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 Lin Yun, coming from 30,000 years in the future, definitely took a shortcut.

Gaugass King Luo Ning's last magic inheritance definitely wasn't easy to obtain. If Lin Yun hadn't time travelled, he would have been unable to figure out the true intent of the Gaugass King and naturally wouldn't have had the opportunity to obtain the six formula Meditation Law Set.

Lin Yun had been pondering over it while reading. Only when he finished the last book did he have a rough outline in his mind. He estimated that it would take about a day to calculate the six formula Meditation Law Set.

Rustling sounds kept echoing from the piece of paper and soon, a day passed. The young mage suddenly stopped writing and picked up the piece of paper to seriously look over the details. Seeing this scene, Enderfa couldn't help being startled, "Merlin? Got it?"


Lin Yun nodded. The piece of paper in his hand only had a simple six formulas. But these six formulas were the most precious thing in this world to Lin Yun.

'Gaugass King Luo Ning was truly talented...'

After looking at it for a while, Lin Yun inwardly sighed. The magic knowledge involved in this formula couldn't be considered deep, even an ordinary Archmage would be able to understand most of the magic knowledge within. But mastering so many diverse magic knowledge and creating this outrageous Meditation Law Set showed that Luo Ning was a true genius. Luo Ning might not be inferior to some of the most outstanding mages of the peak of the magic era.

Every since Lin Yun came to this era, Luo Ning was the first person that Lin Yun thought of as a genius.

After getting the formula, Lin Yun chose a spot in the library and sat down, but before he started learning this Meditation Law Set, he gave it a name. It was now the Equilibrium Law.

The Equilibrium Law's worth was that once it was used as a core Meditation Law Set, and after being integrated with the Magic Array, he would still be able to treat two other Meditation Law Set as Core Meditation Law Sets. And the Meditation Law Sets which could catch Lin Yun's sight were inevitably the top-class Meditation Law Sets in Noscent. Just one top-class Meditation Law Set could easily surpass all the Meditation Law Sets of this era, let alone two.

This wasn't as simple as one plus one equals two.

Lin Yun chose the Void Forge, a very fierce Meditation Law Set. Thirty thousand years later, when Noscent was at its peak before the decline, countless precious Meditation Law Sets were put in the decaying library. The Void Forge was the most widespread Meditation Law Set at the time, most people chose the Void Forge as their Core Meditation Law Set.

A mage who mastered the Void Forge could turn themselves into a forge to smelt everything in the world, even the Netherstorm could be turned into mana by the Void Forge. The Void Forge could be said to be the least picky Meditation Law Set in Noscent's history.

Lin Yun had personally experienced it 30,000 years later. When mana was exhausted, the existence of the Void Forge saved countless mage's magic path. At that time, they were able to absorb mana from the Netherstorm, and it became the only way for many mages to absorb mana.

Including Lin Yun.

Moreover, this Meditation Law Set was very powerful!

Powerful to the point that it had sixteen formulas!

What did that mean?

In all of Noscent, the strongest Meditation Law Set had fifteen formulas, yet the Void Forge appeared with its sixteen formulas.

The Void Forge was also the only Meditation Law Set with sixteen formulas.

After coming to this era, Lin Yun had originally planned on using the Void Forge as his Core Meditation Law Set, but the Gaugass King's Equilibrium Law made him hesitate. This hesitation lasted for over half a year. An ordinary mage would confirm their Core Meditation Law Set at 9th Rank great Mage by merging it with their Magic Conducting Rune, but he had been dragging it until now.

Fortunately, this trip to the Tulan Mountain Range had been successful and he obtained the Equilibrium Law, through numerous hardships.

The Void Forge had been created by Joussona, a legendary Heaven Mage. He became a High Mage at sixty five, having spent most of his life researching the Void Forge. The year after he became a High Mage, he published the Void Forge. Joussona's name then shocked the entire Noscent.

At that time, the entire Noscent went crazy over that Meditation Law Set and Joussona was revered as a deity by fanatical mages, he was called the father of the Void Forge. At that time, every mage, even Heaven Mages, would be extremely deferential when facing Joussona.

Only someone like Joussona could enjoy this kind of treatment in the strict hierarchical world of magic.Regardless if it was an Archmage or Heaven Mage, they would all face Joussona as if they were disciples facing a teacher.

