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 However, someone else came in at this time.

A Beastman with dark, red skin walked over with a terrifying aura, like a huge beast. He was followed by three young mages who seemed to be in their mid-twenties, yet had already reached High Mage realm.




Orson and Henri were stunned. They were the three most outstanding High Mages of the Temple Knights?

'Why are they here?'

"High Mage Merlin, it would better to come to the Temple Knights' camp since the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group doesn't welcome you. The number 1 mercenary group of Okland doesn't have the most basic trustworthiness, they are shaming the mercenary industry!" After coming in, Yema didn't even look at Orson as he threw an invitation to Lin Yun.

"Haha..." Lin Yun chuckled, sweeping a glance at Orson and Henri, but not saying anything.

"Yes, High Mage Merlin, you are a friend of Sir Xiuban, how could we leave you in such a place?" Hanks and Jasend nodded in support of Yema's proposition.

They were so respectful towards Lin Yun because of the Draconic Beastman. In their eyes, a friend of Sir Xiuban was a friend of the Temple Knights.

And disrespecting Sir Xiuban's friend was the same as disrespecting Sir Xiuban himself...

The Temple Knights had all witnessed the power of the Draconic Beastman as he swept through everything over the past days. The strength Xiuban had displayed had thoroughly convinced these mercenaries, and now, the entire team of Temple Knights was worshipping Xiuban.

Even Vice Leader Dean was paying a lot of attention to Xiuban. He would always try to rope him in any chance he got.


Xiuban almost cursed out loud as he glared at Hanks and the others.

'Sir Xiuban? That Sir Xiuban will die because of you! There will be a lot of trouble if Sir Merlin mistakenly thinks that your Sir Xiuban is not loyal and has been bought by the Temple Knights!'

"Sir Merlin..." Xiuban tightly gripped the hammer in his hand, sweating profusely as he looked at Lin Yun, full of fear. He then explained in a low voice, "I, I, I... I don't know them that well, they shamelessly followed me!"

"It doesn't matter..." Lin Yun shook his head with a smile.

Seeing that Sir Merlin didn't look displeased, Xiuban suddenly thought of something and turned to Orson and Henri with a smile, taking joy in their misfortune.

'They are truly idiots! It's easy to send Sir Merlin away, but do you have any idea how difficult it will be to get him back? Do you not know who saved the three mercenary groups from being wiped out during the Wyvern attack?

'It was Sir Merlin! If Sir Merlin hadn't saved you, your Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group would have lost many people, it might even have been completely annihilated! Hmpf, you managed to keep your lives because Sir Merlin decided he wanted some magic materials...

'If not because of this, why would this Great Xiuban fear Sir Merlin?'

While Orson stared in shock, Lin Yun left towards the Temple Knight camp with Xiuban nervously followed along.

After entering, all the mercenaries that they passed respectfully shouted, "Sir Xiuban!"

Xiuban felt quite pleased...

But only when he was on his own, not with Sir Merlin next to him!

Xiuban felt pleased, but if Sir Merlin was unhappy...

"Is it feeling too hot for you?"

Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he saw the strange look that the Draconic Beastman was giving him. Lin Yun could guess what Xiuban was thinking. 'What the hell, do I look like such a bad person in your eyes?'

The Temple Knights were very enthusiastic, and they quickly helped Lin Yun set up his lodgings. Lin Yun took out his Book of Death and started studying the strange characters.

In the afternoon, a large group of magic beasts appeared not far from the camp. This time, there were roughly over a thousand magic beasts, the lowest of which were at level 15. Lin Yun noticed them from his living quarters and saw several dozen magic beasts that were over level 20.

Although there were many of them, there wasn't a magic beast there comparable to an Archmage leading them like the Wyvern King or the Frost Wolf King. The magic beasts were in chaos, because they couldn't compare to the strength of the trained mercenaries.

But it would take them a while to deal with so many magic beasts.

For the past few days, the three mercenary groups had been closely cooperating, showing no traces of the previous hostility. This change also allowed many members of the three mercenary groups to coordinate their actions to increase overall effectiveness.

Although it had been a few days, their cooperation was still a bit disharmonious.

Lin Yun lifted the tent flap of his living quarters and took a glance at the battlefield. The numerous mercenaries already had the advantage, so they would be able to end this chaotic battle within a few hours.

