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 The Three Great Mercenary Groups had gathered in the Tulan Mountain Range. Lin Yun definitely couldn't believe that they had no ulterior motives. It would take several hundred thousand golds for such a large force to mobilize like this. Why would they be in the Tulan Mountain Range if it wasn't for something major?

Moreover, why the Tulan Mountain Range?

Lin Yun had been puzzled about this. 'Is it related to the Gaugass King?'

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case...

The Tulan Mountain Range wasn't a scenic place, and the three mercenary groups weren't idle travelers. They inevitably would only move out en masse to complete some objective.

After all, the mercenaries that came this time could be considered elites. It could be seen from the Temple Knights he had encountered earlier. The one leading them was a Sword Saint using a True Spirit Magic Tool!

The team had consisted of High Mages, Expert Swordsmen, and Divine Archers...

The teams of the other two mercenary groups shouldn't be inferior to the Temple Knights' team, either. They likely had at last a vice leader commanding them. Lin Yun estimated that there were at least three Archmages or Sword Saints in the Tulan Mountain Range, and maybe more.

But he also felt there was a problem with that idea. How could the three mercenary groups know of the Gaugass King's secret?

'Could it be...' Lin Yun's heartbeat sped up as he thought of a possibility. 'What if they knew that the Gaugass King wasn't dead? But how could this be?'

Lin Yun knew about everything because he had come from the future...

But even he had only come to this conclusion by guessing...

Lin Yun didn't have any evidence proving that the Gaugass King hadn't died...

He wouldn't have been able to confirm this without talking to Leon.

So how could the Three Great Mercenary Groups know?

This was a bit troublesome...

Only the Gaugass King's six-formula Meditation Law Set was important to Lin Yun...

What Lin Yun lacked right now was a Meditation Law Set. He didn't dare to attack a higher realm without establishing his core Meditation Law Set.

In fact, with Lin Yun's unreasonably large and stable mana pool, he could easily become a 5th Rank High Mage.

The only reason he was still a 2nd Rank High Mage high mage was the fact that he was suppressing his own rank until that issue was fixed.

As long as Lin Yun got that six-formula Meditation Law Set, he could advance to the 5th Rank anytime he wished, and if he wanted, he could even become an Archmage within half a year.

From this, it could be seen how important that six-formula Meditation Law Set was to Lin Yun.

Not to mention, this wasn't the most important part...

The most important part was that these three Meditation Law Sets would be fused with the Mage Array to establish Lin Yun's true magic foundation and let him tread a path of magic that no one had ever walked before...

Thus, Lin Yun would do anything to get the Gaugass King's Meditation Law Set. Even if a God stood in his way, Lin Yun would find a way to slay that God!

Not long after Yilu left, Lin Yun wiped away his tired expression, becoming lively. He could feel all the mana fluctuations in the camp and couldn't help inwardly exclaiming to himself. They were truly worth being the Three Great Mercenary Groups of Okland, as they were far stronger than he'd imagined. Just the number of High Mages was frightening.

'An Archmage!'

At this time, an intense mana fluctuation startled Lin Yun. He raised his hand and three Mage Eyes instantly left the camp and floated around in the valley, overlooking the entire scene.

A dozen people were situated in the center of the camp in a circle, the weakest of which was actually a 5th Rank High Mage. They were divided into three groups. If Lin Yun wasn't wrong, these ought to be the core members of the three mercenary groups. An old man in the group seemed quite inconspicuous, looking thin and bony, but Lin Yun knew that those powerful mana fluctuations came from him. He was an Archmage.

The red-haired Expert Swordswoman, Yilu, stood behind the Archmage with a heavy expression.

"Dean, your request couldn't be considered too excessive, but you also know that this valley is too narrow. If our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group gives up a portion of our living quarters, we wouldn't have enough left to use..." The Archmage squinted at the Sword Saint not far ahead of him.

"Vice Leader Delson..." The middle-aged Sword Saint thought that there wouldn't be any problem if he politely asked for more living quarters, but he hadn't expected that the Vice Leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, Delson, would tactfully decline.

The middle-aged Sword Saint had led the Temple Knights to withstand thousands of Frost Wolves three days ago and had even killed a Wolf King. The casualties during that fight had been disastrous, to the point that crossing the Traces of Misfortune had been extremely strenuous. The number of people they lost far exceeded the casualties of the other two mercenary groups.

