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 "Shit, run, run, you are in deep trouble!" Enderfa's flustered voice came from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Black clouds suddenly covered the sky. Thunder boomed and gales roared... The world seemed to have suddenly darkened as the surrounding mana fluctuations were flaring up, and an invisible force was rising in the valley.

Lin Yun knew that this was the slumbering Ancient God recovering its power. That frightening and tangible pressure made Lin Yun breathless. This was the first time he had felt such terrifying pressure since coming to this era.

Too frightening...

Even the numerous frightening corpses he saw when he entered the Heaven Enlightening Plane didn't bring such shocking pressure. After all, a corpse was a corpse, while what Lin Yun was facing now was the power of an Ancient God...

That was the most formidable power in all of Noscent. Even if it was just a remnant, it far surpassed what Lin Yun could endure now.

"Leave, quick!" Enderfa's voice was filled with fear. This power was simply devastating to a Magic Tool Incarnation. Even if the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was a True Spirit Magic Tool, it didn't have the power to contend against an Ancient God. If the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel broke down, Enderfa would no longer exist.

That would be death for a Magic Tool Incarnation!

"Can't run..." Lin Yun shook his head. As a mage, Lin Yun was far sharper than Enderfa when it came to sensing that power. Lin Yun could clearly feel that the entire valley had been enveloped by the power of the Ancient God. Even if he wanted to, he simply didn't know where he could run to.

"Shit, shit, shit..." After being warned by Lin Yun, Enderfa seemed to realize that he had now fallen into a desperate situation. "I warned you that the soul fragments of Ancient Gods were the most evil things in this world, but you had to go and touch another one..."

"Alright, shut up!" Lin Yun shouted at the panicked Enderfa before turning to Leon. "Leon, you take the others to the shortcut, I'll help you buy some time. Three days later, we will find some way to meet in the Tulan Mountain Range!"

"Then you..." It was the first time Leon saw power of this magnitude. He was completely scared out of his wits.

"Rest assured, I still have other methods." Lin Yun patted Leon's shoulder before putting the dozen mana crystals into his pocket. After thinking about it, he summoned Syudos. "Syudos, you are in charge of their protection."

"Understood, Master." Syudos turned into a ball of flames and unhurriedly floated behind Leon.

"That... Be careful." Leon knew that he wouldn't be able to help if he stayed behind, so he only nodded and led the other three out of these woods.

"Okay, Enderfa, we shall see if we are lucky enough..." After getting the others to leave, Lin Yun tightly gripped the soul fragment in his hand...

"I'm unlucky..." Enderfa's voice was full of regret. He originally thought that this young mage had a boundless future and that by staying at his side, he would sooner or later recover to his peak. He'd even hoped that he would get to possess an actual body and no longer need to exist as a Magic Tool Incarnation.

But he hadn't expected that this young mage with a boundless future was also a magnet for trouble. He would make him break out in a cold sweat every time. He went against a 5th Rank Sword Saint not long ago, and today he was shockingly triggering the power of a slumbering Ancient God.

'If I had known earlier, I would have remained in Vaughn's laboratory until someone else took me away...'

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it...

Enderfa could only follow Lin Yun's instructions and control the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as he followed Lin Yun in bringing the soul fragment to the Demiplane.

"Heavens, you are still in the mood to stroll around in here?" When Enderfa realized that it was actually the Demiplane, he froze.

"Don't be noisy!" Lin Yun shouted at Enderfa and began looking for the Ancient God's soul fragment that he had thrown in there.

This was the only choice for Lin Yun. He could actually escape the valley by himself if he wanted to. But he wouldn't be able to take people with him.

Thus, Lin Yun sent the others out first...

He wanted to stall for time until the others were safe. Only then would he be able to feel at ease and escape.

Lin Yun soon found the soul fragment that he had thrown in the Demiplane.

It was now laying in the center of that forest, emitting a rich aura of life. When Lin Yun found it, he could clearly see the surrounding trees growing at a visible speed.

Every tree within several hundred meters reached up to a hundred meters in height. They were thick and had dense foliage. Those kinds of trees grew in primitive forests untouched by humans, and they would often take millennia to develop to this stage.

But Lin Yun clearly knew that the forest before his eyes had grown in just a few months...

This was all due to the Ancient God's soul fragment...

"Now, let's see how good our luck is..." Lin Yun relied on the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to levitate in the sky of the Demiplane. After confirming the location, he let go of the soul fragment in his hand.


Lin Yun watched as that rapidly falling soul fragment seemed to be attracted by a strange power.

"Fortunately..." Seeing this scene, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

It looked like the two soul fragments did come from the same Ancient God.

"Let's go, Enderfa..."

"Eh? Already done?"

"Yes, it's done." After saying this, Lin Yun once again opened the Planar Path and took Enderfa back to the valley.

The valley was still covered in black clouds and furious gales, but Enderfa could clearly feel that the terrifying pressure had already been alleviated by quite a bit.

"What's going on?" Enderfa froze.

"Nothing. The two soul fragments hadn't met for a long time and decided to reminisce first, temporarily leaving us alone for the time being..."

"Alright, get ready. We are leaving this damnable place..." Lin Yun estimated that the fusion should almost be complete.

Sure enough, just as Lin Yun said this, the power shrouding the valley once again became heavy. The thunderous lightning, the gales, the apocalyptic scene appeared once more.

"Hey, didn't you say they were leaving us alone..."

"Yeah, for the time being," Lin Yun unhappily answered as he fished out a crystal from his pocket before dipping it into a blend of Star Ink and writing on the tree trunk.

In theory, Lin Yun's words weren't completely wrong.

Lin Yun's entire plan was simple.

Soul fragments coming from the same Ancient God would fuse once they met, and what Lin Yun was fighting for was that bit of time during the fusion.

This time could let Leon and the others safely leave this place while also letting Lin Yun carve an array.

Fortunately, Lin Yun's luck was good.

Lin Yun soon completed an array on the Ancient Tree's trunk. If Suyass were here, he would definitely be able to see that the array Lin Yun had just completed was the same one that had appeared in the Void Python.

That's right, it was the well-known cheat array, the Fortune Box.

Now, the Ancient God's power had already covered the entire valley, and under the influence of that power, even Haste had its effect reduced, not to mention continuous teleportation spells like Flame Flash and Frost Flash.

Fortunately, there was a ready-made True Spirit array that could be used. By relying on the True Spirit array on the tree trunk, Lin Yun could just inlay the Fortune Box.

After completing the Fortune Box, Lin Yun immediately poured mana into it. Then, a surge of power came from the True Spirit array, and by relying on that power, the Fortune Box instantly activated. The forest, the plants, the Ancient Tree, all of it disappeared.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes again, the surroundings had already turned into a region of black scorched earth.

'I hope I didn't teleport too far...' Lin Yun looked at his surroundings, trying to determine his position, when he suddenly felt a terrifying magic fluctuation rising behind him. The burst of power could turn an Archmage into ashes in an instant.

'Shit!' Lin Yun turned in shock, only to see a huge pillar of light dropping from the sky, covering an area of over several kilometers.

It was followed by a loud rumble as a mushroom-shaped cloud rose into the sky.

The world then seemed silent. Lin Yun even thought that it looked like Noscent from the future.

'Such a close call...' Lin Yun wiped the cold sweat dripping down his forehead.