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 "Alright, the others are resting. Follow me, we have to go dig up something..."

"What thing?"

"Another piece of an Ancient God's soul!"


Enderfa told him that the Ancient God's soul fragment would only bring benefits and no trouble before it awakened. He suggested that Lin Yun should make use of this special environment to quickly increase his strength.

Enderfa's suggestion was fair.

But Enderfa didn't know that Lin Yun came from 30,000 years in the future.

After going through the baptism of the peak of the magic era and witnessing Noscent's destruction, Lin Yun's ambitions on the path of magic surpassed those of any mage of this era.

To the mages of this era, the Archmage and Heaven realms were their goals. Even a powerhouse like Star Sage Jouyi was only dreaming of one day standing in the Heaven realm.

But Lin Yun...

Lin Yun's ambition was far greater.

Archmages were everywhere at the peak of the magic era. Many Heaven Rank powerhouses also fell during that tragedy in the Tulan Mountain Range. Even these lofty existences standing at the peak couldn't stop falling alongside Noscent.

The world would fall after 30,000 years.

This might be a groundless fear to ordinary people, as 30,000 years was too far in the future. It was enough for ordinary people to reincarnate two to three hundred times.

But to a mage, and especially Lin Yun, this was a real problem.

Lin Yun was only twenty years old when he stepped into High Mage realm. As long as he didn't court a disaster, living a few hundred years would be easy.

And this was only for High Mages.

With Lin Yun's transcendent knowledge and experience, as well as his ten solid Magic Arrays, stepping into the Archmage realm and then the Heaven realm was only a question of time.

The lifespan of an Archmage was over a millennium.

Heaven Rank powerhouses could live over several millennia...

As for people like Sovereign of Death Sandro or Charles the Conqueror...

There had never been any mention in Noscent's history of powerhouses like them dying of natural causes.

This wasn't a dream for Lin Yun. As long as he didn't fall midway, there would also be a time when he would stand aloof, at the top.

In the end, Lin Yun would have no choice but to face the problem. He would have to either flee into a spatial crack like Sandro and Charles, or wait for the end of times alongside Noscent.

In fact, no matter which choice he picked, it would only be a decision made out of helplessness. Whether he fled or waited, he would be giving in to an unknown fate. No one knew what the outcome would be...

Lin Yun was unwilling...

Lin Yun wanted to truly control his own fate. If powerhouses like Charles and Sandro couldn't control their own fates, then Lin Yun would become stronger than them, he would become strong enough to do it.

To reach that realm, he couldn't walk on the paths taken by others.

Even if those people had created an unprecedentedly brilliant magic civilization.

Thus, Lin Yun had always been trying to push through his own magic path. It was like this with the Magic Array, and also with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Every step Lin Yun took was done after countless deductions and careful deliberations, each step bringing him closer to his final goal.

Enderfa's suggestion was a good one.

But Lin Yun wasn't willing to just meditate in that environment. Mana gained by external means wasn't his own in the end. He might be able to rely on it to quickly grow and reach the Archmage realm, but what about after the Archmage realm?

What would he rely on to reach Heaven Rank?

Of course...

It was fine that he didn't need it, but there were people who needed it.

Thus, Lin Yun had William send a letter to Faleau.

The fifty Great Mages of his chamber of commerce had to be nurtured, and the unique environment created by the Ancient God's soul fragment was perfectly suited to their needs.

They originally were the ones with the weakest aptitude in the Merlin Family and might not even reach Great Mage realm within their lives. But they were fortunate enough to come across Lin Yun and be sent into his Bone Plane. After reaching the Great Mage realm, they felt as if they had already gained what they had been looking for.

They hadn't even thought of becoming High Mages...

How could they worry about stepping on the path to the Heaven realm?

With this idea in mind, his next decision was very easy. In any case, he would go to Crystal Island later to look for a solution, so he might as well dig up another soul fragment. One soul fragment was leaking so much power, so what about two?

That was all Lin Yun had to do now...

As six Mage Eyes kept sweeping every corner of the valley, a Hasted Lin Yun, followed by Enderfa, rushed towards that second Ancient Tree at an astonishing speed.

Lin Yun quickly found the second Ancient Tree, and sure enough, it was just like it was in the Four Seasons Canyon. This second tree was located in the densest area, and its surroundings seemed to be over-nourished. The towering tree's branches were insanely long, and from time to time, magic beasts would appear, each stronger than the previous one. Lin Yun spent a lot of effort dealing with the obstacles to stand in front of that Ancient Tree.

