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 Back in their tent, Carnage was placed in front of Lin Yun, teeth from the Wyvern King set up next to it. Lin Yun had planned to embed the Wyvern King Teeth on Carnage back when he was still in the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group camp, but trouble kept coming one after the other.

Carnage had been tailor-crafted for Xiuban, ten layers of alchemy arrays were layered onto it, making it reach five hundred kilograms. Only Xiuban who had innate strength and had absorbed the blood of a Three-Headed Gold Dragon could use this weapon.

Now, as a 6th Rank Expert Swordsman and Draconic Beastman, Xiuban seemed to need a more powerful weapon.

Carnage would have two attributes after getting augmented by the Wyvern King Teeth, namely Armor Break and Corrosion. The power of Carnage would inevitably increase a few levels.

But Lin Yun met some trouble...

That's right, trouble...

Before, Lin Yun had used the Boundless Layering Technique to create Carnage. At the time, Lin Yun hadn't expected that he would obtain a rare magic material like Wyvern King Teeth.

As every alchemist knows, the most powerful magic materials should be used as the core, this was basic rule in the crafting of magic tools, if not respected, it would affect the balance of a magic tool. It was precisely the situation with the current Carnage, the Wyvern King Teeth were rare materials that came from a Level 35 magic beast, when used for a Spiritual Magic Tool, it could be used as a core.

But now it could only be used as an auxiliary material for Carnage, its only effect was adding the Corrosion and Armor Break attributes to Carnage.

This was where Carnage was different...

Because Carnage was crafted with the Boundless Layering Technique, this array from the future made it so that Carnage only needed Gold Essence to reach the Spiritual Magic Tool Rank. In other words, Gold Essence was the core of this array, and the Wyvern Teeth could only be used as an auxiliary magic material.

Thus, there was a problem...

Although Gold Essence was an uncommon material, it wasn't as rare as Wyvern King Teeth, they were too drastically different types of magic materials. The primary and secondary materials were completely inverted and would inevitably lead to a conflict which even Lin Yun wouldn't be able to avert.

Lin Yun made some calculations.

If the Wyvern King Teeth were added, the Armor Break and Corrosion attributes could appear, but it might also destroy the structure of Carnage. Carnage would lose two thirds of its weight, and that was a conservative estimate. If unlucky, Carnage might even break in a battle due to its unstable structure.

This was according too much attention to the details and ignoring the foundations.

Carnage's power originally came from its weight and toughness, losing its biggest strength for the Armor Break and Corrosion attributes wasn't something Lin Yun wanted to see.

Lin Yun spent three hours staring at Carnage.

It was very late, Xiuban was so tired that he couldn't close his eyes. In these three hours, Xiuban yawned over twenty times, trying to hint to someone that it was very late and that he wanted to rest. Unfortunately, he was completely ignored.

Lin Yun didn't have time to deal with the sleepy Draconic Beastman, he focused all his mind on Carnage.

The Wyvern King Teeth were too formidable, if he added them without careful consideration, it would definitely wreck Carnage's structure. This was something hard to avoid. Not to mention, he was only a Master Alchemist, even if he entered the Artisan realm, he still wouldn't be able to just ignore basic rules of alchemy.

Unless he could redesign the Boundless Layering Technique and make this array more stable.

But he would have to forcibly suppress the changes to Carnage's structure...

Redesigning the Boundless Laying Technique wasn't something that could be done in a day or two. Lin Yun estimated that it would take two years..

This definitely wasn't worth it, two years was enough to make a brand new True Spirit Magic Tool, so why would he bother spending that time on tinkering a Spiritual Magic Tool?

'Hold on...'

Amidst his pondering, Lin Yun pondered suddenly recalling something, 'Right, I can't redesign it, but I can use another method to increase the stability of the array.'

Moreover, the materials were already ready!

Lin Yun put his hand in his pocket and took out a small portion of Dragon Blood Ink.

Lin Yun made Dragon Blood Ink the night he killed the Wyvern King, he used most of it on the Doom Staff, using the power of the Wyvern King Blood to draw the 8th character of the Book of Death.

There was now one third of the Dragon Blood Ink left.