It could be seen from this how great Joussona's status was in Noscent.

And this wasn't all...

Jousonna became a High Mage at sixty five, published the Void Forge at sixty six, and became an Archmage at sixty eight. He was called the Void Conqueror. Six years later, the Void Conqueror brazenly stepped into the Heaven Rank, and Joussona's name shocked the entire Noscent once more.

It was then that people understood...

Joussona's talent in the path of magic far exceeded anyone's expectations.

He had become a High Mage late not because he wasn't gifted enough in the path of magic, but rather because he spent all his time researching the Void Forge.

He was a true genius.

Later on, Joussona's secret gradually surfaced. It turned out that at fourteen, he had already created a twelve formula Meditation Law Set and used it as his Core Meditation Law Set.

In that era, a twelve formula Meditation Law Set could only be described as average. Many people were curious as to why Joussona didn't opt for a more advanced Meditation Law Set and instead created his own Meditation Law Set. And one that only had twelve formulas...

In fact, that Meditation Law Set was incomplete, only when Joussona became a 5th Rank Great Mage was the Meditation Law Set able to reach fourteen formulas. When he became a 9th Rank Great Mage, the Meditation Law Set had fifteen formulas.

Even in the peak of the magic era, fifteen formulas would turn a Meditation Law Set in one of the top-class Meditation Law Set of Noscent. There were only a few of them in Noscent, and they were all in the hands of those peak forces.

But, Joussona was unsatisfied.

He spent thirty years to turn the Void Forge into a sixteen formula Meditation Law Set. For this reason, he even stopped devoting himself to the magic path.

That was the first sixteen formulas Meditation Law Set of Noscent, and also its last.

A few decades later, countless planes were conquered by powerful mages, before they cast their sights on the boundless Abyss. Jousson, who had already reached the Heaven Rank, was leading a group of mages and they killed their way to the 20th Layer of the Abyss, and that Desolate Overlord Jalax was personally killed by Joussona.

Joussona's Void Forge ended up being stored in the decaying library.

The other Meditation Law Set Lin Yun chose had fifteen formulas and was called Elemental Heart. Although it was a bit inferior to the Void Forge, it was one of the top-class Meditation Law Sets even in the peak of the magic era.

Lin Yun was interested in the Elemental Heart because it was the most comprehensive Meditation Law Set of the four elements - Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Lin Yun already had the Void Forge that would allow him to transform everything in the world into mana, he could still meditate even under the pressure of the Netherstorm. With the addition of the two Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, Lin Yun's mana could be said to be endless. The Meditation Law Sets that could hasten Lin Yun's mana absorption were already useless.

What Lin Yun needed wasn't a famous Meditation Law Set...

What he needed was a Meditation Law Set that could supplement the Magic Array and the Void Forge. The more comprehensive, the better.

The Elemental Heart was the most suitable.

Lin Yun kept his eyes closed.

He was starting to integrate the three Meditation Law Sets into his Magic Array as Core Meditation Law Set.

This process was very long...


In a flash, a month had passed. Lin Yun was still sitting in a corner of the library, motionless and expressionless.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Enderfa was waiting on the side. He knew that this was generally an extremely long process, but he hadn't expected it to take as long as a month.

After all, ordinary mages would take a day to fuse their Meditation Law Set with their Magic Conducting Rune, yet Lin Yun hadn't moved for a whole month...

As Enderfa was sighing, a shocking mana fluctuation came from Lin Yun's body. In a split second, a gale burst out in the library, turning countless books into shreds. That building would have already been destroyed if it hadn't been constructed with special materials and techniques.

"This..." Enderfa was stunned. He turned his head to look at Lin Yun with shock, 'He is only merging his Core Meditation Law Set, how could there be such a huge reaction?' Moreover, Enderfa could sense that Lin Yun's mana fluctuations were ten times stronger than usual.

In other words, Lin Yun's strength increased ten times just by fusing his Core Meditation Law Set.


'No... This isn't all...'

Enderfa could clearly feel the mana fluctuations Lin Yun emitted were quickly rising!

3rd Rank High Mage...

4th Rank High Mage...

5th Rank High Mage...