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 At this time, Lin Yun, who was in his Ice Elemental Incarnation, entered a state of deep concentration, his eyes tightly keeping watch on that different Frost Wolf. He knew that he would only have one opportunity. Finding that sly wolf would definitely prove difficult if that Frost Lance missed...

After two Frost Flashes, the distance between both sides was now two hundred meters. Lin Yun didn't dare to use any spells from this distance. The Secret Wolf was too vigilant, and it would notice a small change in the surrounding mana fluctuations. Even the Frost Lance in Lin Yun's hands had already been prepared in advance, he was just waiting for the last moment to shoot it.

'Closer and closer...'

Lin Yun slowly approached the Secret Wolf in his Ice Elemental Incarnation form, under the cover of the Frost Wolves.

Two hundred meters, one hundred eighty meters, one hundred sixty meters...

Lin Yun's eyes didn't leave that particular Frost Wolf as he keeping the distance in mind, waiting for the distance between them to reach a hundred meters before that Frost Lance would be fired.

One hundred fifty meters, one hundred thirty meters...

'Closer, even closer.'

Ultimately, the distance between them was shortened to a hundred meters. Lin Yun's squinted eyes suddenly opened wide, and the Frost Lance in his hand was about to be thrown, ready to tear through the air.


Lin Yun suddenly noticed a bolt of lightning flashing in his peripheral vision.

"Shit!" Lin Yun cursed.

Sure enough, just as that lightning flashed, the Wolf King let out a shout and the pack of ferocious wolves could be seen dispersing.

Then, a ring-shaped streak of lightning swept over...

At this moment, all the magic elements flared up as arcs of plasma coursed out in the surroundings. The Wolf King howled and the wolf pack scattered again. It looked like an avalanche was happening on the Aurij Mountains.

This circle of lightning's power even startled Lin Yun. It was too shocking and could even match a 7th Tier Spell.

Unfortunately, the might of that circle of lightning brought an outcome that made the onlookers speechless.

The Wolf King's prompt warning allowed the wolf pack to scatter before getting hit. Only a hundred or so Frost Wolves' lives were taken by the circle of lightning. It was chaotic, but truly destructive.

Moreover, the chaos caused by that circle of lightning made Lin Yun angry to the point of wanting to kill...

"Fuck..." Lin Yun fiercely cursed, tightly holding on to the Frost Lance, his Magic Array rotating at a crazy speed, trying to find the Secret Wolf once again amidst the pack of wolves.

But this was easier said than done.

Lin Yun had used the Magic Array to lock onto the aura of the Secret Wolf earlier, but with the pack of wolves in chaos now, along with the messy battle, the mana fluctuations in the battlefield were a complete mess. Finding the Secret Wolf at this time was impossible.

Too chaotic...

Lin Yun had already urged the Magic Array to its limit and was analyzing an astronomical amount of information, but he still couldn't find the aura of the Shadow Wolf. There was not a trace left...

'Fight among yourselves! I didn't even interfere, so why are you ruining my plans..." Lin Yun felt wronged. He had barely managed to find a Secret Wolf and let it run away twice, and this time was out of his control. How could he be so unlucky?

The most annoying thing was that after the wolf pack fell into chaos, Lin Yun was also revealed. The surrounding Frost Wolves suddenly discovered the Ice Elemental hiding among them. The Frost Wolves didn't understand Elemental Incarnation, but they knew that different species were enemies. A Frost Wolf quickly howled, and soon, many Frost Wolves rushed towards him.

"Shiit!" Lin Yun felt like weeping. He threw all kinds of ice spells on one side while yelling to the Draconic Beastman, "Xiuban, hurry up and give me a hand!"

He could only order the Draconic Beastman this time.

Lin Yun was still looking for the Secret Wolf and simply couldn't spare much attention to the battle with the Frost Wolves.

Fortunately, the Draconic Beastman reacted very quickly. He took the Dragon Strength potion Lin Yun handed him, opened the lid and emptied it in two gulps before brandishing Carnage and starting the slaughter once more.

His strength more than doubled after drinking the potion and he could be said to be unstoppable. Not a single wolf could get close to him.