There was no need to do anything, so studying the Book of Death was a better use of his time. Lin Yun shook his head as he started to head back inside, only to suddenly notice a shadow.

'A Variant Black Lizard...'

Lin Yun was startled at first, before immediately taking out the Book of Death and facing the Variant Black Lizard. Studying the Book of Death could wait a bit.

He hadn't expected to meet a Variant Black Lizard here, as they were quite rare.

Their blood could be used to temper Magic Tools, benefiting them in various ways.

Black Lizards were only Level 15 magic beasts with pitch-black bodies, and they weren't very strong. If a Black Lizard mutated, its body would change to a brownish red, and its speed would raise ten times.

That flashing shadow just now was a Variant Black Lizard, Lin Yun recognized it with one glance.

After casting Haste on himself, he rushed over to pursue the lizard. The battlefield was too chaotic and magic beasts were everywhere, not organized at all. It reached the point where Lin Yun met over a dozen low-level magic beasts after leaving his tent. He casually cast a few Flame Bursts, sending magic beasts flying one after the other with the explosions.


Lin Yun suddenly sensed a powerful killing intent. He looked around and discovered a silhouette emitting a particular fluctuation. It had both mana and Aura...

Martial Path and Magic Path...

No mistake, this was a Phantom Archer!

He was completely focused on his unsuspecting prey and hadn't noticed that someone had discovered him. He held a longbow that was a Magic Tool. It kept shaking as it was filled with Aura. The arrow nocked on it was filled with a terrifying magic aura. Lin Yun believed that let alone a Variant Black Lizard, even a 9th Rank High Mage protected by a Runic Shield wouldn't be able to escape this arrow.

The blood of the Variant Black Lizard was too important to this Phantom Archer. He wouldn't allow anything unexpected to happen. His bow was already a True Spirit Magic Tool and he also had seven arrows that were peak Spiritual Magic Tools. As long as he obtained the Variant Black Lizard's blood and dipped his seven arrows into it, they would soon reach True Spirit Rank.

Then, the bow and arrows would become a True Spirit Magic Tool set and his strength would rise by an entire level.

As the leader of the Red Dragon Mercenaries, his thirst for power was a lot greater than most others would have. In the short twenty years since he established the Red Dragon Mercenary Group, he had gone from being a 2nd Rank Divine Archer to being a Phantom Archer. He had always been the core of the Red Dragon Mercenary Group. Even when he was a 9th Rank Divine Archer, his mercenary group was still small and humble.

But after he became a Phantom Archer, the Red Dragon Mercenary Group underwent a transformation. It only took a few years before it became one of Okland's top three mercenary groups.

This time, the three mercenary groups obtained some clues concerning some ruins, and Rolf directly sent Sword Saint Sussman as well as an elite group over. But not long ago, Rolf received some news in Okland: Sussman had been seriously hurt in a battle with a Wyvern King.

Without any better options, Rolf decided to head over personally. The ruins would play a critical role in the development of the mercenary groups, so he couldn't be careless.

What Rolf found pleasantly surprising was that he actually found a Variant Black Lizard during this chaotic battle. He had been searching for one for a long time without luck, but he just happened to spot one here.

He definitely couldn't miss out on this opportunity.

He had a lot of confidence in his arrows. When he was still a 9th Rank Divine Archer, he could guarantee 100% accuracy. Now that he had already become a Phantom Archer, with the amplification of mana and aura, he would have no trouble when shooting... Not to mention his peak Spiritual Magic Tool arrows that had enhanced sharpness, speed, and accuracy.

After preparing to this extent, he felt that nothing could go wrong...

The arrow was shot, and it was far faster than the Variant Black Lizard!

Fifty meters...

Twenty meters...

Rolf could clearly see the arrow's trajectory, and his heart seemed to rush towards the Variant Black Lizard alongside the arrow. However... When the arrow was only five meters away from the Variant Black Lizard, an Ice Wall appeared, blocking the path of the arrow.

'Fuck, which bastard is trying to snatch my Variant Black Lizard!'

Rolf suddenly got furious. He sneered as he thought, 'Whoever did that is an idiot. How could an Ice Wall block my arrow?'

From the mana fluctuations emitted by the Ice Wall, Rolf assessed that the one who had put it up was a 2nd Rank High Mage. 'Truly ridiculous, even an Archmage's Ice Wall would collapse in front of my arrow...' Rolf wasn't being conceited... He just had confidence in himself as a Phantom Archer.