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 Without the complete Arcane Ring, Leon would never be able to attack the Archmage realm in his life.

In fact, in order to look for the trail of the complete Arcane Ring, Leon went to countless planes during these past few years. After so many years, he had yet to make any progress, and only learnt that the Gaugass King's magic inheritance might be hidden in the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range. But that was a huge place, how could he find it? He almost gave up a few times...

A few months ago, he guessed that this mysterious distant cousin was going to the Tulan Mountain Range and thickened his face to follow him. In reality, he had to bolster his courage whenever he was facing this distant cousin, especially when he remembered the crazy actions his cousin did, such as killing three Elders of the Merlin Family, or crippling Aube.

Now, as he was holding the Arcane Ring's magic inheritance, Leon felt that this was surreal and everything was a dream.

"Xiuban, come over." After dealing with the two, Lin Yun called the Draconic Beastman over.

"Eh?" Xiuban suddenly tried to make himself look smaller, thinking he had made a mistake and that Lin Yun was about to summon that flaming monster to have a chat with him.

"This is for you."

"Eh?" The Draconic Beastman looked at the crystal disk in Lin Yun's hand and didn't know if he should reach out or not...

"Stop with your eh..." Lin Yun's expression darkened, 'That Beastman is so annoying, he is close to a Sword Saint in terms of strength, but he has the same courage as a rabbit...' He then said, "Take it if I'm giving it to you, stop being foolish, or do you need me to have Syudos personally give it to you?"

"No need, no need..." Hearing Syudos' name, Xiuban was scared stiff on the spot. He didn't wait for Lin Yun to urge him and reached out to receive that crystal disk.

"Really..." Lin Yun said, a bit annoyed. He unhappily looked at Xiuban, but didn't want to explain to that gutless Beastman that the crystal disk he had given him was a treasure people could only yearn for in their dreams.

The Gaugass King left six magic inheritances behind, three Meditation Law Sets and three Magic Conducting Runes.

He just gave Xiuban one of the three Meditation Law Sets, the only one that doesn't require meditation to gather mana, the Soul of the Ancient Tree.

This was a Meditation Law Set from the Nesser Dynasty, it was created by a powerful pure-blooded Elf in order to nurture his Ancient Tree Legion.

The Soul of the Ancient Tree had a total of eight formulas, it was the most simple of the Meditation Law Sets left behind and the least powerful one.

But the Soul of the Ancient Tree had one advantage, as long as the one practicing it was under the sunlight, they could automatically gather mana, undergoing photosynthesis like plants.

This was also something Lin Yun came up with after thinking for a while, Draconic Beastmen were gifted in the path of magic but they couldn't meditate.

Only the Soul of the Ancient Tree which didn't require meditation was suitable for Xiuban.

Moreover, the Soul of the Ancient Tree was rare and was a Meditation Law Set specialized in strengthening one's body. In the Nesser Dynasty, the Ancient Tree Legion was always charging at the front line. They were like armored carriage charging through the battlefield, weapons and spells brought little injuries to them. They would become impregnable forts on the battlefield.

It was extremely suitable for the Draconic Beastman.

Lin Yun had some high expectations.

After the Draconic Beastman mastered the Soul of the Ancient Tree, with the heavy Carnage in hand, he would cause landslides with a single blow and his body would be as hard as a diamond. What would he look like when he charges on the battlefield?

After finishing up with him, Lin Yun turned towards William.

"Cousin William, how come you guys are here, what happened exactly?" Lin Yun was still puzzled, he remembered that the situation in the Line Canyon was very chaotic two months ago, there was a beast tide and the Incarnation of the Desolate Overlord.

"The situation was very chaotic. The three mercenary groups' people were scattered by the beast tide while the Desolate Overlord chased after Weiss, completely ignoring us. Vice Leader Delson suggested to find a place to hide and we found a cave besides a stone wall in which the few of us hid in. Oh right, in the end, Solan followed us..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"We went deeper inside the cave and found out that it wasn't as simple as we had imagined. We kept walking, but couldn't see the end, so we understood that this cave was leading underground and was a naturally formed karst cave. Ultimately, we discovered a hovering place chained down to the ground by huge chains. We went in and found out that everything looked similar, just like a maze. From time to time we would see some alchemy array, but in short, it was extremely troublesome. In a room we found a passage leading down and followed it, and we arrived here..."