The Temple Knights had too many wounded people, who naturally couldn't just squeeze in together, so Dean requested a portion of the living quarters of the other two mercenary groups.

"It's already crowded as it is, we really can't do anything about that..."

The Vice Leader of the Red Dragon Mercenary Group also declined. He was a Sword Saint in his fifties and was wearing a golden armor. A strict aura was spreading from his body.

Behind the Sword Saint was an attractive, blonde-haired swordswoman in her twenties. She was Anna Achilles, the Vice Leader who had recently been entrusted by the Watson Family to escort Stan Watson, but had encountered a terrifying, young mage midway that easily killed their charge.

After experiencing that, Anna's rank dropped from Vice Leader to Lieutenant.

She looked thinner and paler, as if she hadn't been able to get rid of the shadow of that slowly walking young mage.

In a short few months, her strength had greatly advanced. She was now a 7th Rank Expert Swordswoman, yet she knew that she wouldn't last more than three seconds in front of that young mage, and most likely even less.

"Good, good, good... The Heaven Enlightening and the Red Dragon Mercenary Groups are quite good to us!" Dean was furious. He wasn't as angry when he met that young mage three days ago. At this time, the True Spirit Magic Tool on his shoulder let out some lightning and everyone could sense the surrounding mana fluctuations going crazy.

No one dared to speak at such a time.

The two Vice Leaders from the other two mercenary groups looked at each other in dismay.

"I understand why you are doing this... It's all because of the ruins!" Dean let out a sneer as he swept a glance at the two Vice Leaders.

"Would your Temple Knights run over if there were no ruins?" Archmage Delson frowned. "Don't tell me that your Temple Knights rushed over to the Tulan Mountain Range for a scenic tour..."

"I could believe it if Sir Dean said that he came for a visit," the Red Dragon Vice Leader quipped sarcastically. "Dean, our three mercenary groups originally got along well, do you want to destroy this bridge? Why bother..."

"How come Okland's 1st and 3rd Mercenary Groups seem to get along so well and rush over to the Tulan Mountain Range so quickly and deliberately refuse to make some space for us? It's not because it's too crowded, but because you are thinking of suppressing the Temple Knights, isn't it?"

"Vice Leader Dean, spilled words cannot be taken back. Don't say anything you could regret! Our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group isn't as uncouth as you make it out to be!"

"Such words are useless. If your Temple Knights arrived earlier, wouldn't they have gotten more space? Wouldn't it have been harder for our two mercenary groups to get space then?"

"Damn... I'll remember what your mercenary groups did today!" After cursing, Dean turned away and took the core members of the Temple Knights back to his camp.

'Fuckers! You think the Temple Knights are easy to bully? I'll show you!'

Dean returned to camp while cursing non-stop the whole way.

The three Great Mercenary Groups of Okland didn't gather in the Tulan Mountain Range without reason. It involved some ruins. And coincidentally, not long ago, the three mercenary groups gained some information pertaining to these ruins and hurriedly rushed to the Tulan Mountain Range.

The Three Great Mercenary Groups appeared polite and amiable on the surface, but Dean clearly knew what the true situation was. As the top three mercenary groups, they were constantly setting themselves against each other. If these ruins fell into the hands of one of the groups, it would definitely greatly raise that force's strength, pushing them above the others.

It could be seen from the trivial situation just now. It might not be long before the three mercenary groups shed all pretense of cordiality and suppress each other.

After experiencing that fierce battle in the Aurij Mountain Range, as well as the dangerous Traces of Misfortune, the Temple Knights had suffered a disastrous loss, leaving their strength a lot weaker than the other two mercenary groups.

'Delson, Sussman, you would never have guessed that although the Temple Knights lost many members, our strength isn't as bad as you think...'

A sneer appeared at the corner of Dean's mouth as he looked at the four-man tent at the corner of the camp. Living there were a Beastman and three mages.

The Beastman in particular... If he hadn't helped during their trip through Traces of Misfortune, the Temple Knights' losses might have been a lot more severe. He observed the Beastman through every battle and was certain that no Expert Swordsman could take him on.

He was that frightening.

After all, he was only a 6th Rank Expert Swordsman...