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 A rumble could be heard as the thick wall of the conference hall was torn apart by that majestic Sword Aura. A tall silhouette shrouded in flames came in from that breach and intruded on the Family's conference hall.

The first thing that fell into everyone's eyes was that flaming red weapon. Raging flames were lingering on the blade as the blazing heat seemed able to burn down everything. The long meeting table was broken in two as it had been cut apart by that blazing greatsword.

At the same time, this tall silhouette took only two steps to cross the distance before raising the greatsword once again to slash down vigorously. The rumbling sword's target was Lin Yun, who was controlling the Upper Rank Flame Spirit.

Everyone held their breaths.

The air was frozen as time seemed to stop flowing, as if the world had paused on this scene.

The conference hall was completely silent.

No one knew how much time passed before a scream broke this strange silence.

A Fire Bolt rose up sharply before turning in a strange way. After twisting, it hit the dumbstruck Aube in a very odd manner.

Aube immediately let out a blood-curdling scream.

The most frightening thing was that in that split second, everyone felt Aube's mana fluctuations disappearing.

Indeed, all the mana fluctuations suddenly disappeared from a 5th Rank High Mage.

What did that mean?

Even a fool would know that his Mana Whirlpool had been pierced.

In other words, Aube had just turned into an ordinary person, and a very miserable one at that. Aube might never be able to accumulate mana again.

"Mafa Merlin!" Aube's voice carried boundless despair...

"Who told you that I only had one True Spirit Magic Tool?" After sneering, Lin Yun no longer cared about Aube and immediately cast a spell with the Doom Staff, causing seven Ice Walls to suddenly rise up.

It was followed by a crashing sound.

Thorne's flaming greatsword smashed into the seven Ice Walls, displaying the power of one of the three Sword Saints of the Merlin Family.

Unfortunately, he was too slow...

It took him no more than a second to cut down the seven Ice Walls, but that was enough for Lin Yun.

During that time, Syudos, who had pierced Aube's Mana Whirlpool, had already returned to Lin Yun's side before turning into a flaming shield.

A rumble echoed once again as the flaming shield and flaming greatsword collided, causing dazzling conflagration to surge.

It looked like fireworks.

This was the collision of peak magic and peak Aura, the collision of two True Spirit Magic Tools...

After colliding, the flaming shield and flaming greatsword were sent flying backward simultaneously.

This showed how powerful the Crimson Flame Sword in Thorne's hands was... Even Syudos couldn't completely stop it. Under the fierce attack, the flaming shield was knocked out of Lin Yun's control. It flew a dozen meters back before changing into a ball of flames, while the sword in Thorne's hand shook before he tightened his grasp on it.

But because it shook too much, it let out a Dragon Roar.

"Very amazing." Lin Yun waved his hand, recalling Syudos, while also tightening his grip on the Doom Staff.

Since he came to this era, Lin Yun had gone through countless battles, but regardless of how powerful the opponent was, there weren't many that would actually draw a compliment from him.

That sentence was heartfelt praise.

Thorne Merlin's strength exceeded Lin Yun's expectations.

From this, it could be seen how formidable this Planar Legion Commander was.

After they collided, Thorne didn't continue his attack. He instead withdrew and supported Aube.

When Syudos pierced Aube's Mana Whirlpool, he not only took away his ability to use magic, but also grievously wounded him.

Aube was pale and breathing roughly, seeming to be on the verge of death. After supporting him, Thorne took out a potion, opened the lid, and cautiously poured that greenish liquid into Aube's mouth.

Aube's complexion became better as he drank the potion. His originally weak and chaotic breathing gradually steadied. What was even more unbelievable was that the wound caused by Syudos was rapidly closing and healing.

The conference hall was in an uproar. Everyone was trying to guess the origin of that potion, and how could it have such mystical effects.

"Aube, how do you feel?" Thorne's frown finally relaxed a bit.

"Fa... Father, he..." After opening his eyes, Aube weakly nodded before pointing at Lin Yun.

"Alright, don't talk." Not waiting for Aube to say anything, Thorne Merlin pushed his hand back before gently helping him lie down on the side. "Be at ease, no one can harm the son of Thorne Merlin without paying the price."

After treating Aube, Thorne held his Crimson Flame Sword once again, his expression greatly changing as he looked at Lin Yun with unconcealed killing intent. "You are called Mafa Merlin?"


"Good" Thorne nodded, he pointed the Crimson Flame Sword at him. "I'll give you a chance. Cripple your Mana Whirlpool and your hands and leave Andlusa to never come back!"

"You are quite generous..." Lin Yun sneered. To a mage, what was the difference between crippling one's Mana Whirlpool and death?

"You can refuse, but I can guarantee that you'll regret your choice..." Hate couldn't be concealed from Thorne's eyes. "I am Thorne Merlin, I believe you should have heard of my name? I am the Planar Legion Commander of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane. In that plane, there is an underground flaming river known as the Howling River. I frequently throw some Raging Flame Beastmen in there to listen to their screams..."

"But rest assured, that won't be your fate," Thorne said in a deep voice. His next words gave chills to everyone. "I'll tie you above the Howling River to let the flames gently caress your body. You won't die immediately, you'll slowly feel it as your body slowly roasts. You'll even be able to smell the fragrance of meat being cooked..."

"Haha, Sir Thorne, I have to say..." Lin Yun fiddled with Syudos a bit before saying with a mocking smile, "You look quite pleased with yourself."

"Hmmm?" Thorne's expression sank, his grave face turning somber as he burst with flaming Aura.

"Then you are courting death!"

The Crimson Flame Sword let out a rumbling sound as he tore through the air. The majestic Sword Aura curled up like a hurricane as it shrouded the entire conference hall in an instant.

"That might not be the case!" Lin Yun unceremoniously let out Syudos. The latter turned into a myriad of Fire Arrows, giving out more pressure than Thorne's Sword Aura, as it covered the entire area in an instant.

Everyone in the conference hall panicked.

Even a powerhouse like Ofran cast a Runic Shield. The power of those two had reached a frighteningly inhuman stage, and the fight between them was bound to be world-shaking. Just the stray attacks from that fight could cause the death of a High Mage...

But as they panicked, they all discovered in shock that whether it was the Sword Aura or the Fire Arrows, they were all focused completely on their respective opponent. There wasn't a single bit of power leakage.

'So formidable...' Ofran couldn't help sighing. He had no plans to interfere. Whether it was Thorne or Mafa, their power already far exceeded his own.

Even just that precise control, that wasn't something he could do.

It could be seen from their battle.

Thorne's Sword Aura was spread all around while Mafa's Fire Arrows were dispersed in the air, but in the end, there was not one bit of superfluous power leaking out. That control could only be described as terrifying.

'Logan, ah, Logan, your death was truly unfair...'