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 A sinister smile appeared at the corner of Solan's lips as he thought about it before straightening his face. He was certain that Mafa Merlin's house had a Planar Path that led to a very fertile and mysterious plane. 'How else could a 9th Rank Magic Apprentice like Mafa Merlin attain his present achievements? Oh, right, and those two True Spirit Magic Tools definitely came from that mysterious plane.'

Solan had good reasons to kill Mafa Merlin. Let alone becoming a Representative of the Council of Seven, even reaching Heaven Rank was very likely if he could snatch those two True Spirit Magic Tools as well as that mysterious plane.

Suddenly, a Dragon's aura was emitted from his body, and the Dragon Breath he had been holding was finally released and covered the entire hall, but the brunt of the attack was directed at Lin Yun.

Solan and Lin Yun had been separated by two meters, something he had planned. He estimated that Mafa shouldn't be able to react in time from such a short distance.

Even a Sword Saint with an extremely fierce body wouldn't fare well when hit by that.

What's more, Mafa Merlin was only a High Mage who relied on his two True Spirit Magic tools to defeat him, his own strength was pathetic.

The moment he released that Dragon Breath, Solan knew that Mafa Merlin was screwed. And everything Mafa Merlin had in Thousand Sails City would be his.

At this time, he saw the young mage's black robe fluttering under the blast and knew that the enchanted robe would soon fail to resist and the young mage would disappear from the face of Noscent.

But then...

"How, how... How could this be!?"

The over-excitement led to his face suddenly freezing, as if he had seen a ghost. His eyes were wide open as he looked in front of him with disbelief.

He had just seen the Dragon Breath reaching Mafa, and the young mage remaining motionless as if he hadn't noticed it, not even putting up any defensive spells. Yet, an incredible scene appeared when the Dragon Breath was about to hit the young mage. The young mage turned fuzzy and disappeared. Then, after the Dragon Breath dissipated, the young mage reappeared in place.

'Shit! Damn it...'

Solan really wanted to ask, 'Mafa Merlin, are you possessed by a Demon? How else could something like that happen? This simply shouldn't be possible...'

He had the urge to kill him, had schemed and used the most powerful method he had on hand to handle that young mage, yet he hadn't expected that young mage to easily deal with it. Let alone being injured, even his robe was spotless.


At this time, a huge, black hand appeared above Solan's head and heavily slammed down.

This was a 5th Tier Spell, Earth Rending Hand.

Solan didn't even have time to react when that large hand fell down, and ended up pressed against the ground, turning deathly pale in an instant. Half of his defensive enchantments had been destroyed, and if not for those enchantments, he might have died.

"Sir Solan, this is embarrassing, you went against the mages' unspoken rule of honoring contracts. Our cooperation stops here..."

Lin Yun had a dark expression, not at all hiding his intent to kill. With a wave of his Doom Staff, three blazing Flame Bursts instantly appeared, dragging long, flaming trails behind them as they flew towards Solan.

He had already steeled himself.

On the 11th floor of the magic tower, he had been forced into this strange cooperative agreement with Solan due to circumstances. If the other side hadn't had the strength of a 5th Rank Archmage and had value, he would have already been killed.

If it had been just a dirty trick, Lin Yun might have been able to tolerate it.

But what just happened clearly exceeded what he could put up with.

In fact, Lin Yun was already paying attention when Solan came out of the illusion and approached him. His Magic Array was working at full capacity, monitoring Solan's every movement. When that powerful Dragon Breath appeared, the Magic Array instantly analyzed it and classified it Dragon Breath as an attack of a Dragon surpassing Heaven Rank.

Surpassing Heaven Rank...

Lin Yun was instantly startled. An existence surpassing Heaven Rank wasn't to be trifled with. Such a being could destroy him by lifting a finger. But how could Solan have a power surpassing Heaven Rank? In a split second, Lin Yun recalled the illusion.

'Right, it was definitely the illusion.'

Those who entered the illusion got some benefits, and the mana fluctuations on Solan's body were still at the 5th Rank Archmage realm, no different from before he entered the illusion.

It looked like the gain he got from the illusion wasn't an increase in power like himself and the others, rather, he obtained something.