Lin Yun first took the time to refresh a few of Xiuban's buffs, before focusing on searching for the Secret Wolf once again.

"If I'm disturbed once again, I'll..." Lin Yun was already infuriated by being disturbed twice, so he cast a Mage Eye while cursing.


Some things are not meant to go as planned...

After casting his second Mage Eye, an electrical sound could be heard not far off as the Sword Saint reverse gripped the True Spirit Magic Tool and used a shocking speed to rush over. The Thunderbird on his shoulder seemed to be resting with half-closed eyes after having released that shockingly powerful circle of lightning...

"..." Lin Yun was dumbstruck.

Wasn't that exactly what he didn't want?

The Frost Wolves were already in chaos, and wanting to use the Magic Array to search for the Secret Wolf once again was already an impossible task. But now, that damn Sword Saint was rushing over to join in on the fun.

It didn't matter if he was joining in on the fun.

But that Thunderbird on his shoulder was a True Magic Spirit Tool Incarnation which carried the power of boundless thunder and lightning. If it approached, the surrounding mana fluctuations would be thrown into a mess.

...Not to mention that Lin Yun was a 1st Rank High Mage. Even if he was at the 5th Rank, he wouldn't be able to find the Secret Wolf under such circumstances.

'Fuck, why are you coming over? Aren't you in battle with the Wolf King? What are you doing, I beg you, return fast, the Wolf King is still waiting for you...'

Unfortunately, the Sword Saint was still rushing over with all his might, breaking through the blockade of Frost Wolves with dazzling lightning. He took a short time before appearing before Lin Yun.

It was only then that Lin Yun understood that the Sword Saint wasn't very old. He seemed to be in his forties, with black hair and a small mustache. He looked quite handsome and radiated the charm of a middle-aged man. Even though he had been battling with the Wolf King, he still maintained a good appearance and kept his elegant poise.

"Hello Misters, I am Vice Leader Dean of Okland's Temple Knight Mercenary Group. You can both see the situation, I wonder if you could please help me..."

"Can't!" Lin Yun didn't even think about it and refused.

Helping wasn't too much of an issue...

If Lin Yun and Xiuban acted, they wouldn't even need the Sword Saint's assistance to kill the Wolf King within ten minutes.

But killing the Wolf King would cause a big problem.

The wolf pack would immediately flee in defeat after their leader died. At that time, several thousand Frost Wolves would flee to all corners of the Aurij Mountain Range. Even if Lin Yun had eight pairs of eyes, he still wouldn't be able to find the Secret Wolf.

"You..." The Sword Saint originally thought that if he asked politely and revealed his identity as a vice leader of the Temple Knights, no matter how unwilling that young mage was, he would have no choice but to agree.

After all, he was the Temple Knights' vice leader...

It was Okland's 2nd ranked mercenary group, second only to the Heaven Enlightening mercenary group. It could be considered a first-rate force even in Okland.

Moreover, mercenary groups were different from other forces.

Mercenary groups always paid attention to gratitude and grudges. Once they received help from others, they would think of every possible method to repay them ten times. This was an unwritten custom among mercenary groups. Whoever violated this rule would be boycotted by the other mercenary groups.

Naturally, if there was any hatred, they would definitely think of every possible way to retaliate, or they would never be able to keep their heads high when facing other mercenaries.

Thus, mercenary groups rarely accepted other people's help, and would rarely arouse other people's dislike.

Dean's words were offering a huge favor to the young mage.

If he helped him, the whole Temple Knight would back him. As long as his requests weren't excessive, the Temple Knights would find ways to get it done.

This wasn't just a favor.

And the one who gave this request was a Sword Saint...

Considering that this fellow was just a new High Mage, Dean could just find an Archmage to give him pointers and it would be enough to satisfy him all his life.

How could he refuse?

The Sword Saint simply couldn't accept it.

Dean stood there in a daze, but Lin Yun didn't have that patience. 'Senior, don't just stand there, you are wasting my time, what should I do if the Secret Wolf disappears?'

Thus, Lin Yun only waited a few moments before he was forced to remind him.

"Well, Sir Dean, would you be so kind as to take your bird away from here?"