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Hearing this name, Lin Yun's expression stiffened. He had guessed correctly... In those days, Emperor Zhantui personally killed Baiers.

'But why Baiers?'

Baiers was already a Heaven Mage in his forties and was the heir to the throne, even Zhantui himself was raising Baiers as his successor. Lin Yun couldn't figure out why Emperor Zhantui killed him.

"I wish to know why Emperor Zhantui killed Baiers, and what's going on with Baiers' soul and body..." Lin Yun looked at the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf. It had experienced the events of those days and might know some secrets.

"In fact, Sengman had no other choice. He had always considered Baiers as his successor. He always endlessly praised Baiers' talent in the field of magic. Unfortunately, Baiers was a complete scoundrel. When he found out that Sengman and Luo Ning had a decisive battle in the Tulan Mountain Range, he secretly brought people with him, wanting to take advantage of the battle to kill Sengman and seize the throne..."

"After Baiers' plot was exposed, Sengman was extremely saddened as he personally killed Baiers. He then buried him in the 2nd Floor. As for his crown, it remained in Baiers' tomb. This all should have ended there, but it didn't. After Sengman and Luo Ning left this place, I inadvertently discovered that Baiers' soul had managed to possess a Great Overlord's Incarnation and was in complete control of this Incarnation. As for that Great Overlord, it is the Desolate Overlord of the 17th Layer of the Abyss..."

Lin Yun's frown gradually eased up as the mystery haunting his mind was unravelled. He tried to tie everything together. First was the Great Overlord's Incarnation that appeared in the Line Canyon. He originally thought that it was controlled by the Great Overlord himself.

But now it seemed that he had been wrong. The one controlling that Incarnation should have been Heaven Mage Baiers!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What is Baiers' goal? When we came in this time, we encountered that Great Overlord Incarnation..." Lin Yun frowned.

"He is a lunatic, but he just wants to return to his own body. He is unwilling to be defeated," the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf said in exasperation. "Baiers has already become a monster. His body is undead, and if his soul can enter the 2nd Floor and fuse with that body, his power would reach Heaven Rank once again. Be careful on the 2nd Floor, don't provoke it!

"Okay..." Lin Yun nodded.

"As for my child..." The Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf looked at the palm-sized pup in Lin Yun's hand. "Give him to me."

Lin Yun smiled bitterly. No matter how unwilling he was, he could only give the little wolf back when meeting its parent. Not to mention, it was a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, and it had agreed to help them just because of Luo Ning. If he wasn't tactful enough, he might not be able to leave the magic tower alive. Lin Yun nodded and put the young Three-Eyed Secret Wolf on the floor.


But to his surprise, the young Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was unwilling to leave him. It let out a desperate howl and rushed back into Lin Yun's arms in a flash, rubbing its head against him. Lin Yun helplessly looked at the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf without saying anything.

The Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf clearly froze when it saw that, but after a moment, it turned around. "Follow me, I'll take all of you to the Teleportation Array..."

"Okay..." Lin Yun scratched his nose. He couldn't understand the attitude of the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf at this moment. 'Does that mean I can keep the pup...?'

To be honest, he would hate to part with the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf...

Under the guidance of the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, it only took Lin Yun's group a dozen minutes before arriving at the Teleportation Array situated on a mountain peak.

When the group reached the Teleportation Array, Lin Yun suddenly found out that Delson, who stood at the back, had an extremely strange expression. It was hard to describe, but it gave Lin Yun a weird feeling.

After noting down this information in his mind, Lin Yun looked at the array. He was able to ascertain with a glance that this array was a Teleportation Array that had existed for a very long time. What shocked him was that the mana source powering that Teleportation Array was actually a spirit mana crystal. This was really flaunting one's wealth.

The Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf remained nearby as Lin Yun was getting ready to activate the array, not mentioning the matter of its pup. He was still a bit apprehensive. 'So did it already agree to leave the pup at my side or not?'

Lin Yun poured mana into the array, and suddenly, the surroundings changed. The mountains and forests disappeared to be replaced by a pitch-black sky and pitch-black earth. The aura of death filled their surroundings.

