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 The battle lasted over four hours before the curtain slowly fell. Although the three mercenary groups were in bad shape and lost some members, there was a lot of loot. The magic materials and mana crystals were divided between the three groups.

Then, they went back to camp to rest and reorganize.

"That damned Mafa Merlin, to actually dare steal the blood of the Wyvern King, this cannot be forgiven!"

An aged figure left the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group's camp, cursing as he walked to the Temple Knights' camp.

The blood of a Wyvern King was something that he had been yearning for. He had been extremely excited when he heard Delson saying that a Wyvern King had appeared, but cold water was poured onto him...

The magic materials of the Wyvern King had unexpectedly disappeared!

Olaro was extremely angry, and he almost quarreled with Delson.

Although it had already been a few days, Olaro was still brooding over this matter. It even reached the point where some conflicts arose between him and Delson, the blood of the Wyvern King being the trigger.

But during the battle earlier, he accidentally found out that a 2nd Rank High Mage had stolen the Wyvern King Blood. This news made him both angry and excited. He was excited because he had finally found the whereabouts of the Wyvern King Blood, and angry because a damned low-level High Mage was bold enough to take away his things!

Due to this, he had been fighting absent-mindedly for the rest of the battle, his mind filled with thoughts of his Wyvern King Blood, causing him to receive an injury.

After the three mercenary groups finished clearing the battlefield and returned to camp, he hurriedly rushed to the Temple Knights to look for Mafa Merlin and get his Wyvern King Blood back. 'If Mafa Merlin is tactful enough and takes the initiative to hand it over, I might spare his life.'

"Olaro, why have you come?" A familiar voice called out to him just as he reached the Temple Knights' camp.

Olaro looked over and saw Vice Leader Dean.

"I'm looking for someone..."

"Looking for someone? You came to our Temple Knights' camp to look for someone? Who are you looking for?" Dean suddenly became vigilant, his smile turning into a sneer as he naturally noticed Olaro's bad mood and his faintly discernible cold aura.

Although the three mercenary groups chose to cooperate to move forward through the Tulan Mountain Range, this was only cooperation based on their interests. Dean wouldn't let Olaro cause trouble for a Temple Knight.

"Your Temple Knights are so great! You actually offered shelter to a greedy thief..." Olaro almost flew into a rage as he mentioned this. "Dean, I advise you not to meddle in others' affairs. Mafa Merlin isn't a Temple Knight, and I want to get something back from him!"

"Hold on, hold on... Sir Olaro, you said Mafa Merlin?" Dean's expression changed around so quickly that he almost laughed out loud. He'd heard Yema say that the Beastman's mage friend had been brought into the camp. Dean had still been thinking of a way to drive out that damned Mafa Merlin...

But he hadn't been able to come up with a good way. Mafa Merlin was the Dark Flame Beastman's friend. If he drove him out, wouldn't the Beastman be unhappy?

And would the Dark Flame Beastman remain with the Temple Knights then?

He had been pondering about this matter up until he saw Olaro. When Olaro said that mage's name, Dean understood that Mafa Merlin had run out of luck...

He knew of Olaro's bad temper, which was a lot more tempestuous than Dean's.

"What? You know Mafa Merlin?" Olaro looked at Dean before flying into a rage. "I absolutely can't spare Mafa Merlin... Do you know what that scoundrel did? He, he... He stole the blood of the Wyvern King! Tell me, how could I bear with this? Such a precious magic material would be wasted in his hands!"

"Well, Sir Olaro..."

"Dean, are you trying to plead for Mafa Merlin?" Olaro's tone was calm, but his voice was cold and emotionless. These words were enough to make even a Sword Saint like Dean feel a chill.

"Sir Olaro, you misunderstood... Mafa Merlin is young after all, he only made a mistake, it isn't unforgivable. You see, Mafa Merlin is our guest. Sir Olaro, after getting your Wyvern King Blood Back, just teach him a lesson, but please don't go overboard, for my sake..."

Dean had a delighted expression on his face and didn't actually look like he was pleading for Lin Yun. He looked like he was telling Olaro to quickly kill that bastard. "Wouldn't it be better to just... Break his legs?"


Olaro looked at Dean rather strangely, but he didn't say anything. Soon after, the two men stopped in front of a tent. Dean remained outside while Olaro entered on his own.