"Another True Spirit rank array..." The tree trunk was covered with numerous veined patterns. Lin Yun only needed one glance to know that this was a True Spirit array. However, this was no longer a problem for Lin Yun. He fished out a quill and a bottle of Melting Snow Ink from his pocket and carelessly said, "Enderfa, you control the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and protect me."

"Alright!" Enderfa knew when he should work and when he should laze around, he wasn't like Shawn who would always haggle.

When the first drop of Melting Snow Ink fell on the tree trunk, the surroundings shook. All kinds of mana fluctuations started filling the woods.

It was followed by a Beast Tide.

But Lin Yun didn't even turn to take a glance at what was happening behind him. He quickly wrote an abstruse rune on the tree trunk with the Melting Snow Ink.

Because Lin Yun believed that Enderfa could settle this...

Sure enough...

Enderfa didn't panic when faced with that berserk Beast Tide. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel displayed an entirely different style under his control, accurate and efficient.

Although it wasn't bursting out with power when it appeared like how Lin Yun used it last time, the efficiency was shockingly high. It looked as if it was taking the life of a magic beast every time it revolved. There were no superfluous actions, no waste. Even Lin Yun, who was busy cracking the True Spirit realm array, had no choice but to acknowledge that such precise control wasn't something he was capable of, when he noticed it.

It was because Lin Yun was the master of the Magic Tool...

But Enderfa was the Magic Tool itself!

After becoming its Magic Tool Incarnation, Enderfa became the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The relation between both was closer than that between the Magic Tool and its master.

And such a control style could only come from a Magic Tool Incarnation.

It took Lin Yun thirty minutes to crack that True Spirit array. By that time, small piles of corpses had formed around him. The floor was soaked in blood, while a thick, bloody smell spread in the atmosphere, lingering heavily.

"Tell William and the others to deal with these corpses..." Lin Yun could see with one glance that there was no lack of Level 27 and Level 28 magic beasts among these corpses. Although their power had been brought up by the power of the Ancient God, it wouldn't influence the quality of the mana crystal, it would be too wasteful to leave them there.

"Yes." Enderfa returned to the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and used the method they had agreed upon to let out a magic signal to William's group.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun summoned a few Rock Puppets and started digging under the Ancient Tree.

By the time the others arrived, Lin Yun was already half done. When the group saw Lin Yun standing amidst a pile of powerful magic beasts, they remained still for some time, not knowing how to react.

This was the gap...

Earlier, they had been fighting their way in; Xiuban, William, Ross, and Leon, they fought for two days and a night, and still hadn't killed half of the magic beasts residing in this area.

'Shit, humans really can't be compared to freaks...'

"Cousins, help me deal with the corpses of those magic beasts. Gather up all those mana crystals and bring them back to Okland. They should be worth a decent sum..." Lin Yun instructed them while commanding the Rock Puppet to continue excavating the second Ancient God's soul fragment.

"Sure, no problem." The three of them were used to this. They immediately started working hard when they heard Lin Yun's orders.

Soon, half of the corpses had been taken care of, and dozens of mana crystals of different levels were piled up together, shining like a rainbow.

At this time, Lin Yun also completed his unearthing. His revolving Magic Array could already sense that familiar mana fluctuation.

"Found it!"

Lin Yun was pleased. He ordered a few Rock Puppets to bring out that gem-like soul fragment of an Ancient God that also seemed somewhat similar to a mana crystal.

"Shit, no good!" But Enderfa suddenly cried out in alarm.

"What's wrong?" Lin Yun was startled.

"Throw it away, quick, throw it away! That soul fragment isn't completely dormant!" Enderfa's voice could be heard coming from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, full of worry and fear.

"Shit!" Even Lin Yun was scared when he heard that. Sure enough, that soul fragment did carry a strange aura.

It was a very strange feeling, ice-cold and burning hot, these two completely different feelings appeared at the same time. Lin Yun felt as if the soul fragment he was holding was both an ice cube and a fireball as these two feelings kept replacing each other.

The most frightening part was...

Lin Yun could faintly hear a deafening roar. That roar seemed to have come from a very far place, but also as if it echoed in his ears. It contained a unique and unchallengeable power and an aura that made Lin Yun feel as if his soul was being pulled away from his body. He couldn't exercise any control over his body... He couldn't even move one finger.

'Shit...' This was the first time Lin Yun was facing the power of an Ancient God.