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 Under such circumstances, how could Lin Yun put up with Solan's threatening his Bone Plane?

If Solan leaked information concerning the Bone Plane, even if Lin Yun held the Book of Death, he would still be forced to face endless harassment.

It could be seen from what had happened to the Mercury Tower.

When the news of the Abyssal Evil Dragon's corpse leaked, it unfortunately attracted the attention of the Black Tower.

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'If news of the Bone Plane leaked...'

Thus, Solan had to die!

Yes, Lin Yun planned to kill him to silence him!

Moreover, Solan was very likely to be the culprit behind Locke Merlin's shipwreck...

"Issues? There are indeed a lot of issues, it was the same with your father. Had he not refused to sell that old house, he might not have had a shipwreck, hahaha..."

Solan's expression became twisted, he looked at Lin Yun like a viper looking at its prey. He believed that the old house in Thousand Sails City was bound to be his soon and that Mafa Merlin would run out of luck like his father...

But he then felt mana fluctuations coming from Mafa Merlin.

Lin Yun didn't say anything, a bright moon-like item rose up behind him, emitting a blinding radiance with the two gems, one blue and one red, spreading rich mana fluctuations.

As mana was poured in, the disk burst out with hundreds of spells in an instant, Frost Spikes, Tornadoes, Fire Arrows, Wind Blades, Flame Spears, Frost Lances... This was equivalent to a mage legion simultaneously casting at the same target, Solan, with top tier cooperation!

The countless spells turned into a flood of spells, washing everything away...

When the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel appeared, Solan's face was shrouded with a fearful pale complexion. All those low tier spells were flying forward with the power of a High Mage, 'Shit, this is definitely a True Spirit Magic Tool!'

Solan was inwardly cursing, but he still reacted quite quickly, he timely cast an Elemental Shield, a Runic Shield, and a Mana Shield, one after the other. And thinking that this wasn't enough, he cast an extra three Ice Walls in front of him. The whole casting process took less than a second. It could be seen from this that Solan's power was much stronger than the average 2nd Rank Archmage.

But those three Ice Walls were instantly washed away under that torrent of spells, they weren't able to handle the flood as they shattered in pieces, followed by the Mana Shield. The Runic Shield also didn't even last a second before scattering. At that time, Solan was so nervous he heard his own heartbeat, only his Elemental Shield remained.

This was the most powerful defensive spell an Archmage could use!

But it wasn't worth mentioning in front of Lin Yun. One Flame Burst had been enough to break apart the Elemental Shield of the powered-up Fran when he was still a 9th Rank Great Mage.

Although Solan was stronger than Fran, he was only a bit more powerful.

Solan was becoming scared as his Elemental Shield was darkening, he simply didn't dare to believe this was happening, that a 2nd Rank High Mage could have such frightening power.

He was afraid, and regretful.

When the nightmarish shattering sound echoed, Solan's face turned deathly pale. A dozen low tier spells flew over the instant he lost the Elemental Shield.

Solan flew out after being bombarded and heavily crashed on the ground.

The defensive enchantments on his body also failed to resist the onslaught. After crashing, almost all of Solan's bones broke and he fainted from the pain.

But the young mage didn't give him the opportunity to faint.

The young mage was now walking towards him, a blazing flame floating above his hand. Solan was scared to death, 'That... That's another True Spirit Magic Tool...'

"Stop, stop! Mafa Merlin, doing this is akin to becoming the enemy of the Black Tower. You won't have a good ending if you become the enemy of the Black Tower..."

Solan was laying on the group, breathing roughly with a pale expression. He shouted, but... The young mage only smiled at him before sending that frightening flame towards his head.

He would die within a second if he was burnt by that frightening flame.

"Not just anyone can attack a mage of the Black Tower. Kid, you are too ruthless..." An ice-cold voice suddenly echoed as a stream of air covered Solan and blocked the flame rushing towards him.


