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 He had no other way to solve the situation because Olaro was used to being arrogant. Apart from the Leader, he wouldn't pay attention to anyone. But Delson couldn't watch as he provoked the terrifying person that killed the Wyvern King in three seconds, and he knew that such a story would be too unbelievable to Olari without him experiencing it himself.

After talking, Delson ignored Olaro's feelings and dragged him back while squeezing out a smile, "High Mage Merlin, this was a misunderstanding... We will leave immediately and won't disturb your rest."


"Olaro, do you know what you were doing? Is that Mafa Merlin someone you can provoke? Don't you know that you were courting death? By provoking him, you would have caused a calamity for our entire Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group!"

In a spacious tent, Delson's angry voice echoed.

Others might not know how the Wyvern King died, but Delson was very clear about it, having witnessed that frightening scene with his own two eyes.

Delson had actually been watching Olaro running around in search of the Wyvern King Blood in the past few days. But what could he do? The Wyvern King Blood was in the hands of that frightening young High Mage, and Delson didn't have the power to get it back.

Thus, Delson only turned a blind eye to Olaro's actions in the past few days and allowed him to do as he pleased, hoping that he wouldn't actually get anywhere with his search.

Olaro was like this anyway. After tossing about for a while, he would be back to normal...

As for that terrifying young High Mage...

Delson only saw him once. He didn't actually know who he was, and he had unconsiously been hoping that they wouldn't meet again.

Delson was hoping matters would settle by leaving everything as it was.

But he hadn't expected the young High Mage to appear in the chaotic battle earlier. At the time, Delson had thought that the young mage might be tagging along with one of the mercenary groups. If he and Olaro met, a conflict might happen due to the Wyvern King Blood.

This wouldn't be good for anyone.

Although Olaro was an Archmage, it would be no different from running to his demise if he had a conflict with someone that could kill a Wyvern King in 3 seconds.

After realizing the seriousness of the issue, Delson decided to tell Olaro the truth.

But after asking around, he found out that Olaro had already rushed to the Temple Knights' camp. Anxious, Delson rushed over and saw Olaro being blasted out of a tent.

Delson was terrified when he saw that.


He took advantage of the fact that this issue hadn't reached a hopeless stage to pull Olaro back.

"Delson, did you make a mistake? He is only a 2nd Rank High Mage, how could he be someone powerful? What's more, he stole the Wyvern King Blood that I'm in dire need of, and he even used it already. How could I bear with it?" Olaro continued, "I'm warning you Delson, don't think you can order me around like that because you are the 1st Vice Leader. I must kill Mafa Merlin..."

After being blasted by a mere High Mage and being sabotaged by Delson, Olaro was steaming with anger.

"Kill Mafa Merlin? Ridiculous. Let me ask you, Olaro, how can you kill Mafa Merlin?" Delson glared angrily at Olaro.

"Delson, are you kidding me? I'm an esteemed Archmage, how could I not kill a 2nd Rank High Mage?" Olaro remained calm, but he felt insulted.

"Didn't you end up being blasted away?"

"I was careless... And that scoundrel mounted a sneak attack on me. If you didn't stop me, I would have cast a High Tier Spell and killed him!"

"Ridiculous. Olaro, let me tell you something. The one that killed the Wyvern King wasn't one of us, but that young mage called Mafa Merlin. What do you think?"


Olaro's eyes opened wide as he looked at Delson in shock.

In the evening, a soulless Olaro walked out of Delson's tent in a strange state of mind. He was shocked, ashamed, and even more fearful.

Delson told him about what had happened that night. He learnt that the battle had been so fierce that even with the three Vice Leaders working together, they still failed to kill the Wyvern King and were on the verge of facing destruction... But the young Mafa Merlin appeared and thoroughly reversed the situation. In a short three seconds, he killed the Wyvern King, not only saving Delson, but also the three mercenary groups.

Now, Olaro knew how ignorant he had been, trying to force the young mage to hand over the Wyvern King Blood and even trying to kill him.

Fortunately, Delson had appeared...

If Delson hadn't shown up just on time to stop him, he might have already enraged Mafa Merlin. And the one who would end up as a corpse would be Olaro himself.

Just thinking about this made Olaro extremely scared. After all, he didn't want to die.

Before heading to the Tulan Mountain Range, the Leader had told him to comply with Delson's orders. At the time, Olaro had been very upset, not knowing why he should have to listen to Delson's orders. After all, they were comparable in terms of power. Thus, the dissatisfied Olaro had always been mocking and ridiculing Delson on the way.

