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 The ruler of the Desolate Territory in the 17th Layer of the Abyss, Desolate Overlord Jalax.

It was the real one this time.

Jalax came from the Mythological Era and was a terrible existence who had walked the earth alongside the Ancient Gods. He was so powerful that he was above the Heaven Rank.

Now, the Desolate Overlord was unexpectedly in the Line Canyon!

Even if it wasn't his real body and only a projection or an Incarnation, it still wasn't something Lin Yun could contend against.

Jalax's name had yet to be known in this era, but the famous Desolate Overlord of the 17th Layer of the Abyss had later spread through Noscent.

Among the Abyss' Demons, the Desolate Overlord was a force to be reckoned with, and numerous Heaven Rank experts fell at his hands.

The thick aura of sulfur, the aura of the Abyss, spread through the Line Canyon.


Jalax's foot heavily stomped the soil of the Line Canyon, and the entire world seemed to shiver. Only a rumble could be heard as a huge crack split the ground open. With each step, the crack gradually expanded, creating a ghastly sight.

Countless plumes of ash-colored withering fire gently floated down from the sky.

The three powerful magic beasts roared with all their might. It seemed that Desolate Overlord Jalax's appearance terrified them. Countless magic beasts fled, trampling the ground of the Line Canyon, making the whole canyon shake.

A large, pitch-black palm swept over to the level 38 magic beast. That regal magic beast was afraid to escape because of the pressure of that large palm. It had no room to resist and was grabbed before being ruthlessly smashed against the cliff. A terrifying sound echoed as the powerful magic beast died. The withering fires quietly fell and burnt its soul.

The level 38 magic beast was nothing more than an ant in front of the Desolate Overlord. It only took one hit to explode it.

Moreover, the other two level 37 magic beasts didn't manage to escape either. They were firmly held by two large hands made of ashen flames. They were issuing heart-wrenching cries before their souls were also obliterated.

The Desolate Overlord remained there, motionless, emitting a frightening aura. He suddenly raised his head and his demonic pupils looked at the sky. The sky seemed empty, only a vast sea of blue.

But everyone knew that a mage was hidden there, Representative Weiss.

Although Representative Weiss was very powerful and his Wind Elemental Incarnation made it very hard for him to be noticed, he was facing the Desolate Overlord, an extremely powerful Demon that went through the Mythological era. He could see through Weiss' trick with one glance.


Weiss and everyone else were shocked by the Desolate Overlord. They felt an extremely dangerous aura as the Desolate Overlord emerged from a cliff. Weiss was startled when these two demonic eyes fell onto him. They felt like they were exuding powerful magic, able to pierce through his thoughts. In front of these eyes, no secrets could be kept.

Weiss was anxious as he cursed. He'd just witnessed the power of the Desolate Overlord when it obliterated the three magic beasts without them being able to even resist.

In front of this power, he had no choice but to run, and the further the better.

Fortunately for Weiss, he was proficient in the Wind Element's Law. Few people could compare to him in terms of comprehension of the Wind Element Law in all of Noscent.

Weiss had already turned into a gale the instant the Desolate Overlord looked at him, crossing a distance of a kilometer in an instant.

But, the Desolate Overlord wasn't slow. Weiss' peak speed wasn't anything too great in front of the Desolate Overlord. In a flash, withered flames spread through the sky and chased Weiss faster than gales!

"Shit!" Weiss cursed.

'This is bad...'

The Desolate Overlord wasn't an existence Weiss could contend against, and moreover, that withering fire was the Ash-Gray Flame from the 17th Layer of the Abyss. Weiss' soul would burn to ashes if he was touched by it. He would never dare to fight the Desolate Overlord in the open. In such a terrifying situation, the Representative of the Black Tower tripled his speed. By managing such an impossible feat, he was able to keep a safe distance between him and the flames.


After barely managing to escape from danger, Weiss looked at the ground.