Explosions burst around Lin Yun, completely without warning, and extremely powerful. Three explosions were enough to almost shatter Lin Yun's Mana Shield. An Ice Fire Shield appeared and, under Lin Yun's elaborate control, blocked a few more explosions. This kind of unseen and unreasonable attack would make anyone frantic, even a 5th Rank Archmage might be in a more awkward position were they in Lin Yun's situation.

"Kid, I don't care about your grievances with Solan, I won't interfere for something like that. But attacking a member of the Black Tower in such a ruthless way is unforgivable..." That illusory voice echoed once again, a bit surprised. It seemed that he hadn't expected Lin Yun to be so strong and remain so calm under such an attack, especially coming from a young mage that was only a 2nd Rank High Mage.

If such a monstrous existence couldn't be roped into the Black Tower, then he had to be killed!


The moment the voice echoed, Lin Yun understood that he had been too slow.

'Weiss really made a move...'

This was what Lin Yun had been worried about, Weiss' existence was a true threat to Lin Yun.

The blabbering Solan didn't even enter Lin Yun's eyes, he was like Fran, Lin Yun didn't need much effort to kill him.

The only worrying part was that Solan couldn't be killed in front of Weiss.

Lin Yun raised his head to look at the sky. It was empty, bereft of anything or anyone, yet a formless pressure came from some part of the sky. Lin Yun knew that Weiss was there...

With Weiss here, killing Solan would prove problematic, and not just a bit.

Under such a strange assault, Lin Yun didn't have much time to look after him. Syudos turned into a blazing shield, blocking the countless Wind Blades, Tornadoes dropping from the sky. Even if they were powerful, they still couldn't break the blazing shield. Lin Yun felt that unless he broke this deadlock, he wouldn't be able to get out of this disaster.

"Kid, being too arrogant isn't good for you... You are a Merlin? Even your Patriarch would die if he dared to attack someone from my Black Tower, let alone you."

Lin Yun's eyes suddenly shone as Weiss' voice echoed. The Magic Array clearly caught onto his tracks. That Representative Weiss was a master of the Wind Element, his understanding of the Wind Element had reached its peak and even an existence on par with him would have some trouble finding him when he used Wind Elemental Incarnation...

But, the Magic Array wasn't just for show.

Frantic mana was secretly poured into the Spell Wheel. As long as this burst out, Weiss would be hurt, or forced to appear. It would be a lot easier afterwards, even if he couldn't defeat Weiss, he could still easily escape.

Seconds slowly passed while Lin Yun patiently endured.

The invisible explosions kept echoing as the Mana Shield and Ice Fire Shield reached their limits, Lin Yun was now using his Runic Shield.

The strength of Runic Shields depended on the amount of runes...

Suddenly, the aura of countless magic beasts rose up from the Line Canyon, they had gathered and formed a magic beast tide, a force to be reckoned with.

At the head were three exceptionally powerful magic beasts who were at least level 37, one of them seemed to have already reached level 38. They were the rulers of the Tulan Mountain Range!

The sea of magic beasts was rushing towards them.


Lin Yun inwardly cursed, this was frightening. One Weiss was already pressuring him, but now there were three magic beasts at level 37 and above...

'Isn't this too much?'


At the same time, a world-shaking sound attracted everyone's eyes, the invisible Weiss even let out a surprised cry. The sound came from a several hundred meters tall cliff.

Another three rumbles were heard as a terrifying aura spread through every corner of the Line Canyon. Weiss shrieked when he felt that aura and no longer caused trouble for Lin Yun.

Lin Yun's expression also became unsightly. He looked at that cliff in a daze.


A long crack appeared on the several hundred meters tall cliff as a terrifying existence was using brute force to split open the cliff. As seconds passed, the crack on the cliff widened.

It was followed by loud footsteps.

Ash colored flames rose up all around as a sulfur smell spread through the area. When the ashen flames rose up, the lively forest unexpectedly withered, and the aura of life in the entire Line Canyon also followed suit.