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 "..." Lin Yun felt baffled. 'What do you mean by "meet again"?'

Lin Yun wanted to remind that Sir Ryan that they were meeting for the first time...


It had only been a bit over a month since he returned to the Merlin Family. Let alone contributions, he didn't stand out at all. The only thing he did was to undergo his bloodline ceremony in exchange for Stan Watson's life. It could be said that besides the support of Ross and William, he didn't have any foundation in the Merlin Family.

Under such circumstances, why would the ancestors of the Ancestral Land give him command over half the Legion?

How could they be at ease?

Lin Yun was racking his brain, but he didn't understand.

Following Sir Ryan's words, the mood became strange. Everyone was looking at Lin Yun with odd expressions. Some were astonished, some were envious, and there were even some who were jealous.

Yes, everyone...

Including Patriarch Ofran, including Sword Saint Thorne, everyone had odd gazes.

Because no one had expected that Sir Ryan from the Ancestral Land would speak to Mafa with such an attitude.

After all, four Elders had died, while three ended up seriously injured. This was something that had never happened in the Merlin Family's history. This was a true scandal, and no force could put up with something like this, even the weakest ones. Facing this kind of provocation, they would do everything in their power to kill the troublemaker.

Reaching a compromise was impossible.

But now...

Sir Ryan was trying to calm the situation by advising him to not be too impulsive.

His words made everyone feel like they had gone crazy.

This was too irrational.

It wasn't a matter of compromising anymore...

'Could it be...' At this time, Ofran was suddenly startled.

Before, Ofran had thought that since Mafa had such frightening strength at such a young age, his backer was most likely the Cloud Tower or the Black Tower...

But now, Ofran suddenly realized that this young High Mage's background might be even more frightening than he had imagined...

Ofran clearly noticed Sir Ryan mentioning them "meeting again" when greeting Mafa Merlin.

That sentence didn't sound that special, besides proving that the two had seen each other in the past.

But Ofran didn't think so...

Because Sir Ryan's attitude was too forgiving. He only offered a bit of advice regarding the mess that Mafa had caused in the conference hall before giving him command over half of the Planar Legion.

What did this mean?

He was clearly siding with him and covering up for him.

Most importantly, Ofran had suddenly recalled the true reason that young High Mage returned to the Merlin Family.

Only Ofran and William knew that the only reason that young High Mage who ruled over Thousand Sails City was willing to return to the Merlin Family was to visit the Ancestral Land.

Ofran thought that this was because that young High Mage had longed for his identity to be acknowledged.

But Ofran didn't dare to think so now.

On one side was the young High Mage who was eager to enter the Merlin Family's Ancestral Land, while on the other side was Sir Ryan, who was clearly covering up for him. Along with the words "meeting again", no matter how slow Ofran was, he naturally understood that there was some secret behind this.

'Could it be... that Mafa Merlin's backer isn't the Cloud Tower or the Black Tower, but an ancestor hiding in the Ancestral Land?'

This sudden thought scared Ofran. If it really was the case, then today's Elder Council's meeting was definitely a joke!

Logan and Aube would have never thought that the young High Mage they were scheming against had such a shocking backer.

As he thought about it, Ofran's face gradually paled. Cold sweat drenched his back and dripped down his forehead.

"Alright, I said what I had to say. Three months later, the Watson Family will send people to contact you. As for the relationship between the Merlin Family and the Watson Family after you capture Ignition City, you do as you see fit. Don't be affected by this short-term cooperation." After saying that, the old man turned around to leave, but before he departed, he glanced at Lin Yun. "Oh right, if you have time during these two months, you should take a trip to the Ancestral Land. There is an old man wanting to meet you there."

"..." Everyone stood still as they watched the old man's figure drifting away, not making any sounds.

After a long time, Ofran coughed before saying, "Well, the two of you, how about we stop this battle now?"

"I'm fine with anything..." Lin Yun had an indifferent expression. Thorne's strength was indeed far from Lin Yun's expectations, and Lin Yun hadn't gained any advantage during the fight. There was no point in continuing this kind of a battle.

Naturally, Lin Yun had ways to win if he needed to, but the price was too high and it wasn't worth it.

"Hmpf!" Thorne coldly snorted before sheathing the Crimson Flame Sword, picking up Aube, who had regained some vitality, and leaving the battlefield.

"Good, good, it finally ended peacefully." Ofran let out a relieved sigh as he followed Thorne and Aube with his eyes. He then turned to the other Elders. "Well, I personally believe that today's matters aren't very glorious for the Merlin Family, and thus, I advise all of you not to divulge anything, lest you make Sir Ryan unhappy..."

"..." These words stupefied the Elders. 'Damn, four Elders died, three are seriously injured, and even the Planar Legion Commander made a move! How could this be considered a peaceful ending?

This wasn't peaceful at all...

But although the Elders were inwardly complaining, they didn't dare to be careless and they quickly agreed to Ofran's request.

"Of course, of course..."

"We definitely won't say anything..."

"Rest assured, Patriarch Ofran, we won't leak anything!"

They were able to become Elders, so none of them were total idiots.

Since Sir Ryan had come out here, who would dare to leak anything? That would be no different from asking for death.

The farce was finally over.

Lin Yun put away his two True Spirit Magic Tools and Syudos before calling Ross, who had been watching all along. They were about to go back when they noticed Leon approaching.

"Leon, what are you trying to do?" Ross suddenly reacted.

Originally, there were three contenders to become the next patriarch: Ross, Leon, and Aube. Now that Aube's Mana Whirlpool had been pierced by Lin Yun, he had become a cripple. So now, only Ross and Leon were still qualified for the position.

In other words, the two of them were direct competitors.

With such a relationship, how could Ross let him follow them? If he got some support from Cousin Mafa, wouldn't the seat escape his grasp?

"Well, Leon, the Elder Council's meeting is over, we are leaving now. What are you trying to do by following us? You wouldn't be trying to eat dinner with us, right?" Ross rolled his eyes as he let out a mocking smile.

The two were both geniuses of the Merlin Family, and they frequently interacted with one another. Thus, Ross clearly knew that Leon had always been proud and arrogant and wouldn't let anything go.

Ross sneered as he looked at him.


Ross had miscalculated this time...

The always proud Leon didn't react in a hostile manner. Instead, he actually showed a fawning smile. "Of course I'd like to eat dinner together! I haven't seen Cousin Mafa in such a long time, we definitely have to eat dinner. Leave it to me, tonight's dinner is on me. Let's go Cousin Mafa, I know a few good restaurants outside the Merlin Family Manor..."

As he said this, he tried dragging Lin Yun along...

"..." Ross was completely dumbstruck. He had never expected the prideful Leon to lower himself like this.

'Didn't he have some sort of disagreement with Cousin Mafa when he went to Thousand Sails City? How come he suddenly became so enthusiastic? Did his mind break during the time he spent in the Pale Plane?

'No way. I have to call William. William has been in Thousand Sails City, he definitely knows how Leon offended Cousin Mafa...'

In the evening, Leon entertained his guests as the four youths had a meal outside the Merlin Family Manor. During that time, what happened in the Elder Council that day gradually spread through the higher-ups of the Merlin Family...