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 "I am right, aren't I? I advise you not to be too greedy! You are a mere 2nd Rank High Mage. So what if you discovered the Black Forest Python first? Are you even able to kill a Level 25 Black Forest Python? If not for us, you might have been swallowed by that Black Forest Python..."

The young High Mage didn't even feel like looking at Lin Yun. He crouched beside the corpse of the Black Forest Python, soaking in his joy. He was a 5th Rank High Mage at the age of 29, while also standing at the peak of the Great Alchemist realm, just one step away from the Master Alchemist realm.

While stationed in the camp, he noticed the aura of a Black Forest Python and became overjoyed. The skin of a Black Forest Python was one of the magic materials he needed. It was very rare and might not even be available for sale even if he had the money. He had called a few friends and tracked the aura of the Black Forest Python.

They spent an entire day before finally finding the tracks of the Black Forest Python.

But, the strange looking mage was greedy beyond redemption. 'He thinks that he would be able to kill it? Truly ridiculous! Even by relying on his pitiful strength as a 2nd Rank High Mage, he would have died if we had come twenty seconds later.

'He doesn't know how to be grateful... Yet he still knows how to be greedy. Greedy people usually have bad ends...'

"To tell the truth, this rare magic material would never be able to show its true worth in your hands. Only in the hands of Great Alchemists like us could it turn into a precious magic item."

After saying that, the young High Mage lost interest in this discussion and stood up. He didn't even look at Lin Yun as he turned to his three companions. "Alright, Yilu, Hanks, Gauthier, we left the camp a day ago, we should quickly return to avoid worrying the others."

"I think there must be a misunderstanding..." Lin scratched his nose, feeling that this situation was rather ridiculous. 'Do I look like a greedy person?'


The young High Mage only sneered. He felt that he had already made the situation clear. If that greedy mage obstinately persisted, they would have to settle this with force.

Seeing the state of that strange mage, he knew that he had experienced a fierce battle and wasn't in top shape. And then the Black Forest Python appeared next to him, yet he hadn't discovered it.

Moreover, he was only a 2nd Rank High Mage.

This strength wasn't sufficient.

"Orson, you really are misunderstanding."

The red-haired Expert Swordswoman went to Lin Yun's side, her flaming sword already sheathed. She didn't look at Lin Yun arrogantly like the young High Mage did, and she greeted him with a smile. "Hello, we are members of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, I am Yilu. My companion's words were a bit harsh, I hope you won't take offense."

"Mafa Merlin." Lin Yun looked thoughtfully at Yilu. He wasn't attracted by her good looks, but was instead considering something. 'The Temple Knights and the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Groups appearing at the same location, how coincidental is this...'

Two of Okland's three strongest mercenary groups were here. This forced Lin Yun to pay attention to this matter.

"Merlin Family?" Yilu looked at Lin Yun with bewilderment.

After all, the Merlin Family was one of the three Great Families of Okland. Few people around didn't know about them. Yilu and the others weren't ordinary people either, as they were members of the number one mercenary group of Okland. It would be very strange if they didn't know of the Merlin Family.

"Yes." Lin Yun nodded to confirm.

"I think he is just a branch member. Why else would he look like this?" That young mage called Orson sneered before looking disdainfully at Lin Yun. He hadn't heard of a Mafa Merlin in Okland, so he definitely shouldn't be part of the main branch and probably didn't even have the qualifications to enter the Merlin Family Manor.

Orson knew of the three geniuses of the Merlin Family, those that could stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Apart from them, he didn't pay attention to anyone else in the younger generation.

And the direct descendants of the Merlin Family wouldn't be like him, showing such greed because of a Black Forest Python.

Orson's first opinion of Lin Yun was that he was someone who had never seen the world. If he had, why would he care about the magic materials from a Black Forest Python and miss the opportunity to befriend such important figures?

Orson was very likely to become an Archmage, and most likely also would become a vice leader of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group.

A vice leader of the number one mercenary group of Okland was a very influential person, befriending him would be striking it rich...'That Mafa Merlin is so ignorant... Why else would he miss the opportunity to befriend me?'

