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 Leon was indeed a genius, but that was all. In Olaro's eyes, only an Archmage had the qualifications to talk to him as an equal.

Leon's face alternated between red and white for a bit before finally turning into a silent sneer.

'Disciples truly follow after their teachers...'

"Sir Olaro, you are a bit excessive..." Lin Yun frowned as he coldly looked at the intruder.

"Excessive? If you don't hand over the Wyvern King Blood today, I'll show you what excessive looks like..." After saying this, Olaro released some astonishing mana fluctuations, and as his staff moved, those mana fluctuations turned into Mana Shackles which pounced at Lin Yun like snakes...

Mana Shackles were usually used when a mage greatly overpowered another. Olaro saw that Mafa Merlin was a mere 2nd Rank High Mage, a full ten ranks below him, so he simply didn't need to cast any spells to attack first. Just Mana Shackles would be enough.

In fact, even 9th Rank High Mages would have to spend a lot of effort to be able to break the Mana Shackles of an Archmage.

But Olaro watched as his snake-like Mana Shackles stopped in front of Lin Yun as if they had run into an obstacle.

No matter how much they twisted or tightened, they couldn't get within half a meter of Lin Yun. Then, a cracking sound echoed as the Mana Shackles he released were shattered by powerful mana fluctuations.

Olaro was suddenly startled. 'How could this be?'

Unfortunately, Olaro didn't have time to think about it, because a Flame Burst carrying a berserk, blazing aura was already on its way.

But Olaro reacted quickly. Without even thinking about it, he instantly erected an Ice Wall. Ice Walls were very good defenses against fire spells.

Using an Ice Wall against a 2nd Rank High Mage's spell was already making a big fuss over nothing. Archmages were Archmages because they were powerhouses that had come into contact with Laws. Once mages reached that realm, they would display power that a High Mage couldn't even imagine. The Ice Wall he cast was not inferior to a High Mage's Runic Shield.

It certainly would have no problem handling an insignificant Flame Burst.

But Olaro was really surprised that this 2nd Rank High Mage would actually dare to attack him.

"You'll soon feel the consequences of your actions..." A sneer appeared on Olaro's face after the Ice Wall formed. He started casting a long and tedious incantation.

Then, everyone watched as the Flame Burst left a trail in its path before exploding on the Ice Wall.

Cracking sounds could be heard.

"Hmm?" Olaro who was in the middle of his cast suddenly froze.

'How could there be such a sound?'

Unfortunately, before Olaro could understand what was happening, a dazzling flame blossomed in front of him. The thick Ice Wall melted as the frantic and berserk Flame Burst instantly drilled through the ice and crashed heavily against the Archmage's chest...

A loud explosion echoed as Olaro flew out of the tent like a kite.

As an Archmage, Olaro had at least a dozen defensive spells enchanted onto his equipment. When that Flame Burst exploded on his chest, various magic runes appeared. At this time, the surrounding mana fluctuations became somewhat twisted...

When a mage reached the Archmage realm and wore thoroughly enchanted equipment, their defensive abilities could be comparable to a Sword Saint's Aura Protection, allowing them to cancel out the damage of a few spells.

But even so, Olaro wasn't in a good state after taking Lin Yun's Flame Burst. He looked as if he had been smashed by a huge rock and remained on the ground, struggling for a bit before managing to crawl out with a pale expression.

"How could this be..." Olaro was dumbstruck on the spot. 'Is this really the power of a 2nd Rank High Mage?'

Olaro couldn't believe this. There was a difference of a whole ten ranks between a 2nd Rank High Mage and a 2nd Rank Archmage. The gap between them was huge!

Even so, this 2nd Rank High Mage's Flame Burst had melted an Archmage's Ice Wall...

He had underestimated his enemy!

'This 2nd Rank High Mage is a bit strange... If I had used the strongest defensive spell of an Archmage, Elemental Shield, I would have been able to cast that spell successfully and Mafa Merlin might have already become a corpse.'

