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 If Logan had known that the person he'd been trying to manipulate was so powerful, he would never have dared to scheme against the Gilded Rose.

But it was too late now...

The battle was unavoidable. And if Mafa Merlin won, the Merlin Family would lose its Planar Legion Commander, while if Thorne won, the Merlin Family would face a disaster. In other words, no matter the outcome, the Merlin Family would suffer terribly.

Ofran stood there with a bitter expression, looking at this battle with an even more complicated mood.

As he'd expected, once the battle started, it could only with victory and defeat.

After Lin Yun and Thorne finished their initial probing attacks, they burst out with their strongest fighting power.

Thorne's Aura ignited to its limit as he seemed to be bathing in flames, while Lin Yun used two True Spirit Magic Tools, the Doom Staff and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, as well as Syudos, who was on the same realm, to block Thorne's almost unrivalled Sword Aura.

In a few instants, the two of them collided several dozen times.

Each time the Crimson Flame Sword in Thorne's hands moved, it would rumble with the sound of thunder and stir up raging flames that looked as if they would swallow everything. Lin Yun never stopped casting, chanting one incantation after the other like a flood, making the surrounding elements flare up.

At this time, the two gradually lost the precise control over their power, causing spells and Aura to leak into the surroundings. This was simply a disaster for the others. Over a dozen Elders started withdrawing from the conference hall one after the other...

Rumbles echoed as the two ravaged the conference hall, which could no longer bear the burden...

Only a surge of dirt could be seen as the four-story stone tower that had stood tall for over a millennium collapsed.

"..." The Elders who made it out couldn't help shaking as they looked at this scene.

It was too frightening...

This wasn't an ordinary stone tower; it was the conference hall of the Merlin Family, the core of the Merlin Family. Its importance was only second to that of the Ancestral Land. Each piece of floor and wall was inscribed with defensive arrays. Even Okland's Magic Crystal Cannons would need to bombard it at least ten times before that stone tower might collapse.

But now...

That stone tower had been destroyed by the fight between these two...

All the onlookers were pale as they saw this.

Most of the Elders were drenched in cold sweat.

Thorne wasn't a problem...

But Mafa Merlin...

No one ever expected Mafa Merlin to be this formidable, so they had all supported Aube and Logan in asking him to hand over the Gilded Rose.

They had schemed against this person's assets...

Just thinking about it, they all felt lingering fear. They were truly lucky to still be alive.

Although the conference hall collapsed, the battle still didn't stop. Among the dust, the two silhouettes could be seen moving extremely quickly. Lin Yun was already in his Fire Elemental Incarnation form, casting all kinds of fire spells one after the other.

As he coordinated with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, the swarm of spells he rained down was enough to make countless mages despair.

That wasn't something an ordinary mage could imagine...

Everyone could see how powerful Thorne was as he faced Lin Yun's wild casting yet wasn't falling behind. And not only was he not having to take a defensive stance, but he was actually brandishing his Crimson Flame Sword while attacking fiercely.

Indeed, both sides were on the offensive.

That battle could only be described as monstrous. Usually, in a battle between a mage and a swordsman, there would always be an attacker and a defender based on their specialization. One would be on the aggressive while the other would have to respond, but this common sense didn't apply here.

The two of them were attacking as if they never even considered defending. Most of the time, Thorne would rely on his Sword Aura to endure Lin Yun spell bombardment. And it was the same for Lin Yun, who relied on the powerful defensive ability of the Fire Elemental Incarnation to endure three attacks filled with Sword Aura.

"What kind of battle is this..." Leon, who was hiding in the distance, was looking at this world-shaking scene with disbelief while whispering to Ross.

"How could I know..." Ross rolled his eyes in exasperation. 'Do you think I'm a monster like them? How could I know something like that?'

"This battle is a bit irrational..."

"Indeed." Ross nodded.

This was a battle they couldn't understand. It didn't make sense for a mage and a swordsman to fight like this.

In fact, they weren't the only ones who didn't understand.

Not one onlooker could understand.

Only Thorne and Lin Yun understood.

Only the ones who were fighting understood why they were disregarding their lives.

It wasn't that they wanted to, but the power of the other side gave them no choice...

Especially Thorne.

Thorne Merlin was called the Crimson Flame Swordsman. He was known for his blazingly fierce offensives, but no matter how fierce his attacks were, he couldn't afford to just take hits, either. In fact, Thorne never expected the battle to reach this stage. The other side was only a High Mage, and even if he had a True Spirit Magic Tool that far exceeded his rank, in front of a 4th Rank Sword Saint, he truly shouldn't even count as an opponent.

But Thorne learnt that he was wrong as soon as the battle started. His opponent's strength was far greater than he had imagined.

First of all, his opponent didn't have just one True Spirit Magic Tool.

He had a boundlessly changing flame, a revolving disk, and a frightening spell-amplifying magic staff, a total of three True Spirit Magic Tools which could allow even a Magic Apprentice to contend against a Sword Saint.


The mage's strength was far from being as simple as he'd thought. He definitely had the strength to contend against an Archmage. If not for Thorne being close to becoming a 5th Rank Sword Saint, he would have already lost.

Especially since the other side's Elemental Incarnation coordinated so well with the crazily spinning disk. His casting speed could only be described as terrifying. Thorne could only struggle against the flood of spells.

It wasn't that he couldn't protect himself.

But he didn't dare to spend any effort protecting himself.

He wouldn't be far from losing once he let up the offensive against this horrifying spell bombardment. The adversary's unreasonable bombardment would thoroughly suppress him.

Thus, he could no longer change his stance.

He could only attack, attack, and attack some more. Only by incessantly attacking would he be able to hold back the other side's suppressive fire and force his opponent to defend. This was a waiting game. Whoever collapsed first under the pressure and was forced into a defensive position would lose this battle.

The longer the fight lasted, the more apprehensive Thorne was. 'When did such a monster appear in the Merlin Family? He is so young, yet he has such a frightening power. He'd become another Santon Merlin if given time...

'It's no good, I can't let him mature. Aube's injury will never be cured!'

Thorne burst out with more Aura, the Crimson Flame Sword in his hand shining with flames as the temperature of the atmosphere shot up even further.

Thorne's Aura had already reached the limit earlier. Bursting out with power once again would definitely harm his body and damage his vitality, possibly even affecting his future advancement. But Thorne didn't care right now, because the only thought in his mind was to behead his opponent.

However, they were interrupted by a voice.

"Alright, time to call it a day."

Once the voice echoed, both Lin Yun and Thorne felt a huge power descend.

This power was unfathomable. The two had even destroyed the stone tower as collateral damage, but they both couldn't resist this incredible power. Lin Yun's Elemental Incarnation instantly disappeared, and the same happened to Thorne's Aura. The surroundings became quiet as they felt restrained by that power.

"Who!" Thorne angrily shouted as he waved the Crimson Flame Sword in his hand at the newcomer... But just as he started moving, he discovered that there was no power in his body.

Thorne was terrified.