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 Lin Yun was barely able to withstand the assault of the hundred of Magic Leopards by relying on it.

As for the Magic Leopard King, he pushed Lin Yun into dangerous situations several times. But Lin Yun used all his power to temporarily suppress the Magic Leopard King...

After getting the upper hand, he still didn't dare to relax. He cast twenty Flame Bursts in a row, the explosions echoing one after another. He didn't dare to breathe, in fear of making a mistake that would lose him his advantage.

Lin Yun had already cast thirty Flame Bursts at this time.

Any 2nd Rank High Mage would have already used up all their mana. This was no joke, as Lin Yun completely exceeded his own casting abilities and his spell shortening transcended the rules of magic. It was like a machine being overloaded, placing a huge burden on his mana and his mind.

Even Lin Yun couldn't fight like this for long.

But now, Lin Yun had no choice but to keep using Flame Bursts to suppress the Magic Leopard King, not giving it any breathing room. If he stopped casting Flame Bursts, the Magic Leopard King would rush over at lightning speed to attack him. At that time, he would have to face the sharp claws that could easily tear through steel.

Lin Yun was now gambling...

He was gambling to see who would collapse first between him and the Magic Leopard King.

Flame Bursts kept being released, rousing the fire elements. Thirty-first, thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth...

Rumbles could be heard echoing constantly...

One after the other, the Flame Bursts blasted the Magic Leopard King. Deep noises and dazzling sparks filled the air, making it seem like only Flame Bursts existed in this world.

There weren't any more Magic Leopards in the firing zone aside from the Magic Leopard King, and furthermore, the dark ground was now emitting smoke after that bombardment.

Lin Yun kept casting, rousing his Magic Array to its limit, and pushing his casting as well as his spell shortening as far as they would go.

He cast a final Flame Burst, his fiftieth. The Flame Burst soared in the sky before falling onto the Magic Leopard King like all the previous ones. But this time, it was followed by a mournful and sinister wail. The Magic Leopard King's bloody eyes gradually dimmed as its charred body finally couldn't endure its own weight.

The Magic Leopard King's death triggered some great changes in the battle. The surviving Magic Leopards instantly lost their pillar of support, and fear could be seen in their bloody eyes.

Although Lin Yun had encountered many magic beasts ever since he entered the Traces of Misfortune, only the Magic Leopard King had been a real threat.

But it had now died...

He hardly paid attention to the fleeing Magic Leopards. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel burst with terrifying power under Enderfa's control and massacred the Magic Leopards it targeted. The battle soon ended.

Only a dozen Magic Leopards managed to escape, while the rest were icy corpses collapsed on the ground.

His cousins weren't in the Traces of Misfortune, so Lin Yun had to gather his loot himself.

Fortunately, the level 30 spirit mana crystal kept his interest up as he cleared the loot. After cleaning up the battlefield, Lin Yun remained on the move because he knew that the bloody smell of these corpses would draw many more magic beasts over.

For three days, Lin Yun rushed towards the Tulan Mountain Range in the north. All kinds of magic beasts appeared on the road just like a rising tide. Lin Yun even forgot how many times he encountered magic beasts, but he felt that there were close to a hundred waves. Some had a handful of magic beasts, while some had about a hundred of them.

He even killed two magic beasts on the level of the Magic Leopard King, obtaining a total of three spirit mana crystals. As for the mana crystals over level twenty, he didn't even know how many he had.

His black robe was covered in bloodstains, but it was the blood of the magic beasts. Over the past three days, Lin Yun spent 99% of his time fighting in the Traces of Misfortune. This might have been his most difficult period since coming to this era.

Even fighting one of the three Sword Saints of the Merlin Family couldn't compare to this.

It was worth mentioning that fighting in such a difficult battlefield further increased his casting ability and his control over the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

The dense, poisonous mist seemed to thin as he progressed. He was getting through the Traces of Misfortune without suffering any mishaps. Now, he was in the edge of the black wasteland. Even after three days of continuous battles, Lin Yun didn't look awkward. The Magic Array was always revolving to its limits, making him unable to miss any detail in his surroundings.