He only understood when Solan released that Dragon Breath. Solan obtained that Dragon Breath in the illusion, and the owner of that Dragon Breath was a Dragon that surpassed Heaven Rank!

Just how frightening was its breath?

Even an accidental Dragon Breath, like a small breath expelled during its sleep, would be enough to kill an Archmage powerhouse.

After all, existences surpassing the Heaven Rank had power on par with that of the Ancient Gods.

Solan had released it two meters away from him, and completely without warning. Even if he discovered something, his defensive spells would be useless.

But Solan clearly would have never expected that Lin Yun had a naturally born Demiplane in which the four Elemental Laws had been born. In those four days, his Magic Array was crazily revolving and after four days of analyzing the four Elemental Laws, he finally made a connection with the Demiplane. Only then did he leave the Demiplane to go back.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When the Dragon Breath spread, his fading technique wasn't some demonic technique, but rather Lin Yun hiding in the Demiplane in that split second.

One of the benefits of connecting to the Demiplane was that he no longer needed to rely on the Book of Death and those seven characters to enter the Demiplane.

Just now, he entered the plane in a split second.

Had it been before, he would have needed at least thirty seconds to enter the Demiplane.

Establishing contact saved a lot of trouble, but the cost was high. Relying on his connection with the Demiplane to enter used almost all the mana contained within one of the Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, and they were both empty after his return.

This horrible consumption was something he wouldn't have done unless he needed to.

There was a reason behind that huge consumption.

As everyone knew, Heaven Rank Powerhouses could establish planes, and creating the connection between the powerhouse and his plane was something only a high-ranked Heaven Mage could do.

Lin Yun had just used the method of a high ranked Heaven Mage, so it would be very strange if the consumption wasn't huge.

"How could this be!?"

Solan let out a deep roar. He'd always thought Lin Yun was a lot weaker than himself and had been relying on the two True Spirit Magic Tools to defeat him.

But it seemed like it wasn't the case now.

That Earth Rending Hand could barely count as a superior 5th Tier Spell. The power was incomparable to the superior spells he'd mastered as a 5th Rank Archmage. And even if he got caught off guard, he shouldn't be injured by a High Mage with all the enchantments on his body.

But not only had that Earth Rending Hand managed to injure him, but it had also destroyed more than half of his defensive enchantments.

Being able to do this proved that this adversary was in no way weaker than him.

'But he is just a High Mage...'

Solan had no time to think about it, because those three Flame Bursts were already reaching him. He waved the magic staff in his hand and seven Ice Walls rose up in front of him. He also Hasted himself and used extreme speed to retreat.

As he retreated, he heard a cracking sound as his seven Ice Walls were unable to resist those Flame Bursts and shattered into pieces.

The fight lasted for ten minutes...

Every single fire spell put the 5th Rank Archmage Solan into an extremely awkward situation. It could be seen from the state of his mage robe. It was already tattered, and his chest and back had burn scars.

"Hell! High Mage Merlin! Solan Monchi, what... What are you doing?!" At this time, a startled shout echoed. It came from Vice Leader Delson. At some point during the fight, he had also come out of the illusion and saw the terrifying battle between Lin Yun and Solan.

Delson was suddenly anxious.

'How could they be fighting? Weren't they supposed to cooperate?'

Delson soon found out that 5th Rank Archmage Solan was at a disadvantage in this battle, as his body was in a sorry state. In contrast, Lin Yun was calmly casting spells. Delson could easily see that it wouldn't take long before Solan would lose and be killed by Mafa Merlin.

"High Mage Merlin, please stay your hand. This is a very dangerous place! If we aren't careful, we might encounter danger. Solan is still a 5th Rank Archmage, if you kill him, it might be harder to leave this place..." Delson could feel the undisguised killing intent and was startled by it. He knew that the young mage already planned on killing Solan. "What's the matter? It won't be too late to kill him after we escape this place..."

Lin Yun expressionlessly looked at Delson before gathering a large amount of mana in his hand. He then turned towards the ashen Solan and said, "Remember this, you owe your life to Vice Leader Delson..."

Delson only let out a relieved sigh after Lin Yun said those words. His back was drenched in cold sweat. He had already experienced the young mage's temperament, but he fortunately pulled back...

"If there is a next time, you'll die."