"Mafa Merlin..."

'An Archmage!'

The arrival of an unexpected guest suddenly made Lin Yun frown. This was a scrawny old man, seemingly in his seventies, emitting a bone-chilling aura. From his mana fluctuations, he was probably a 2nd Rank Archmage...

"You are Mafa Merlin?" After entering the tent, Olaro discovered four young mages and one Beastman, but after having seen that recording, Olaro instantly recognized Lin Yun.

"Indeed, may I ask who you are?"

"I am Orson's teacher, as well as a Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, Olaro."

"And Sir Olaro, why are you looking for me?"

"Mafa Merlin, don't pretend!" In a flash, Olaro pointed at Lin Yun, his voice soaring in his anger. "Orson told me everything! You are very bold, Mafa Merlin, you actually dared to steal the loot of our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group! I'll give you one chance, hand over the Wyvern King Blood..."

'This Mafa Merlin isn't tactful... I already said so much yet he is still pretending. Looks like breaking his legs is far from enough...'

The atmosphere in the tent suddenly became strange. The Draconic Beastman and the three Merlins looked at each other, all seeming a bit bemused. Especially the Draconic Beastman, he was even more shocked by Olaro.

'That old man seems to think that he's lived too long... Is Sir Merlin someone you can take advantage of?

'Damn, the Great Xiuban had been with Sir Merlin for such a long time, but I've yet to see anyone get the better of Sir Merlin. Are you really tired of living? Is that why you came to look for Sir Merlin?

'Your disciple is fond of causing trouble, but you, as his teacher, are apparently also fond of this... Fuck, a master-disciple pair fond of causing trouble, do the Heaven Enlightening Mercenaries know?'

"Sir Olaro, that..." Lin Yun slightly hesitated as he glanced at Olaro, and after thinking over the words, he said, "I can't take out the Wyvern King Blood, but there is still some Wyvern King Leather. How about I sell it to you?"

"Sir! You said would you make me a set of leather armor..." The Draconic Beastman looked at Lin Yun bitterly as he reminded him in a low voice.

"Eh... I almost forgot." Lin Yun scratched his cheek, giving Olaro an awkward glance, "There should still be some left after I craft the leather armor. How about it, Sir Olaro, the remaining leather can be used to craft some leather boots or something, are you interested?"

'Leather boots?' Olaro almost spat blood. 'Does he not understand my words? I don't care about shitty leather boots! I asked for the Wyvern King Blood! Can't take it out? How could you not take it out? Scoundrel, you can't have drunk it, right? And even if you did, I'll make you spit it out...'

"Mafa Merlin, stop with your pitiful tricks. Do you think that I can't do anything to you in the Temple Knights' camp?" Olaro looked at Lin Yun with disdain.

'That youth is too ignorant. If he knew that the Temple Knight's Vice Leader Dean had already reached a compromise with me and was standing outside right now, planning on ignoring everything, would he be scared into weeping?

'Facing the fury of an Archmage, even if a 2nd Rank High Mage didn't weep, he would still be terrified...'

"This is your last chance. If you don't treasure it and refuse to take out the Wyvern King Blood, you'll become frozen solid within ten seconds."

"That... Sir Olaro, may I say something?"

Leon struggled for a very long time, thinking that if he didn't say anything, the misunderstanding would only become even bigger...

Leon didn't care about Orson and Olaro's lives, but he knew his younger cousin's methods. He was someone ruthless enough to even kill the Elders of the Merlin Family.

Why did he kill the Elders?

Wasn't it because these Elders wanted to snatch his Gilded Rose?

'The Wyvern King was killed by Cousin Mafa, when did it become stealing the loot of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group? Truly ridiculous... Olaro will end up like Elder Logan if he plans on taking the blood away.'

This was what Leon was worried about. Wouldn't the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group break off relations with the Merlin Family if a Vice Leader was killed? Wouldn't it be bad if that happened? After all, the number one mercenary group of Okland shouldn't be looked down upon.

Thinking about this, Leon was scared into a cold sweat.

"Shut up!"

Olaro shot a glance at the one who spoke and coldly shot back, "Leon, do you think you have the right to interrupt me when I speak? Even your Patriarch Ofran wouldn't interrupt me when I'm speaking!"