There, he saw Solan laying on the ground, as well as the young mage not far from there.

A young mage at the High Mage Realm that could contend with him. He would become extremely dangerous if allowed to grow.

Thinking about this, Weiss raised his hand and cast a handful of Wind Blasts.

Of everyone present, Lin Yun was the closest to the Desolate Overlord and the Wind Blasts exploded next to him. He hadn't expected that old geezer to play such a hand!


Lin Yun swore. He had no fewer than ten defensive spells enchanted on his body, so although the five Wind Blasts were powerful, they still couldn't wound him. But Lin Yun knew that Weiss' true goal was to blow him towards the Desolate Overlord.

'Shit, that's Jalax... someone that can crush me in an instant! If that old geezer succeeds, I'll be crushed to pieces...'

Unfortunately, there was no time to dodge.

The five Wind Blasts exploded almost at the same time. The huge shockwave spread out and carried an irresistible force.

Lin Yun wasn't able to stop himself from flying through the air towards Jalax.

At this time, Lin Yun was inwardly cursing Weiss' eighteen generations of ancestors.

'This bastard...'

Fortunately, Lin Yun reacted quickly and cast a Fire Elemental Incarnation the moment his body flew out, followed by a Flame Flash to avoid flying into a falling withering flame. He ended up landing in an area a hundred meters away from the Desolate Overlord.

"Heavens..." The mercenaries who witnessed this exclaimed in surprise. In their eyes, this was no different from courting death.

Being a hundred meters away from an existence like the Desolate Overlord was no different from being right in front of him.

But as if he didn't know that he was moving toward danger, Lin Yun cast Haste after that Flame Flash, increasing the speed at which he rushed towards death...

Because only Lin Yun had seen it.

There was a deep crack in a place a hundred meters away from the Desolate Overlord. That was the crack that appeared when the Desolate Overlord stomped the ground.

However, a faint light could be seen shining from that crack.

He felt that there was a completely different world under the crack!

Lin Yun even felt a faint mana fluctuation being emitted from the crack.

Lin Yun knew that this was his only choice. The situation would take a sharp turn for the worse if he remained on that battlefield. Those three monstrous magic beasts were all killed in one hit, so what about him?

Moreover, Lin Yun had noticed that the Desolate Overlord had been targeting the strongest people first. First he went after that level 38 magic beast, then the other two level 37 magic beasts, before going for Weiss.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Yun might have been the next target after Weiss.

Thus, he took the initiative to leave the battlefield at such a time by entering the huge crack.

Suddenly, a whistling sound echoed near his ear. That crack was so deep that he couldn't see the bottom. His body remained falling for over ten seconds.

It felt as if he had jumped down from the top of a cliff.

Lin Yun had a bad feeling. He tried to use Levitation to balance himself and see if there was any danger at the bottom. If there wasn't, it would be perfect, and if there was, he would be able to make preparations... But when he cast the spell, he clearly felt the surrounding mana being so chaotic that it greatly affected the spell, only slowing down his speed.

After an entire ten minutes...

An explosion could be heard.

Lin Yun's body fell heavily. It felt as if he had been hit in the chest by a hammer.

If Levitation hadn't been slowing his rate of descent, if he didn't have those dozen enchantments covering his body, he might have fallen to his death.

Fortunately, he could feel that he was on even ground, and it looked like there was nothing dangerous around. He moved with some difficulty as a sharp pain coursed through his body, making him frown. He fished out a few potions from his pocket and drank them all. After resting for a dozen minutes, the pain gradually eased up and he managed to force himself up. But his entire body still felt broken, and even just breathing hurt.

He flipped through his pocket and a large number of potions were taken out. He looked at all of them one by one, but discovered with disappointment that he hadn't crafted any Rebirth Potions. The injuries he was suffering from were very serious this time. An ordinary Health Potion would be useless, and the potions he had just drunk only restored superficial wounds...