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 "Well, Cousin Leon, how do you know we are going to the Tulan Mountains?" Lin Yun sounded like he was just very casually asking a question, but unbeknownst to the others, he poured mana into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

If Leon's answer was problematic, Lin Yun's Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would burst out in an instant, ready to add another Elder to his list of victims.

Only three people knew about the plan to go to the Tulan Mountains: Ross, William, and Lin Yun himself. Perhaps one might also count the Draconic Beastman who had been slumbering for two months.

But now, Leon mentioned his destination. How could this not raise Lin Yun's vigilance?

Ross and William wouldn't leak the information. Lin Yun trusted them. As for the Draconic Beastman, he couldn't even if he wanted to.

Since that was the case, where did Leon's information come from?

Lin Yun could only think of one possibility, which was that Leon had been peeping all along and might have accidentally heard about it in one of Ross and William's discussions.

This was something intolerable for Lin Yun...

After surviving in that crazy era, Lin Yun knew more than anyone how dangerous it was to be stalked.

And Lin Yun usually used the same method to deal with any sort of danger.

Even now, if Leon couldn't give Lin Yun a satisfying answer, this 7th Rank High Mage from the Cloud Tower would be exterminated.

"Hold on, hold on!"

Lin Yun had been pouring mana into the Spell Wheel very covertly, to the point that even Ross and William didn't notice his killing intent.

But Leon paled when heard Lin Yun's words, and he shouted while retreating, as if he knew Lin Yun was planning something for him.

"Hmmm?" Lin Yun was secretly startled. This reaction was so different from how Leon had behaved in Thousand Sails City.

At that time, he was still speaking nonsense even after being Mana Shackled. How come he was now so timid, already panicking when a bit of mana was poured into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel?

He had changed quite a bit after a few months.

This was quite interesting...

After thinking about it, Lin Yun dissipated the mana that he'd poured into the Spell Wheel. "Talk..."

"It's a misunderstanding, Cousin Mafa, this is a misunderstanding..." A relieved smile appeared on Leon's face when he saw Lin Yun lowering his guard. He wasn't as confident as before and fear could be felt in his voice, but his hands were no longer shaking. "Because I know some secrets regarding the Tulan Mountains..."


"As for the specifics, I'll come back to them later... Rest assured, this matter is not troublesome to Cousin Mafa, so I won't hide it from you. First, how I knew that you were going to the Tulan Mountains..." After stopping, Leon looked at Ross with a strange expression. "In fact, I learnt of your destination because of Ross..."

"Nonsense!" Ross rebuked.

If Lin Yun weren't there talking to Leon, Ross would have already attacked him. 'That bastard Leon, slandering me. It's on you if you know our destination, don't go framing me, is there such great hatred between us?

'Why would you say it was because of me... Damn, wouldn't it be unfair if Cousin Mafa thinks that my lips aren't tight enough?'

"Don't worry, Cousin Ross, listen to him..." Lin Yun knew that things wouldn't be that simple, so he raised his hand to stop Ross and nodded at Leon. "Keep going."

"At least Cousin Mafa is smart enough, not like some people..." After saying that, Leon proudly looked at Ross, thinking, 'let's see if you still dare to cause trouble at dinner...'

After the last Elder Council's meeting ended, Leon enthusiastically invited Lin Yun to dinner, in order the dissolve the previous issues and see if he could establish some friendship, but he hadn't expected that scoundrel Ross to eagerly join in while also bringing William.

From the moment they sat down, Ross kept asking Leon what kind of conflict he'd had with Cousin Mafa in Thousand Sails City. He asked about every detail, such as how William tried to recruit Cousin Mafa, or his shameless boasting, or how he ended up Mana Shackled.

Leon remained red from embarrassment after every question and did not manage to resolve any issues or improve their relations as he'd hoped.

He finally had an opportunity to get back at him, ever so slightly.

After getting a small bit of revenge on Ross, Leon continued, "Cousin Mafa should know that Aube, Ross, and I were the three with the greatest hopes of becoming the next patriarch. Thus, I would pay attention to them to some extent, and I discovered a few issues due to this. I found out that Ross was always looking for something. This originally had nothing to do with me. Besides being a bit curious, I didn't pay much attention to it...

"But who would have thought that I would run into Ross in the Dawn Plane..." Leon once again looked at Ross with a smile. "Well, Ross, do you remember what happened in the Dawn Plane? You defeated those three Yeluren High Priests and charged into the temple to steal that diary. I was actually behind you as you went. But seeing you so focused, I didn't have the nerve to disturb you..."

"You..." Ross' expression grew serious. He looked at Leon with a complicated expression. Ross naturally remembered what happened in the Dawn Plane. He had paid a huge price to defeat those three Yeluren High Priests and was at the end of his rope. Had Leon been ruthless back then, there would have been one less candidate for the patriarch's seat.

"Alright, you don't need to look at me like this. Although my conduct isn't always the best, I'll never take advantage of someone's difficulties..." After saying that, he went back to the topic at hand. "Yet, Ross didn't expect that I had already read the notes that he stole. It was the diary left behind by an Archmage mentioning a Meditation Law known as the Elemental Tide..."

"How come you came out now?" Ross still couldn't accept it...

"It's simple... The secret I was mentioning has something to do with the diary..."

"Oh?" Lin Yun became interested as he heard about it.

"Ross, I think you should remember, that diary mentioned that the Archmage's inheritance came from the ruins of the 3rd Dynasty, but it was incomplete. It only retained a few portions of the magic inheritance, and that Archmage would find the complete ruins as long as he kept following those leads.

"That's right..."

At this time, Ross was thoroughly convinced that Leon indeed looked through that diary.

"In fact, I obtained another set of notes a few years ago. The contents of the diary were almost the same as the one you read, it was the same Archmage along with an incomplete inheritance that needed to be tracked down if one wanted the opportunity to get the complete magic inheritance. If I'm not wrong, there should be seven such diaries, each with almost identical contents..."

"Oh?" Lin Yun frowned, not quite understanding why Leon was saying all this...

"This is the inheritance of the Gaugass King. After the fighting between Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King, the latter disappeared in the Tulan Mountains, but he divided his magic inheritance into seven, one of which includes the Elemental Tide that Ross longed to obtain..."

"How did you learn about this?"

"It's because I'm the same as Ross, I also obtained one of the magic inheritances, but the one I obtained wasn't the Meditation Law Set, but rather the Gaugass King's Magic Conducting Rune, the Arcane Ring..."

"Eh?" Lin Yun looked at Leon strangely when he heard that. Lin Yun had naturally heard of the Arcane Ring. No, he hadn't just heard about it, it was actually one of the runes he had considered before settling on the Magic Array.

It was said that once a mage with an Arcane Ring stepped into the Archmage realm, each of their rings could be fused with a True Spirit Magic Tool. Once that mage reached the peak of the Archmage realm, with nine fused True Spirit Magic Tools, their strength would be pushed towards the Extraordinary realm.