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 Although Ofran had reminded them to not spread any information about what had happened this day to avoid incurring the displeasure of Sir Ryan, who among the Elders of the Merlin Family didn't have friends and kin?

None of them wanted to see their relatives and friends offend Mafa Merlin because they weren't aware that they needed to be careful. He was a monster that they shouldn't provoke... unless they were tired of living. Not everyone had a father that could contend against that monster like Aube.

Thus, in one night, many of the Merlins understood that Mafa wasn't someone to pick a fight with, and that whoever did would run out of luck.

As for exactly why that was the case...

Only those dozen Elders knew. Nothing could be done about it, as they couldn't share what had happened in the Elder Council. It was a scandal for the Merlin Family. Over a dozen Elders had schemed against a youth's assets, yet that youth killed three of them on the spot and injured another one. If this spread, the Merlin Family would definitely lose some of their reputation.

Naturally, Lin Yun wasn't aware of this...

He only knew that something had happened since he left the stone tower area. Particularly when he met any of those Elders that had participated in the Elder Council, they would look at him with fear and anxiety as if they were looking at a plague.

No one dared to approach a hundred meters of Lin Yun whenever he walked somewhere.

Only a few people in the Merlin Family had the courage to approach him: Ross, William, and the little girl that William's older sister had adopted

What was baffling was that this girl, Ranya, who had always been antisocial and had rarely ever interacted with other members of the Merlin Family apart from William, had grown accustomed to Lin Yun after living together for over ten days. She was no longer running away at lightning speed whenever she saw him, and sometimes she even summoned enough courage to whisper a few sentences to him!

Lin Yun was very happy about this change. As the owner of the Quicksand Eyes, Ranya had an even better future than Xiuban, at least from Lin Yun's perspective.

Considering Ranya's age, Lin Yun didn't try to rush it. Instead, he spent a few days to teach her a set of Body Techniques dedicated to pureblooded Elves. Naturally, when he taught Ranya, Lin Yun only said that this was a set of physique-tempering Body Techniques and that it would help her grow taller if she practiced it regularly...

Seeing the little girl happily practicing this set of Body Techniques, Lin Yun couldn't help forcing out a smile. 'If those pureblooded Elves knew that the supreme Body Technique of the Royal Family was being taught as gymnastics for kids, would they jump out of their graves?'

After over a month without being bothered, Lin Yun once again became less conspicuous. He spent most of his time on the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Doom Staff.

Lin Yun had relied on these two True Spirit Magic Tools alongside Syudos to face Thorne Merlin, to face that Sword Saint close to 5th Rank and hold him to a draw, despite only being a 1st Rank High Mage. The might that those two Magic Tools and Syudos displayed at that time had made everyone gasp in amazement, especially the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Before Thorne's arrival, it burst out three times and killed three Elders, leaving a deep impression in everyone's minds. A few more cowardly Elders would even shiver when they looked at their plates during dinner.

But in Lin Yun's eyes, whether it was the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel or the Doom Staff, their might had yet to be fully displayed.

After all, Lin Yun's plan was to get these two True Spirit Magic Tools to reach the peak of their realms in the future, and even go past that to become Extraordinary Magic Tools. Even if those two True Spirit Magic Tools had yet to completely mature, their power couldn't possibly be this lacking... They, along with Syudos, weren't able to thoroughly suppress Thorne Merlin, which seemed very abnormal.

But Lin Yun knew that it was because the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had recently been crafted and the Doom Staff had recently been adapted and augmented to be tailored to him, making it so that Lin Yun had yet to master them both.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was alright. After all, it had Enderfa as a bridge. With the Magic Array and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel being linked, the Spell Wheel could act according to his will.

The Doom Staff was a bit worse off because it was built entirely out of piled up Augments and a Magic Tool Incarnation had yet to be born. It was entirely relying on Lin Yun to operate it and couldn't display the true might of a True Spirit Magic Tool.

Thus, Lin Yun wanted to quickly birth a Magic Tool Incarnation in the Doom Staff.

But it wasn't a simple matter for a True Spirit Magic Tool to birth a Magic Tool Incarnation. It needed time and resources, and the more it had, the greater the opportunity would be.