Lin Yun knew that Wyvern King innately possessed an Element Stabilization technique that would make the elemental work stable during battle, it might even help operate elements faster. But it was a true innate skill for the Wyvern King. Innate skills were carried through bloodlines, in other words, the Wyvern King's blood inevitably contained the power of the Elemental Stabilization technique.

All Lin Yun had to do now was merging this power with Carnage.

Then, the conflict with the Wyvern King Teeth would be easily solved.

Moreover, the Dragon Blood Ink had shocking power by itself, no mana source would be needed to enchant it on the heavy Carnage.

Because Carnage itself had ten layers of heavy arrays, making Carnage's weight reach over five hundred kilograms. If not careful, those arrays could be destroyed in an instant and it would be very difficult to restore them. Thus, Lin Yun used his mana to urge his Magic Array, thoroughly calculating every process over three times to make sure that there was no problem.

This made Lin Yun exhaust his mana while setting up another heavy array. After recovering with a high level mana crystal, he urged his Magic Array again and spent over two hours to use up the rest of the Dragon Blood Ink, but the result was extraordinary. Carnage's heavy effect had been greatly increased.

The limit of Carnage's Heavy Boundless Layering arrays had been ten layers before, but now... It was twenty!

The problem of conflict with the Wyvern King Teeth had been perfectly settled and no problem occured after the Wyvern King Teeth were embedded, but all that complicated work used up a lot of time...

"Go and try it..." An exhausted expression appeared on Lin Yun's face as he softly got up and spoke to the Draconic Beastman next to him.

"Yes, Sir..."

When Xiuban grabbed Carnage, an indescribable aura was emitted, followed by the faint roar of a Wyvern King.

Xiuban had an ecstatic expression on his face as he waved Carnage, even a simpleton like him could sense the huge changes in Carnage...

Lin Yun clearly heard the roar of that Wyvern King! He hadn't expected that Carnage's power would increase this much after the Dragon Blood Ink was added. Because of the layering, Carnage barely reached Spiritual Magic Tool level before. But now, it had reached peak Spiritual realm and signs of a Magic Tool Spirit started showing.

Lin Yun estimated that if the Draconic Beastman attacked with Carnage, he might display power comparable to a real Dragon.

After telling a few sentences to Xiuban, he sent him off to go play with Carnage.

After Xiuban left, Lin Yun took out a test tube. Inside was a dark purple drop of blood, this was the blood of the Variant Black Lizard he had extracted earlier today. Variant Black Lizards were very precious because of this drop of blood. Lin Yun planned on using this drop of blood to strengthen the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Of his three True Spirit Magic Tools, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was the most powerful, after all, he had Enderfa directly linking the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Magic Array, it could truly cast ten thousand spells without obstruction.

He summoned Enderfa and a black mist came out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, the three strange faces looked at Lin Yun and didn't even wait for him to say anything before roaring, "Damn, why are you calling me again? Didn't I say that I didn't know, I'm only a Magic Tool, and one of the most unremarkable one among Vaughn's Magic Tools. He even put me aside, how could I know how many secrets he hid..."

"Alright, stop being annoying. I didn't summon you to talk about secrets today..." Lin Yun was looking at the test tube while talking to Enderfa, not bothering to face the latter.

Enderfa followed Lin Yun's sight and noticed the test tube, and particularly, that drop of purple blood. It made his eyes open wide, "Variant Black Lizard's blood? Merlin, you plan on strengthening the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel?"


"Too wasteful, too wasteful..." Enderfa's three strange faces simultaneously looked at the drop of blood. Even that mist-shape couldn't conceal his greed, "Merlin, how about we discuss this?"

"What is there to discuss..."

"With your achievement in the field of alchemy, you should know that this drop of Variant Black Lizard would at most increase the might of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel by 10%..."

"10% is nothing to you?" Lin Yun laughed in exasperation, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a True Spirit Magic Tool, even as Lin Yun set some space for upgrade later on, it wasn't to be upgraded casually. Let alone ten percent, a True Spirit Magic Tool might only gain 1% in ten years, and the cost of the magic materials would be weighed in spirit mana crystals.

Enderfa was talking big...

10% felt like nothing coming from his mouth!