This was the thought that surged in Olaro's heart as he flew out. Although he was in a bad state after landing outside, he felt more ashamed and resentful than physically hurt.

His reputation had taken a blow from this...

An esteemed Archmage went to cause trouble for a High Mage and was trying to pressure him, but he ended up getting easily blasted away...

More importantly, he clearly remembered that Dean was still waiting outside...



Two alarmed voices echoed. Olaro turned his head and shockingly discovered someone else standing outside the tent alongside Dean, Vice Leader Delson.

Olaro truly wanted to find a hole to hide in.

"What... What's going on?"

Dean was puzzled. Olaro was an Archmage, yet just minutes after he entered the tent, he was blasted out.

This made no sense!

He had come into contact with Olaro quite a few times and had a clear understanding of Olaro's power. He was a genuine 2nd Rank Archmage, and even with his True Spirit Magic Tool, Dean would need to spend a lot of effort if he wanted to defeat him. Let alone five minutes, victory might not be decided within fifty minutes.

How could Olaro be sent flying in such an awkward way? What had happened inside?

'Well... Olaro went to cause problem to Mafa Merlin... The answer is obvious...'

Dean suddenly shivered as he thought of this, and he couldn't stop himself from looking at the tent. He saw a young mage holding a magic staff unhurriedly coming out.

'It really was Mafa Merlin!'

In that instant, all of Dean's doubts were cleared up. He finally knew why the powerful Dark Flame Beastman with limitless potential would obey that young mage. He also understood why Mafa Merlin dared to disrespect him.

'I'm ridiculous, I actually thought he was an insignificant High Mage...'

"Sir Olaro, I truly cannot take out the Wyvern King Blood..." Lin Yun was slowly exiting the tent, looking straight at Olaro, a bright crimson rune shining on the Doom Staff. That rune had been carved with ink made of Wyvern King Blood, and it was one of the eight characters of the Book of Death!

After obtaining the Wyvern King Blood, Lin Yun had used it to craft some Dragon Blood Ink. So even if Olaro asked him to take out the Wyvern King Blood, he couldn't do anything about it.

"Naturally, if Sir Olaro insists, I can show you what I used the Wyvern King Blood on..."

"Mafa Merlin, I'll kill you..." When Olaro saw Lin Yun walking over, the stunned expression on his face disappeared and was replaced by endless anger... because the enemy he'd underestimated had blasted him in front of Dean and Delson, ruining his reputation.

That disgrace had to be washed away with blood...

'So what if you broke through an Archmage's Ice Wall, I still have the strongest defense, the Elemental Shield. I don't believe you can break through it. You'll die a tragic death as soon as I cast a High Tier Spell.'

Olaro started casting a long incantation once again.

"Olaro, you wretch, what do you think you are doing! Stop immediately!"

Cold sweat flowed down Delson's back when he saw this scene. He was scared to death. Fortunately, he was quite close to Olaro and reached out to cover Olaro's mouth. At the same time, an unsightly smile appeared on his wrinkled face. "High Mage Merlin, I am very sorry for the trouble... It's a misunderstanding, please don't take offense..."

'Fuck, that's someone that can kill a Wyvern King in three seconds. Olaro, are you just begging to get killed? This would have been your resting place had I not been here!'

With his casting being forcefully interrupted, Olaro suffered intense magical backlash. His entire face turned red before he managed to remove the hand covering his mouth to gasp for air and then resentfully glare at Delson. "Delson, what are you doing!? Don't stop me, that scoundrel Mafa Merlin stole the Wyvern King Blood I was in need of, I need to kill him!"

If Delson hadn't inexplicably interrupted his casting, the High Tier Spell would have already killed Mafa Merlin...

"Don't speak nonsense, return with me... I'm ordering you as the 1st Vice Leader!"

Delson could only use his identity as the 1st Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group here. Ever since he had become the 1st Vice Leader, he had never criticized or ordered a Vice Leader like this.

This was the first time.