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 'Let's look for it again, maybe there'll be some clues...' Lin Yun got a bit angry, he didn't know what the Gaugass King was thinking. He obviously wanted to pass on his magic inheritance in Noscent, but he used so many tricks. Lin Yun carefully thought about it again and felt that the most important magic inheritance definitely couldn't have vanished.


Suddenly, a wave of mana fluctuations rushed over. Lin Yun couldn't help but exclaim in surprise before walking over. There, he found an array carved on a wall emitting faint mana fluctuations. This was actually a teleportation array. This discovery made Lin Yun overjoyed, even if he didn't know where the teleportation array led to. But it meant that the trail of the six formula Meditation Law Set wasn't lost.

A bit of trouble was nothing, the most important part was to find the six formula Meditation Law Set...

'What's going on with this...'

Lin Yun was looking at the teleportation array, it should have existed for millennia. But he quickly found out that the mana source and magic circuit had been artificially severed. He frowned and then took out a quill, dipped it in ink, and went to restore those mana circuits.

After ten minutes, Lin Yun put away his quill and inspected his progress on the teleportation array. Although it came from an ancient era, it was still in good condition. At this time, strange mana fluctuations passed through the teleportation array.


Lin Yun couldn't help retreating a few steps, pale in fright, when those mana fluctuations came over. He looked at the teleportation array with a fearful expression as he cursed. Only then did his face regain some color. The mana fluctuations just now were truly frightening, they actually had the aura of the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

In other words, the teleportation array led to the Heaven Enlightening Plane...

The Heaven Enlightening Plane was in the middle of rebirth, everything there was in chaos, and everything on the plane was being transformed by the power of primal chaos. Let alone Lin Yun, even a Heaven Rank powerhouse would fall in the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

Teleporting to the Heaven Enlightening Plane at such a time was as good as courting death.

Fortunately, the teleportation array's magic circuits had been severed. The consequences would have been horrible had he approached and activated the teleportation array.

Although fortunate, Lin Yun was also annoyed, the only clue remaining for the six formula Meditation Law Set had virtually disappeared. He would definitely not go to the Heaven Enlightening Plane, even if that Meditation Law Set was precious, it was definitely negligible in comparison to his life. He was inwardly complaining to the Gaugass King, 'You could have put it anywhere, yet you chose the Heaven Enlightening Plane...'

'What should I do...'

After all, Lin Yun rushed from Okland to the Tulan Mountain Range for that six formula Meditation Law Set, but he no longer had any clue about it.

Soon after, Lin Yun put the Meditation Law Set to the back of his mind and focused on the teleportation array. After the final battle between Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King, the Gaugass King disappeared in the depths of the Tulan Mountain Range, and this teleportation array led to the Heaven Enlightening Plane. Lin Yun conjectured that the Gaugass King most likely went to the Heaven Enlightening Plane.

"Merlin, come over, there is a secret door here..."

While Lin Yun was in deep thought, Enderfa's surprised voice roused him back to the present. He then turned towards Enderfa, and sure enough, there was a secret door.

That secret door was leading underground and was roughly one meter large. Lin Yun was about to enter when a wave of heat blew over, making him frown. He turned to Enderfa and said, "Let's go check..."

Lin Yun entered the passage when Enderfa returned to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Down there was an ordinary flight of steps, but the surprising thing was that not a speck of dust could be seen on that millennia old staircase. Lin Yun's eyelids twitched when he took the first step on that staircase, he had clearly noticed a spatial fluctuation and a feeling of distortion. That feeling was somewhat odd. Taking that step gave him the feeling of moving from one space to another.

The further he got, the more intense that spatial distortion feeling became. Each step he took would make him alarmed, afraid that he would walk into a spatial crack and be forever lost into chaotic space if he was careless.

At the same time, the further he went, the hotter it became. It reached the point where his robe was soaked with sweat and sticking to his body, which was very uncomfortable. He couldn't wipe the sweat off his forehead as it kept appearing. He continued going down, and after half an hour, the temperature reached an extreme level, it was like being in a stove. His cheeks had become very red, and the sweat drenching his robe had long since evaporated.