"High Mage Merlin, your situation seems a bit bad..." Yilu frowned as she looked at Lin Yun's robe. She could feel that the aura of that young High Mage was very chaotic. It seemed that he had gone through a fierce battle, and that his situation was critical. Thinking of this, Yilu fished out a valuable potion and handed it over to Lin Yun. "High Mage Merlin, you should drink this. May I ask where you are going? Our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group's camp isn't far. You can follow us back to camp if you've lost your way or if you wish to go back to Okland. After all, this place is very dangerous and not very safe..."

Like Orson, she thought that Lin Yun wasn't an important branch member of the Merlin Family. He looked young and was a 2nd Rank High Mage, showing that his gift in the field of magic was pretty good. He would be among the best when compared to the talents of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group, only a bit inferior to Orson.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help trying to rope him in. A Merlin High Mage with good magical talent but who couldn't gain the support of the Merlin Family would definitely not amount to much in the future. It wouldn't be hard for him to become a Lieutenant if he became a member of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group.

Giving him a precious potion and inviting him to the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary camp, this wasn't treatment everyone could enjoy.

What she meant was very obvious.

Lin Yun's brain would have an issue if he couldn't understand.

But it turned out that she overthought.

"Thank you for your good intentions, Expert Swordswoman Yilu." Lin Yun shook his head, refusing Yilu's potion. His outer appearance aside, Lin Yun was actually doing quite well. How else could he rouse his Magic Array?

He didn't like to owe others...

"Expert Swordswoman Yilu, I'd like to discuss something with you."

"Hmm... What is it?" Yilu looked at Lin Yun with disbelief, thinking, 'He declined! He actually declined! How could he decline?'

Yilu couldn't understand, 'Does he not put the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group in his eyes? This is impossible! Who knows how many powerhouses try to join the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group every year! There is no lack of Expert Swordsmen, High Mages and Divine Archers...'

"I want to hire you to lead me to your camp..."

With magic beasts all over his path, it was very inconvenient with Xiuban and his three cousins not around, but meeting the Heaven Enlightening mercenaries settled this issue.

He didn't want to owe others, so he would hire them.

This was a business transaction.

Yilu had yet to speak when Orson rushed in front of Lin Yun in anger, pointing his finger at Lin Yun's face. "Can you afford our commission? Liyu said you could follow us to camp, how can you not differentiate good from bad? Who do you think you are? An Archmage? You want to hire us?"

"I didn't say I wanted to hire you..."

Orson's face suddenly turned ashen as he was rendered speechless.


Seeing Orson eating a loss, Yilu held back a smile. "Alright, High Mage Merlin, let's not talk about hiring. We will take you back to camp, and if you insist on paying our fees, then you can do as you wish."

The matter of the commission was set aside for now.

The chance to rope a gifted 2nd Rank High Mage into the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group was of utmost importance.

If he followed her to the camp, he would be able to see the power of the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group and might even take the initiative to ask to join.

Although magic beasts kept attacking, they met no troubles thanks to the mercenaries. The only problem was that annoying one in the group.

Many magic beasts slumbered under the cover of the night.

At long last, they reached their destination, a brightly lit, spacious valley. Makeshift tents spread as far as Lin Yun could see. To his amazement, the tents were built into a triangular formation.

'Is the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group not the only one stationed here?'

"High Mage Merlin, you should stay in the tent for the night, don't run around recklessly." Yilu could hardly hide her disappointment. Ever since the group of four came back from Traces of Misfortune, she kept dropping hints to Lin Yun on numerous occasions, yet that young High Mage remained unmoved and always changed the topic.

It was to the point that when he returned to the camp, Yilu's attitude had become cold.

That High Mage called Orson originally wanted to criticize Lin Yun, but was summoned just as he arrived.

"Our Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group isn't the only one stationed here..." Yilu stopped and lowered her voice. "The Temple Knights and the Red Dragon mercenaries are also there, so you shouldn't run around. It'd be very troublesome if something happened..."

'As expected...'

Lin Yun smiled and feigned doubt. "Expert Swordswoman Yilu, what is happening in the Tulan Mountain Range? How come Okland's top three mercenary groups are all present?"


After saying this, Yilu planned to persuade Lin Yun to join her mercenary group once again. In her eyes, the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group was the best home for him. If he could get some contributions and gain some importance, then becoming an Archmage wouldn't be an issue.

But before she could say anything, Lin Yun stretched, looking exhausted.

"High Mage Merlin, you should go rest first. But remember my words, don't run around at night..."