William thought for a while before deciding to add some important information. He glanced at Solan and said, "Cousin Mafa, you noticed the strange part about Solan? After entering the palace, he inexplicably disappeared and we only met him again half a month ago. At that time, we discovered with shock that within half a month, he advanced from 2nd Rank Archmage to 5th Rank Archmage..."

Lin Yun nodded but didn't say anything. He frowned and tried to digest the information William had supplemented. William's group went through a cave and explored an underground palace. Lin Yun could basically confirm that the palace William and the others explored was a different one, because it was less dangerous, it only had some arrays.

'It looks like there is more than one palace in the Line Canyon...'

As he thought about this, Lin Yun secretly observed Solan. Even though he had a strange feeling earlier, he was still startled when he heard William's explanation about Solan's power up.

'Could he really have gotten some benefits in the time he was missing?'

'Otherwise, how could he have advanced so much in half a month?'

'This could only be explained by a stroke of luck...'

"Solan is a complete bastard..." William's gloomy voice echoed besides Lin Yun's ear, "After becoming a 5th Rank Archmage, he became so self-satisfied that he used his power to threaten us to take turns and find a path ahead. It reached the point where the few of us got injured on the way. Cousin Mafa, you have to be careful around Solan, he is very troublesome now..."

Lin Yun's expression became heavy when he heard this, he slightly nodded and walked to the corner where the idle Solan was and said with a frown, "You already reached this place, you can no longer order them. If you want to follow us, then follow, and no one will stop you if you wish you leave."

Everyone present, including William, watched Lin Yun and Solan's discussion while shivering, afraid a battle would occur between the two.

It would have been fine if it was the previous Solan.

They had clearly seen Solan attacking Lin Yun in the Line Canyon, and ending up seriously injured. Had it not been for Weiss' timely appearance, he would have long lost his life.

This group had no place for two leaders.

Everyone felt that Solan who had a huge increase in strength and was currently overconfident would take advantage of the situation to retaliate against Lin Yun, or simply leave.

But, contrary to everyone's expectations, Solan did something unpredictable after hearing Lin Yun's words, he softly nodded and said, "Mafa Merlin, with your insight, you should have detected that this place is full of danger. We could be hit by a disaster if we are careless. I have a good understanding of your strength, but it might be hard with only you. It would be better if we cooperated, after all, I'm a 5th Rank Archmage now..."

"Cooperate then..." Lin Yun nodded after thinking about it. Maybe only Solan and him knew some things about this place's secrets and knew how dangerous this place was.

To be honest, he wasn't surprised by Solan asking to cooperate.

Soon, the two reached an agreement. The terms were simple, before they left this place, they would peacefully interact and cooperate when meeting unknown danger.

Although he agreed to cooperate with Solan, this didn't mean Lin Yun trusted him. After all, two months ago, Solan had been defeated in front of an audience and almost killed... But now, there was no trace of hatred in Solan's eyes, showing how much he could endure.

A barking dog isn't frightening, but an unpredictable silent dog was very terrifying.

Then, Lin Yun studied the 11th floor of the magic tower. It was a very spacious hall with no facilities. In front of the group was a shut door from which faint mana fluctuations could be felt escaping. That entrance was sealed with an array. In the corner of the room was the staircase leading to the 12th floor.

The only choice was to go through that door.

"High Mage Merlin, the array on that door is very strange, I've never seen it before... Due to cautiousness, we haven't touched it after coming in, what should we do now?" Delson came to Lin Yun's side and pointed at the entrance as he talked.


Lin Yun immediately followed Delson's sight, and just as Delson said, he got a strange feeling from the array on the door. He moved over and observed that strange array. Ten minutes later, Lin Yun smiled, "This is only a smokescreen, it's specially used to confuse people.."

Although that strange array looked complicated, it was nothing more than a decoration...