Now, he had let Delson down. Delson took no account of his enmity, while Olaro...

"Teacher! Congratulations on getting the Wyvern King Blood..." Orson saw the figure of his teacher and rushed over to greet him. "You must have taught a lesson to that damned Mafa Merlin. That guy didn't know what was good for him and stole Teacher's Wyvern King Blood, he can't be let off lightly..."

Orson didn't suspect that anything had gone wrong. His teacher was an esteemed Archmage, so handling a nobody like Mafa Merlin should be as easy as blowing away dust.

'Mafa Merlin should have been terrified... He might have already been expelled by the Temple Knights! He definitely didn't fare well. Even if he didn't die, he must have been near death!'


The sound of a loud slap echoed alongside Olaro's deep voice. "Shut up!"

Olaro had originally been quite pleased by his disciple. He was quite a genius and had managed to become a 5th Rank High Mage before 30. He was the most suitable person to inherit his legacy.

But now, Olaro suddenly felt that this disciple wasn't very pleasing to look at... Especially that bright smile on his face, which made Olaro feel angrier and angrier.

Thus, he slapped him.

"Tea... Teacher." Orson looked at Olaro in disbelief. 'Is this still the Teacher that is always spoiling me? Why did he slap me when I approached? This...'

"You still have something to say?" Olaro said with a sinister voice and a gloomy expression on his calm face.

'It's all because of this blind disciple, he put me in such an awkward situation! What the hell did he mean, saving Mafa Merlin's life in the Traces of Misfortune? Simply ridiculous! With that youth's terrifying strength, how could he be saved by you? Do you think you are a Heaven Rank Mage?'

After finding out the truth, Olaro discovered that Orson had lied to him. The more he thought about it, the more furious he became. He couldn't wait to slap him again and open his eyes. 'Mafa Merlin isn't someone you can offend, even Delson is extremely respectful towards him. And as for your teacher...'

His hand was raised, but it didn't fall on Orson's face again. After a deep sigh, he looked at the bewildered Orson and coldly said, "Orson, think of what happened after encountering Mafa Merlin. Do you really think he is just a 2nd Rank High Mage?"

"Eh... Teacher, what do you mean?" Orson had been startled when he saw his teacher raising his hand again, but he couldn't hide and only shivered in fear. He was baffled when he heard his teacher's words. "Mafa Merlin is indeed only a 2nd rank High Mage, I could sense it. Had it not been for the Merlin Family's people, I would have already dealt with him... Hmpf, that reckless guy actually dared to steal..."

"Enough!" Olaro loudly interrupted him. He felt resentful of Orson for not meeting his expectations. "You are an idiot. That immensely powerful Wyvern King was personally killed by Mafa Merlin. For an idiot like you to try to deal with Mafa Merlin... Truly ridiculous. You provoked him so many times, yet you still live... This could be considered finding luck in a disaster."

"This is impossible!" Orson shrieked. 'How could it be? How could a 2nd Rank High Mage kill a Wyvern King? That is an existence comparable to a high-ranked Archmage! How could something like that be killed by a 2nd Rank High Mage? Such a powerhouse could casually blast away a 2nd Rank High Mage without the slightest bit of effort!'

"Ahah, impossible?" Olaro sneered. "Delson saw it with his own eyes..."

"Del... Delson?" Orson froze.

As the 1st Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary group, Delson usually replaced the Leader to deal with everyday matters. He had a high status in the mercenary group and was only a bit below the Leader. Even Orson would never doubt Delson. Hearing Olaro say that name, Orson suddenly felt his legs shake, and he almost fell down on the spot.

"That Wyvern King... the Wyvern King, it was really killed by Mafa Merlin?"

'How could this be... A magic beast over level 35, an existence far more terrifying than Teacher, killed by Mafa Merlin? I'm ridiculous, I thought I saved Mafa Merlin's life...'

'He probably wouldn't even have considered that Level 25 Black Forest Python a threat at all... Moreover, the magic materials I thought were great might be no different from trash in his eyes. And I still recklessly looked for Captain Commander Henri to expel him...'

"When you meet Mafa Merlin in the future, you'd best run as far as possible if you want to live, because I won't be able to save you..." Olaro coldly glanced at the stunned Orson, but didn't say anything else before returning to his own tent.