Moreover, the more powerful a True Spirit Magic Tool was, the more difficult it was to produce a Magic Tool Incarnation.

But Lin Yun wasn't worried at all...

Because he knew that as long as nothing went awry, Okland had one opportunity waiting for him that would grant the Doom Staff a Magic Tool Incarnation.

But before that, he had to advance to the 5th Rank...

After coming to this conclusion, Lin Yun no longer thought any further about the two True Spirit Magic Tools and instead spent all his time studying magic. Thanks to that battle with Thorne Merlin, Lin Yun smoothly advanced to the 2nd Rank.

At that time, Lin Yun felt something wrong...

After reaching the 2nd Rank, Lin Yun clearly understood that Meditation Law Sets were even more integrated in the Magic Array, a feeling of being inseparable.

'Looks like I have to take a trip to the Tulan Mountains earlier than I thought...' This change was beyond Lin Yun's expectations.

In Lin Yun's original plan, he needed to become a 5th Rank High Mage to go to the Tulan Mountains and seek the Gaugass King's Meditation Law Set, because then, his strength would truly crest another peak. If he found that Meditation Law Set, he would gain the power to unite three Meditation Law Sets into one and smoothly consolidate the 5th Rank High Mage realm.

But the Magic Array was too formidable and formed a crack in this plan...

This sounded very ridiculous, but Lin Yun was now facing this ridiculous problem.

Lin Yun had ten Magic Arrays fused into one, and its power was unprecedented. Although he did his best to stop the Meditation Law Set he was using for now from merging with the Magic Array and turning into a Core Meditation Law Set, an unforeseen event happened when he advanced to the 2nd Rank.

Fortunately, this small, unforeseen event was still acceptable for now.

But he wasn't sure he could control it if he continued to advance and reached the 3rd or 4th Rank.

If the Meditation Law Set completely merged with the Magic Array, he wouldn't be able to fuse three Meditation Law Sets into one even if he got the Gaugass King's Meditation Law Set.

This was something Lin Yun didn't want to see...

He didn't devote himself to magic for half a month. He instead looked for Ofran and requested a pass to the Merlin Family's alchemy laboratory. He began to spend his time there.

This showed him how serious the consequences of his fight in the conference hall were...

The Merlin Family's alchemy laboratory was for public use. Anyone with a pass could freely enter and exit. In fact, Ross and William both told him that there were usually dozens of alchemists spending their time there. Each of them would occupy an area, and they weren't to be disturbed as they did their own research and experiments.

But whenever Lin Yun went... the alchemy laboratory ended up empty.

The alchemists that would frequently enter and leave this place would just run. In less than three days, no more alchemists could be seen around it.

'Am I that frightening...?' Lin Yun didn't know whether to laugh or cry after seeing the circumstances.

But it was also convenient for him. He could openly use some techniques that transcended this era.

For half a month, Lin Yun ate and slept inside the laboratory, and no one knew what he was doing, because no one dared to go inside.

Up until he opened the doors half a month later and called Ross and William into the laboratory. The two finally understood how much wealth their cousin had spent during these two weeks when they were told to transport no less than a hundred potions.

"Get Xiuban, we are leaving for the Tulan Mountains." After saying this, Lin Yun started his final preparations.

The most important of which was recharging the Book of Death.

For this purpose, Lin Yun specially opened the Planar Path to the Bone Plane, and with the help of the Gilded Rose's mercenary group, he did a sweep of a Black Wasteland. After being fed with such a huge amount of Soul Fire, the Book of Death was finally in a flourishing state again.

But after returning from the Bone Plane, Lin Yun found out that there was one more person waiting for him at William's sister's house.

"Cousin Mafa, I know you plan on going to the Tulan Mountains..." Leon stood there with an excited expression, before saying something that almost made Lin Yun spit out blood. "How about letting me join in?"

"..." Lin Yun thought for a long time, but he couldn't understand. Since when was he this familiar with Leon?

'We indeed ate a meal together after the disaster at the Elder Council, but that was just eating a meal, does that guy think that's enough for us to take him to the Tulan Mountains? Moreover, how did he know that I am going to the Tulan Mountains?'