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 He walked over to the pond and found out that the liquid in the pond wasn't water, but liquid mana...

What did liquid mana mean?

In the entirety Noscent from ancient times till now, liquid mana had only appeared in a handful of places...

Lin Yun stood by the pond and suddenly felt a stream of mana flowing out. His Magic Array revolved crazily, and it only took him ten minutes to recover the mana he had used during his fight with the Sand Beast.

As he recovered his mana, he unintentionally caught sight of a ray of light at the bottom of the pond... There seemed to be something there. With a wave of his hand, Lin Yun summoned a Water Puppet and had it dive into the water for him. The scene transmitted by the Water Puppet made Lin Yun grin from ear to ear.

It was unexpectedly a Mana Quartz.

A Mana Quartz which contained ten times the amount of mana within that liquid mana!

Something like a Mana Quartz was rare, even during the peak of the Magic Era, and they were even purer than spirit mana crystals. Although it was impossible to compare with the mana within a spirit mana crystal, its value was considerable. A palm-sized Mana Quartz could compare to a level 20 or above mana crystal.

When the Water puppet dissipated, Lin Yun checked his surroundings and finally found a suitable place to plant the Mana Vine. It wasn't far off... It was a flat piece of land, and he was very cautious when he planted the Mana Vine's sprout. At that time, the palm-sized Mana Vine showed some changes.

It actually grew at a visible speed and became half as tall as a human in a few minutes, and it was still growing! The size of a Mana Vine wasn't fixed. It was determined by its environment.

It was said that the growth period of a Mana Vine was two years. In these two years, the richer the mana around it, the faster it grew. By the time it matured completely, it could absorb mana from the Void.

Lin Yun estimated that the Mana Vine would take at most a few months to mature in this Demiplane. At that time, it would absorb a steady flow of mana from the Void and would speed up the growth of this Demiplane.

Since the matter of the Mana Vine was perfectly settled, Lin Yun didn't remain in the forest for long. He instead walked around. He had to say, the environment of this Demiplane was very good. The mana that surged forth made him constantly remain at his peak state. The first time he came, this place was just a shadow of itself. It was only a kilometer wide and had no Laws and no life, it looked empty...

But, he had acted without thinking and put the Soul Fragment of an Ancient God in that Demiplane. And the Demiplane ended up greatly changing. Now, half a year later, the Demiplane's surface area had greatly expanded and covered five hundred kilometers, and every corner was full of vitality. Even the Laws of the four elements showed signs of being formed.

With the Magic Array operating at full speed, Lin Yun soon captured the trajectory of a wisp of Law. He felt from it that the Laws were constantly changing indescribably.

But he knew that the Laws of the four elements were slowly getting more stable.

It wouldn't take long before the four Laws stabilized thoroughly. 'What kind of change will happen to the Demiplane when that time comes?'

He kept walking and walking, before suddenly coming to a stop. Lush trees could be seen everywhere, emitting vigorous vitality. But for some reason, the Demiplane still gave him an empty feeling, not seeming as natural as Noscent.

'Right, lifeforms...'

In a flash, he thought of the crux of the problem. The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was actually being nurtured in this place, and with the expansion of this place, trying to find the Secret Wolf within such a large area wasn't that easy. He was also thinking of grabbing a batch of magic beasts to put them in the Demiplane when he had time.

A batch of magic beasts living in the Demiplane would surely raise the vitality a bit...

Lin Yun straightforwardly sat on the grassy lawn, his Magic Array roused as he followed the trajectory of that wisp of Law and started studying it.

The power of Laws was very mysterious. Even Archmages' understanding of Laws Archmages was only superficial. This was also the reason he had paid a large price to buy the Star Gem. After all, it contained World Power within, and even if it was only a wisp, for powerhouses at the Archmage realm, this would play a critical role.

At first, he tried to use his Magic Array to peek at the four elemental Laws, but he hadn't expected it to actually succeed, catching traces of the trajectory of the four Laws. In theory, using the Magic Array's terrifying calculation ability to analyze the four elemental Laws should be feasible, but...

After putting it into practice, he understood that his thoughts had been too simple. Catching the trajectory of an elemental Law was easy, but analyzing it was very challenging. Even with the almost omnipotent Magic Array, keeping pace with the trajectory of the Law was very difficult.

Perhaps only Heaven Mages had the ability to analyze Laws and control World Power.

As for the Magic Array, well, it was the Magic Array, after all.