Fortunately, he had already reached the end of the passage, but the scene ahead greatly surprised him. That was a library, and when he entered, the hot aura completely disappeared.

Rows of bookshelves were neatly arranged, with books piled up on them. Lin Yun found out that the entire library was spotless. Not only was the ground clean, but even those books didn't have a speck of dust on them. This was a millennia old library, yet it looked like it had just been cleaned.

As Lin Yun explored, he quickly found out that there was only one table in the entire library. It was clean and had nothing on it. He couldn't help gasping in surprise. This shouldn't have been the Gaugass King's private library, so how could there be only one table in here?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

But as he explored the library, he felt that the master of this place should have been the Gaugass King.

In his peripheral vision, he caught sight of a crystal ball in a corner of the library. With his previous experiences, Lin Yun knew that this crystal ball wasn't there just on a display. After some hesitation, he softly walked over, but when he was half a meter away from the crystal ball, a bright light suddenly blossomed from it and created a projection.

This was a middle-aged man with an imposing figure wearing a mage's robe. He was tightly holding onto a jet-black spear. Although this was a projection, it gave Lin Yun endless pressure when it appeared, but as time passed, that pressure gradually lightened.

Battlemage, Gaugass King!

Lin Yun knew who that person was with one glance, the legendary person who rose amidst the Gaugass Battlemages, with the power of a Heaven Rank, or beyond... The projection or incarnation left behind by such a person would have shocking power.

This was the first time he saw Gaugass King Luo Ning, even if it was just a projection.

"If you want to obtain my final inheritance, you have to pass a test. There are 3768 books in here. You have to finish these books within twenty days, then I'll put you to the test..."

After saying that, the projection of the Gaugass Battlemage disappeared.

'3768 books in twenty days...'

Lin Yun scratched his cheek, 'That's a lot of work...'

Soon, Lin Yun made a discovery.

The knowledge recorded in those books surprisingly didn't have too many mistakes, only a few parts had some errors. For them to have reached this level of knowledge astonished Lin Yun, after all, there was still about a few ten thousand years till the peak of the magic era, many magic theories had yet to completely mature.

The books collected by the Gaugass King were all fine works and few of them had any mistakes. Even the knowledgeable Lin Yun had no choice but to gasp in admiration. If this library was obtained by any force, they would be able to reach the height of the Cloud Tower and Black Tower, it would only be a matter of time.

Lin Yun flipped every book on the desk at least once, recording the errors in his mind. Soon, books were piled on the desk like small towers. These books were enough for an ordinary person to read for a month, yet Lin Yun only used over an hour to flip through them once.

A day soon passed and during that time, Lin Yun flipped through the books on two bookshelves, remembering all the errors.

After meditating for a dozen minutes, Lin Yun recovered some energy and started reading without stopping.

Two days...

Three days...

Ten days...

On the 20th day, Lin Yun had long since read through all the books. He put back a book bound with a black string to its original place, before thoughtfully sitting at the desk, not talking for a very long time.

As he sat for a day, Lin Yun kept pondering, taking out a quill from time to time to write down some calculations on a piece of paper.

"How come the Gaugass King has yet to appear, didn't he say he would test you? This is already the 21th day..." Enderfa turned into a black mist as he floated out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and looked at the crystal ball with a doubtful expression.

"He won't come..." Lin Yun's quill paused. After saying those words, he began calculating once again. It felt as if the projection of the Gaugass King had nothing to do with him.

"He shouldn't be fooling you, right? High profile characters like him don't easily go back on their words..." Enderfa's three strange faces were tightly frowning. After looking at Lin Yun, he found out that the other side wasn't even paying attention to him, still immersed in his calculations, "Merlin, did you find something?"

"This library's 3768 books are the last inheritance of the Gaugass King..." Lin Yun nodded, but didn't raise his head, the quill in his hand writing even faster. Maybe only he knew what test the Gaugass King had set up for him.

Indeed, it was patience.

Reading over three thousand books one by one would require ten years, but only after reading all these books can one understand the intention of the Gaugass King. In other words, the six formulas Meditation Law Set was hidden within these 3768 books, only by putting all the knowledge together, calculating and inferring, could the six formula Meditation Law Set be obtained!