'Where is this?'

Lin Yun couldn't help frowning when he sensed that aura. From where he stood, he could see numerous phosphorous fires. Lin Yun knew that these were undead lifeforms!

Moreover, the number of undead creatures here was incalculable, it could only be described as a sea.

Not long ago, the Heaven Rank Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had mentioned that Baiers' body had become undead in the 2nd Floor, and that he shouldn't provoke it. This floor should be an Undead World.

Lin Yun glanced around at everyone. Some were shocked and some were panicked, but when he looked at Delson, he discovered that he was actually calm. Only a frown was visible on his face as he was examining everything.

He was really strange...

In fact, Delson was already a bit strange when the Teleportation Array was about to be activated, when they were on the 8th Floor.

But he hadn't thought much of it at the time.

Now, it looked like he was hiding some important information.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun's expression hardened. He looked at Delson and said, "Sir Delson, tell us everything you know..."

Immediately, everyone's eyes converged onto Delson.


Delson froze, surprise flashing on his face as he looked at Lin Yun. When he saw the other side's solemn expression, Delson couldn't help being scared. He smiled as he said, "High Mage Merlin, you must be jesting... How could I know anything? Haha, it's my first time here..."

"Hey, Sir Delson, since it already came to this, there isn't any need to keep hiding..." Lin Yun sounded very calm, as if he was just asking something of a friend, but only he knew that he had already poured mana into the ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

If Delson kept covering the truth, he would unhesitantly make a move.

After all, Delson couldn't hide anything in front of him. The Magic Tool Incarnation of the Soul Walker was an expert at extracting information.

He didn't mind treating Delson like Herman.

This person was hiding some information, which likely exposing the rest of them to danger.

This was something he couldn't tolerate.


Delson suddenly paled. He fearfully looked at Lin Yun, his forehead and back drenched in cold sweat.

He hadn't noticed Lin Yun pouring mana into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, but he suddenly recalled that during the few months he got along with the young mage, it was the first time he saw the young mage ask the same question twice.

To Delson, the unknown was truly dangerous, so he made a firm decision.

He had experienced the young mage's methods firsthand. He was domineering and merciless, as Delson had seen when Lin Yun dealt with Solan.

It couldn't be described as cruel anymore. Rather, he simply didn't consider Solan a person!

If the young mage was infuriated, he might end up suffering the same fate as Solan, something more painful than death...

"Tell me..." Lin Yun saw Delson's expression and discreetly scattered the mana within the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

"High Mage Merlin, I'm sorry. I didn't intend to deceive you... I swear, I'll tell you everything I know," Delson said with a sigh of relief. He wiped the sweat off his forehead while keeping his eyes on Lin Yun. "That descendant of the 3rd Dynasty's royal family in the Odin Kingdom not only gave a piece of a map to our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary group, but he also gave us an important piece of information..."


"In fact, I already knew that Emperor Zhantui's son, Baiers, died in the Tulan Mountain Range and was buried in this 2nd Floor by Emperor Zhantui..." After saying this, Delson apologetically looked at Lin Yun and lowered his head. "The thing that person from the Odin Kingdom had us look for is actually a crown. And that crown was buried with Baiers by Emperor Zhantui. As long as we bring back that thing, we can obtain those Heaven Rank rewards from the Odin Kingdom."

"There is more, keep going..." Lin Yun watched Delson closely, and he knew that things weren't that simple. Delson was hiding a lot more than that.

"Give me some time to explain..." Delson smiled bitterly. "That person had said that the crown was buried in an undead world in some part of the tower. Moreover, Baiers' body should have already become undead, but he remains dormant in his tomb. As long as we don't awaken him, we can get the crown, even if it might be a bit risky..."


Lin Yun nodded, a serious expression on his face. "I don't think I'm obligated to protect you. Moreover, I have no interest in the crown. We will part ways here. Xiuban, Cousin William, Cousin Ross, Cousin Leon, let's go."