A few hours later, Lin Yun was using his two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools to keep pace with the Law trajectory. With the Magic Array rotating at full speed, he analyzed the Law for four days before slowly opening his eyes. The mana within his body had long since been used up. Luckily, the Demiplane's mana was twenty times stronger than the mana in the outside world, and one of Lin Yun's Core Meditation Law Sets was the Void Forge.

After replenishing his mana, Lin Yun left the Demiplane and once again returned to the magic tower. After coming out, Lin Yun couldn't help shaking his head. It had been four days, yet the others hadn't come out of their illusions.

Lin Yun more or less knew how to break illusions due to his experience. Each illusion had its core. His own illusion was a bit special since it was the end of the Magic Era, but in Ross' case, defeating Stan Watson should be the key to leaving that place.

As he was thinking of this, a familiar mana fluctuation appeared not far from there. Lin Yun turned and saw Solan Monchi's silhouette appearing out of nowhere.

At that time, Solan Monchi discovered Lin Yun and was suspicious at first before his face eased up. He then walked to Lin Yun and asked, "The others...?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"They have yet to come out..." Lin Yun frowned and poured mana in the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, urging his Magic Array to its peak. He had no choice but to protect himself when facing the persistent Solan.

"Then we can only wait..."

Solan nodded and stopped near Lin Yun, only two meters away. In fact, he had been startled when he noticed Lin Yun there. He truly hadn't expected Mafa Merlin to come out of the illusion faster than himself.

When he had just stepped on that path, everything around him had changed and he had ended up in the Dark Azure Plane. He had stayed at least twenty years in the Dark Azure Plane before, so he was very familiar with the environment there. He knew where he was when he appeared.

He was indeed startled after recognizing where he was. No matter how strange that path was, it couldn't let him cross to another plane, could it?

He soon found a flaw. While backtracking, he didn't find the Black Tower's Planar Legion, and no matter how many times he contacted them, he received no answer. He then suspected that this was an illusion.

But he didn't find anything amiss after using True Sight to probe.

He then began looking around aimlessly, and only after half a month did he find a Dark Azure Dragon slumbering. Had it been the real world, he wouldn't have dared to disturb a slumbering Dark Azure Dragon... He had heard his teacher say that the Dark Azure Dragon had been slumbering for several millennia, and that if it woke up, the Black Tower would have no choice but to give up on the Dark Azure Plane.

He had been quite curious at the time. It was only a Dragon's awakening, so what could it do to a power like the Black Tower? Then his teacher told him.

The Dark Azure Dragon was an existence that surpassed the Heaven Rank.

Although he'd only been a High Mage at the time, he still understood what this meant. Such an existence had apocalyptic power and could stand toe to toe with the Ancient Gods.

The Dark Azure Dragon's lair was a forbidden place that no one dared to enter.

After learning that this was an illusion, Solan quickly recalled the Dark Azure Dragon and thought that it might be the key to cracking this illusion.

And he guessed right.

When the Dark Azure Dragon woke up, an unbelievable power burst out and smothered him. He kept repeating his actions up until he accidentally managed to collect some Dragon Breath, and the illusion disappeared. He then met Lin Yun back in the magic tower.

He originally thought that he had broken through the illusion very quickly, but Mafa Merlin had been faster than him. When he saw Lin Yun after coming out, he suddenly felt uncomfortable.

In fact, his hate for Lin Yun had long since reached the point where he would surely fight him until only one of them was left. He was only cooperating because of two reasons. The first being that this place was truly dangerous, and even if he had already become a 5th Rank Archmage, he wasn't at ease. Whether he would be able to leave this place safe and sound was unknown. Under this kind of situation, temporarily leaving their hatred behind and cooperating with Lin Yun would give the best chance of having a positive outcome.

The second reason was that he was afraid of Lin Yun's strength. In the Line Canyon, the 2nd Rank Archmage Solan was defeated without even being able to retaliate. He was almost killed, and he learnt at that time that Lin Yun had two True Spirit Magic Tools. After he advanced to become a 5th Rank Archmage, he still couldn't grasp Lin Yun's strength properly. That fight with the puppet was the perfect opportunity to check his power.

But, contrary to his expectations, Mafa Merlin didn't fight the puppet at all. He used a strange trick to dismantle it.

Thus, Solan just held himself back, waiting for an opportunity.

After collecting the Dark Azure Dragon Breath and leaving the illusion, he knew that this was an opportunity to kill Mafa Merlin.

The Dark Azure Dragon was an existence surpassing Heaven Rank. Even if it was only the breath from a sleeping Dark Azure Dragon, its might couldn't be looked down on. Even he himself as a 5th Rank Archmage would end up seriously injured after using all his defenses.

'If it's a surprise attack... Mafa Merlin will instantly die.'