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 "..." The entire Aurij Mountains seemed so quiet at this moment...

Dean was in a daze again...

This Sword Saint was dully looking at Lin Yun, as if he had forgotten the Frost Wolves chasing behind him. It took him ten seconds to process what that young mage had said.

Then, Dean's face turned red, and from red to purple, before darkening even further...

But for Dean to become a Sword Saint at his age, his self-control and temperament could naturally not be compared to that of the average person. Even when this angry, the Sword Saint only took a deep breath to suppress the anger that was building up.

Because Dean felt that it was beneath him to lower himself to argue with an inferior High Mage.

But it wasn't important if a petty mage was unwilling to help. This time, Dean didn't face the danger of being chased by the Wolf King and forcibly burst with Aura just to try to recruit an inferior mage.

The one he truly wanted to recruit was that Beastman...

Although he had been entangled with the Wolf King, he had still paid attention to the appearance of those two on the battlefield.

How could he not see them with his sight as a Sword Saint? The reason the two were capable of standing there so calmly was 90% due to that Beastman.

He was too formidable...

Right now, this Beastman was at most a 5th Rank Expert Swordsman, but once he burst with power, he would forcibly reach Sword Saint level, especially in such a battlefield. The Beastman's innate power was boundless. When he held that terrifying weapon, the destruction he brought forward was far stronger than that of a Sword Saint.

This was a subordinate that every Mercenary Leader dreamt to have, heroic and not afraid of death. The fiercer the war, the braver they became. Having such a subordinate in a war was already having half of the war won.

Dean burst with Aura to rush over here only because of this Beastman.

Originally, Dean wanted to use a gentler method...

Because Dean had noticed that the Beastman was heeding the words of the young mage and that they clearly weren't equals. Thus Dean wanted to first pull them into the battle and wait until they started fighting shoulder to shoulder to persuade them to join the Temple Knights.

As for after joining the Temple Knights...

The Beastman would definitely take priority. Dean had already thought it out. Once back, he would convince his leader to give the Beastman a vice leader position to tightly bind him to the Temple Knights. Naturally, they wouldn't discard that young High Mage. After all, based on his relationship with the Beastman, letting him lead an elite team shouldn't be bad?

Dean had already thought of all the arrangements...

But he hadn't expected that it would develop like this...

'Did that young mage eat something wrong? Why would he refuse to team up? Doesn't he know how rare it is to be able to join the Temple Knights in battle? Doesn't he know that teaming up with the Temple Knights would give them the friendship of the Temple Knights?'

This wasn't just Dean boasting...

How could this young mage not see it?

And whether he saw it or not, what truly made Dean angry were those rude words...

What did he mean, 'take your bird away from here'?

'Forget it...' After that deep breath, Dean had already gotten rid of his anger. He was a Sword Saint. How could he bicker with the younger generation?

"Beastman friend, your wonderful performance already won my respect. Let me introduce myself. I am Dean, the 1st vice leader of the Temple Knights..." After saying this, Dean paused for a bit. "I officially represent the Temple Knights to invite you to join us, I wonder what you think about this?"

Xiuban had been gloating ever since that Sword Saint appeared. That guy's bird had ruined Lin Yun's plan, yet he still continued to be a bother...

But then, when watching the drama, he suddenly heard that Sword Saint, who was running out of luck, inviting him to join the Temple Knights.

Xiuban's brain froze...


"Friend, rest assured, your identity as a Dark Flame Beastman might be a huge problem to others, but it is nothing to the Temple Knights..." Seeing Xiuban being bewildered, Dean thought that he was afraid of his identity being revealed and thus smiled confidently. "No one in Okland would dare to offend the Temple Knights because of a Dark Flame Beastman."

"..." At this time, the Draconic Beastman finally understood.

Suddenly, a horrified expression appeared on his face as he looked at Dean as if he was a freak.

'Insane... Isn't he insane? Does he not know that he is already courting a disaster because his circle of lightning ruined Sir Merlin's plans? He still doesn't know what's awaiting him, yet he dares... dares to try to poach me!

'How brazen is that? Inviting me to become a member of the Temple Knights in front of Sir Merlin!'

