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 It was followed by the sound of chanting.

At the same time, an intense, golden Sword Aura pierced the horizon.

Dean wouldn't deserve being a Vice Leader if he couldn't guess who it was.

"Dean, you are already wounded, let Sir Delson and I take care of it..." The gold-armored Sword Saint of the Red Dragon Mercenary Group shook his sword, and Sword Aura covered half of the sky. The dazzling Sword Aura even smothered the Wyvern King.

Delson stood not far from them holding a magic staff, a serious expression shrouding his aged face as he cast spells. From the mana fluctuations he emitted, he should be a 3rd Rank Archmage.

He was even a bit stronger than Dean.

Moreover, the golden-armored Red Dragon Sword Saint wasn't weak either.

The combination of a Sword Saint and an Archmage could be considered quite formidable!


Dean's heart moved. He'd thought that these two guys would turn a blind eye to his situation, but surprisingly, they came to help him. He would have hugged them if it weren't for the fact that the situation was unsuitable for that.

But Dean then thought of something. 'No, that's wrong... The Wyvern King is such a formidable enemy... With their power, these two should have already discovered when it appeared, yet they let me stall for such a long time before appearing... Hmpf, I understand, those two scoundrels saw that the Wyvern King was too formidable and they knew that if it didn't die soon enough, the Temple Knights wouldn't be the only ones to suffer. Their forces would also suffer disastrous losses.

'Fuckers! They are no good!'

Dean did suffer many injuries and his fighting strength had greatly lowered, but he was still a Sword Saint. After retreating, he started massacring the Wyverns.

An amazing flood of spells seemed to drown the Wyvern King. The frightening mana fluctuations spread through every corner of the camp, and the Wyverns on the Wyvern King's sides either scattered away or exploded. On the surface, the two powerhouses were teaming up to fight the Wyvern King and seemed to have the upper hand. But in reality, Delson and the gold-armored Sword Saint had yet to injure the Wyvern King, even when working together.

That magic beast was too fierce.

It was worthy of being a magic beast with a draconic bloodline. After no less than half an hour, the two of them still hadn't managed to properly wound it, yet one was tired, and the other was on the verge of suffering from mana exhaustion.

As the two were in the middle of an intense battle, no one discovered the unremarkable Mage Eye being destroyed due to the fierce mana fluctuations.

"Sir Delson, we can't keep going..." The gold-armored Sword Saint was rousing his protective Aura as far as he could, trying to resist the Wyvern King's offensive while shouting to Delson, "It's at least level 35! If we fall, not many mercenaries will be able to survive."

After saying this, the gold-armored Sword Saint didn't wait for Delson's answer before shaking his greatsword, making flames appear on his sword. It looked as if he was holding a fire dragon.

He burst out with his remaining Aura and charged at the Wyvern King...


Delson chanted some incomprehensible words as he used what little mana he had left. He didn't cower, because he knew that the only reason the gold-armored Sword Saint did what he did was to create an opportunity for him.

Three powerful 7th Tier Spells flew away, aiming at the Wyvern King. In a flash, the surroundings elements rose up to a frightening level, a deep cry echoing above the camp.


A deep sound echoed...

The gold-armored Sword Saint flew away like a kite, his injuries extremely heavy. He wasn't even able to use Aura to keep aloft, so he crashed onto the floor.

It was followed by the Wyvern King's deafening angry roar.


Delson paled, feeling very bitter. The Three Great Mercenary Groups rushed to the Tulan Mountain Range in order to gain indescribable fame and prestige, but no one had foreseen such a conclusion.

They encountered such a devastating blow before they could even enter the center of the Tulan Mountain Range.

The Wyvern King was in a very bad situation too. The highly toxic green radiance had disappeared long ago, and one of its wings had just snapped, greatly impairing its speed. There were a few dozen terrifying wounds on its body, and scalding blood was erupting out.

Delson knew that the Wyvern King only had less than 70% of its original strength, but even so, he couldn't do anything about it. Dean was in the best shape, but even if he showed up again to help, he wouldn't be the Wyvern King's opponent. The Expert Swordsmen and High Mages fighting the Wyverns in the sky had no time to look over either.

The situation was terrible!

A sharp sound echoed. The Wyvern King had wisdom comparable to a human, and its anger had reached an extreme as the two mossy green eyes were glaring at Delson. At the same time, an intense mana fluctuation rose up.

Veil of Darkness!