This was the edge of the Traces of Misfortune. Although it wasn't as dangerous as before, anyone that was below 9th Rank High Mage could lose their life to a moment of carelessness.

A pitch-black python was coiled in the jungle fifty meters ahead. Its sinister triangular eyes were staring at Lin Yun, and it looked as if it was ready to dash forward.

A level 25 Black Forest Python.

To Lin Yun, who was on high alert, no magic beast could hide from him. A spark appeared in his hands as he got ready to insta-kill this magic beast. But he suddenly frowned. He looked in the distance and felt some mana fluctuations. He released three Mage Eyes and found four people with decent strength approaching, although they were still several hundred meters away.

A 5th Rank High Mage, 4th Rank Expert Swordsman, 6th Rank Expert Swordsman, and a 3rd Rank Divine Archer...

This lineup would be considered formidable even in Noscent, but they were in the outskirts of the Traces of Misfortune. To Lin Yun, this group was walking on the edge of a blade. If unlucky, they would meet a group of berserk magic beasts and possibly face destruction.

But, there were many people who liked to court disaster in this world, and Lin Yun didn't plan on meddling in the business of others.

"Black Forest Python!"

The young High Mage released mana fluctuations in the blink of an eye, raising an Ice Wall in front of them just by raising his hand while firing a dozen Frost Spikes at the Black Forest Python a few dozen meters ahead of him..

The young High Mage couldn't hide his joy as his eyes were fixed on the Black Forest Python, completely ignoring Lin Yun on the side. He was quite a skilled caster, and his fighting experience, as well as his power, was a bit better than Leon's.

The Black Forest Python who was getting ready to hunt suddenly got disturbed and naturally became angry. The cold aura spread for a few dozen meters and withered the forest in a split second. At the same time, a shadow flew out at a crazy speed, easily dodging the young mage's Frost Spikes.

But what awaited it were eight Frost Lances...

It didn't manage to dodge in time and was hit by two of them. Its bloody maw suddenly opened, and its snake tongue slithered as a pungent smell spread out. It spit a ball of poison at the young mage that had angered it.

It was the perfect time for a Runic Shield, and sure enough, the young mage cast it just as the Ice Wall collapsed, blocking five poisonous balls before it dimmed. The young mage's face was still expressionless as he used those five seconds he gained to cast a Fire Dragon spell, suddenly engulfing the Black Forest Python.

The Black Forest Python let out a mournful sound as it was hit by the flames.

A lightning-like silhouette flashed up with a sword that was erupting with flames and gave the fatal strike to that Black Forest Python. This was an extremely beautiful woman with a fair complexion and red hair reaching her waist. Looking at the python on the ground, she asked, "Orson, is this satisfactory? It took an entire day to track this Black Forest Python. This should be enough for a Great Alchemist like yourself? You rarely take out any potions, yet you always ask us to collect magic materials. Don't look for me for something like this next time..."

The Divine Archer and the Expert Swordsman caught up at this time. They saw the corpse of the Black Forest Python and couldn't help looking happy.

"Who are you?"

The happy young High Mage finally noticed the strange person not far from them. He was wearing a tattered robe covered in blood stains while holding an ordinary-looking magic staff. His mana fluctuations put him at about the 2nd Rank of the High Mage realm. Orson couldn't help frowning, disdain apparent on his face.

'A 2nd Rank High Mage dared to come here on his own... He truly wouldn't even know how he died.'

"I..." Lin Yun looked at the Black Forest Python before looking at this group of four. He hadn't planned on staying and only wanted to pass by, but just as he was about to respond, the young High Mage interrupted him.

"I know what you are thinking, you found the Black Forest Python first..."

The young High Mage noticed that strange-looking mage looking "greedily" at the Black Forest Python's corpse and couldn't help coldly snorting while looking at Lin Yun with disgust. "A rarely seen Level 25 magic beast, its entire body can be used as magic materials of considerable value. This isn't something an inferior High Mage like you can take..."


Lin Yun was innocent, yet that young High Mage seemed to have mistaken him for someone coveting spoils of the battle.

'This is ridiculous...'