Xiuban didn't feel good. He looked at Dean with shock and sympathy, not knowing what he should say at such a time.

This time, Xiuban really wanted to tell this Sword Saint, 'You should quickly shut up before it's too late and Syudos comes out...'

Unfortunately, Xiuban didn't dare to actually say this.

That Sword Saint looked at the horror in Xiuban's face and thought that he had been scared by the power of the Temple Knights.

Being scared was good.

"Friend, I believe that you should have heard that there are a total of seven vice leaders under the leader in our Temple Knight Mercenary Group. I can guarantee you that as long as you are willing, you can immediately become the 8th vice leader!"

Dean waited silently after saying this because he felt that he had to give the Beastman some time to digest it. After all, for a Beastman who had never seen how human society worked, the position of vice leader of the Temple Knight Mercenary Group might bring a bit too much shock.

And sure enough...

After saying this, Dean was very satisfied to see disbelief appearing on the Beastman's dark red face.

Dean wasn't surprised.

Let alone a Beastman who hadn't seen human society, even those old powerhouses of Okland might show some similar faces when told they could become a vice leader of the Temple Knight Mercenary Group.

As Okland's 2nd ranked Mercenary Group, becoming the 8th vice leader meant entering the top echelons of Okland. This was a chance to reach the top in a single step.

At this time, Dean had already set his mind on having this Beastman join.

He was certain that everything was going as planned.

'Damn, that man is insane...' But Dean didn't expect that although he felt at ease, the Draconic Beast was actually cursing at him. 'Absolutely crazy, poaching someone without scruples, do you take Sir Merlin for a dead man? This won't do, it won't do, I can't let him continue or I'll end up being dragged down by him. When Sir Merlin is unhappy, Syudos makes my life hell...'

At that time, inside the treasury, he tried the rebel against Sir Merlin but ended up gaining a terrifying memory with Syudos. Xiuban couldn't help shivering when thinking about it.

'No good, I definitely can't let him continue...'

The Draconic Beastman made his decision. He had to silence that guy and couldn't let Sir Merlin think that he had thoughts of defecting.

But before Xiuban could open his mouth, Dean once again looked at Lin Yun with absolute confidence as he said, "To tell the truth, with the strength of your Beastman friend, he can definitely choose a better partner. If you need a mage partner, you can take a look at our Temple Knights. There are three High Mages just there that are already at the 5th Rank. As long as you say a word, I can have them do their best to assist you, you don't need to carry around an inferior High Mage, he truly isn't worth your strength..."

'Shit!' Xiuban almost became crazy on the spot. He looked at Dean with alarm on his face, his feet sneakily retreating a few steps as if that Sword Saint was carrying a deadly plague.

"What is it?" Dean's non-stop blathering was over, but he hadn't expected that the enthusiastic answer he was expecting would actually instead be the Draconic Beastman sneakily moving away. It was then that the Sword Saint realized something was wrong.

"Sir, I swear, I don't know him!" Xiuban wasn't even looking at Dean.

"It's okay, I know..." Lin Yun shook his head, hinting to the Draconic Beastman that he didn't have to worry. He then smiled at the Sword Saint and reminded him, "Sir Dean, the Wolf King is closing in..."

"Ah?" After being prompted, Dean suddenly realized that he had lost a lot of time on that Beastman and the wolf pack was already dashing over, including that Wolf King. They were less than a hundred meters away...


To an existence like the Wolf King, less than a hundred meters was no different from facing him in close range. With just a dash, Dean would be within attacking range of those sharp claws.

Given the situation, even Dean didn't dare to be careless, and he tightly held the True Spirit Magic Tool sword, his Aura bursting as the Thunderbird incarnation flew out once again after having rested a bit.

Then, lightning and ice once again entangled together.

The Thunderbird's attack temporarily stalled the Wolf King's pounce, but that didn't give much time to Dean. An anxious expression once again appeared on the face of that Sword Saint, and his speed was a lot faster than earlier too.

Dean made one final attempt.

"Beastman Friend, please believe in my sincerity, the sincerity of our Temple Knight Mercenary Group..."