows, and the spells, before continuing on its way.

They all heard Baiers' roar, one mixed with all kinds of emotions.

"High Mage Merlin, what do we do?"

Seeing this, everyone began to feel dread. Baiers was too powerful. They had gone all out, but they weren't able to stop that Undead Essence.

The consequences would be too horrifying to contemplate if that Undead Essence fell in Baiers' hands.

Lin Yun didn't say anything, a grave expression on his face. He suddenly raised the golden crown in his hand and gently scratched it, instantly causing spatial fluctuations to appear. He then leapt into the spatial fluctuation and disappeared from the 2nd Floor.

The crown was the only way out of the 2nd Floor.

"Let's go..."

Seeing the young mage open the way to the lowest floor of the tower, Delson and the others looked at each other, slightly hesitating, before rushing into the passage.

Their surroundings suddenly changed: the bones, pitch-black soil, death energy, black mist... Everything disappeared.

It was replaced by a simple and unadorned hall. Everything was ancient and possessed a long history.

"That... That's Baiers, he is coming!" Delson shouted. He looked at the entrance in front of him in a daze. Baiers was squeezed between the two doors, looking extremely malevolent and emitting a sinister demonic energy, his eyes looking at them like vipers.

Everyone felt a chill rapidly spreading from their feet to the rest of their body, and they couldn't help shivering.