A spell comparable to 7th Tier Spells was released by the Wyvern King, spreading poison all over, and just like a veil, it covered half of the sky.

Screams echoed.

They were issued by a few Expert Swordsmen and High Mages that were a few hundred meters away. Although they were powerful, they weren't worth mentioning in front of the Wyvern King.

Delson was in despair within his Runic Shield. His mana had already been thoroughly exhausted, and he didn't have a single wisp of mana remaining after casting that Runic Shield.

It only took a few seconds for that Runic Shield to dim since it wasn't fuelled by mana, and then... He was saved by a Mana Shield and an Ice Wall...

This was too unfathomable...

Delson's eyes were wide open as he was dumbstruck.

After all, this wide area was under the cover of the Veil of Darkness. One needed to be an Archmage or a Sword Saint to safely go through it. But in the entire camp, he was the only Archmage. Even 9th Rank High Mages would only last three seconds with their Runic Shields.

Then, a young mage's silhouette passed by him and slowly lifted a magic staff, an Ice Fire Shield appearing at the same time. That young mage was holding an ancient book emitting an aura of death. He chanted some strange words while a disk flickering with blue and red radiance floated above his head like a moon, suddenly bursting with endless spells.

It had world-shaking momentum.

The young mage thoroughly broke common sense, ignoring spell consumption as if he couldn't help wasting his mana. The ancient book in his hand also burst with a black light.

His casting seemed to have reached perfection.

The Wyvern King was battered severely, and its huge body fell to the ground like a meteor.

Delson suddenly felt his surroundings falling silent. He stood there in a daze, motionless. That scene had been too shocking for him.

He hadn't even seen the appearance of that young mage properly, but he had managed to see that he was very young!

'Is he still human?'

With shock and fear, he looked at the falling corpse of the Wyvern King. It didn't take more than three seconds since the young mage appeared!

Three seconds!

'What can I do in three seconds? Cast one high tier spell? No, there isn't enough time... Even a more powerful lower tier spell needs at least five seconds...

'Sword Saint Dean fought the Wyvern King for ten minutes, and then Sword Saint Sussman and I did all we could to kill that Wyvern King...'

But even when teaming up, they still weren't powerful enough and could only injure the Wyvern King, and it wasn't even seriously hurt. And after the Veil of Darkness, Delson was forced to cast Runic Shield while suffering from mana exhaustion. He had already despaired, knowing that he had already reached the end of his life.

But a mysterious young mage had appeared and changed this terrible situation, killing that formidable Wyvern King in just three seconds.

As the first Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, he clearly knew how formidable their leader was, but he couldn't believe that such a young mage had such terrifying power.

"You killed the Wyvern King..." Delson landed near the young man and saw that he was crouching next to the Wyvern King's corpse.

"It was conveniently here." The young mage nodded, apparently not in the mood to talk with the Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group. He was far more interested in the Wyvern King's corpse than this Vice Leader.

"Thank... Thank you for your help. If not for your timely arrival, I would have already become a corpse." Delson looked at the young mage with a complicated expression before bowing deeply.

"Don't mention it..."

Delson swallowed back the many thankful words in his throat, because he could see the young mage preoccupied as he skillfully took the Wyvern King's claws, peeled off the poison gland, and fished out a few bottles before extracting the Wyvern King's blood.

After some time, the young mage raised his head and looked at Delson.

The young mage didn't say anything...

But such a subtle movement made Delson feel a chill. Then, Delson suddenly realized that standing there was too dangerous.

A mage that could kill the Wyvern King in three seconds was busy dissecting the corpse, yet he was standing there, spectating from the side like he wanted something...

Wasn't he courting death?

Thinking of this, cold sweat trickled down Delson's forehead. He couldn't care about anything else at the moment and hurriedly said a few thankful words before leaving with a fearful expression.

Only when Delson left far enough did Lin Yun take out the Wyvern King's mana crystal. He tightly held it with an unconcealable expression of happiness. This was a level 35 mana crystal!

He then put away the spirit mana crystal and the sharp claws, these were truly rare magic materials and were worth his time personally coming to collect them.

After filling a few bottles with blood, he prepared to leave...

"What? It's actually you, that greedy guy? Do you have no feelings? Our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group took pity on you and kindly offered you shelter, yet you were so ungrateful and didn't even help kill the Wyverns... Eh, that's right, you were ungrateful to begin with, but how could you be this greedy to steal our loot!? Mafa Merlin, you are a wretch!" The voice of the young High Mage, Orson, suddenly echoed.