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 Aube finally understood why he had felt that chill earlier...

'Shit, it was because that damn lunatic was looking at me, no wonder I had a bad feeling. He isn't just a madman...'

As a Master Alchemist, how could Aube not know that the revolving disk in Lin Yun's hands was a very frightening Magic Tool?

Its power was so incredible that it swallowed up two peak High Mages in a split second. Aube's only guess was that it was a True Spirit Magic Tool.

This guess left Aube frozen in terror, because the Magic Tool Incarnation had yet to appear, which meant that this Magic Tool was displaying less than half of its power.

Two peak High Mages had already been easily taken care of without even using half of its power; how frightening would it be if it displayed its full power?

"Mafa Merlin, you..." Aube nervously held onto his magic staff as cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He looked at Lin Yun with a mix of fear and despair...


At this time, Logan, who had lost two allies, suddenly slammed his hand on the table and pointed his magic staff at Lin Yun. "Mafa Merlin, what are you doing, don't you know where this is? You had best surrender or you'll face the retaliation of the entire Merlin Family!"

Logan was enraged.

He had spent decades building his power in the Elder Council until he had gained enough authority, but today, during an ordinary meeting of the Elder Council, Follen and Hayden Merlin died. These two were the most capable subordinates Logan had. Let alone having outstanding strength, they also knew how to coordinate with Logan in the Elder Council's meetings to maximize his influence.

But who could have expected them to die today?

How could Logan not be angry?

"You are too unbridled and too arrogant, Mafa Merlin. This is Okland, not Thousand Sails City. You think you can do whatever you want here? Well, I won't let you do so!" Logan's beard shook due to anger.


It might have been due to his anger, but Logan seemed to have forgotten something...

He was one of the candidates...

"It's nothing, Elder Logan, I just feel that the dead can't supervise the Gilded Rose..." Lin Yun smiled before pouring mana into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The dazzling light alongside the red and blue radiances quickly rotated as it scattered even more frightening mana fluctuations.

Moreover, the target of these fluctuations quietly changed...

"What are you trying to say?" Just as Logan furiously said these words, he suddenly realized that something was horribly wrong. The mana fluctuations that had been locked onto Aube abruptly changed direction and targeted him.

Thus, the anger was quickly replaced by panic.

"Shit!" Logan shrieked before casting a few defensive spells. "Mafa Merlin, what do you think you are doing!?"

Then, another explosion echoed in the conference hall.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel burst out once again as a dazzling sun-like radiance spread above Lin Yun's head. Countless spells turned into a flood and submerged Logan in a split second.

There was no struggle, no scream.

Only a deathly silence.

The conference hall became quiet once again.

Everyone looked at Lin Yun with deep fear...

They understood what Lin Yun meant earlier.

The dead can't manage the Gilded Rose.

He planned to kill every person mentioned as being qualified to manage the Gilded Rose...

And he was really doing it...

Of the five candidates, Follen Hayden, Aube, Leon, Logan...

Three were already dead.

The Merlin Family had never suffered such a terrible loss in their thousand-year history. In one day, three of the seventeen Elders had been killed.

What kind of concept was that?

And it still wasn't over.

Because some people alarmingly discovered that this rather excessive young man was already urging that frightening Magic Tool once more and was aiming it at Aube!

"I warned you, I told all of you to not be blinded by greed..." Ofran had no choice but to stand up at this moment. He looked sharply across everyone before looking back at Lin Yun with a smile. "Alright, Mafa, let's please leave it at that..."

"Sorry, Patriarch Ofran, I have to follow up on my words..." Lin Yun helplessly laughed. "I said that they would end up dead, so they have to end up dead. Otherwise, people would think that I am not a man of my words..."

It was a simple answer...

But it gave shiver to all those who listened.

"Mafa... Logan and those two were one thing, but Aube is one of the few youths with good prospects in the Merlin Family, especially since he has some accomplishments in the field of alchemy. This is very important to the Merlin Family. Mafa, you also share the Merlin name, you should know that the Merlin Family can't bear this kind of loss..."

"Businessmen have to be trustworthy."

"..." Ofran took a deep breath. "I know, today's matters were caused by the Merlin Family letting you down. But we did it in the interest of the entire Family. We didn't know you had such shocking strength. You are too young, after all. Please listen to me, Mafa, and end it here. I'll use my status as the Patriarch to guarantee that no one will look into the deaths of those three. Your Gilded Rose won't be disturbed anymore."

"Yes, yes, yes, Mafa Merlin, I'll also guarantee that whoever targets the Gilded Rose will have their legs broken!" Leon couldn't hold himself back any longer and stood up from his seat.

After all, if there was one person who wanted to stop this the most, it was definitely Leon.

After all, Leon knew how terrifying his younger cousin was...

He had been Mana Shackled by his younger cousin when the latter was only a Great Mage...

Those were Mana Shackles!

That was a spell only used when higher-ranked mages pressured lower ranked mages, yet his cousin did it the other way around. This was enough to show how powerful Mafa Merlin was...

Now that he had advanced to become a High Mage, his strength would have increased by over ten times!

Moreover, there was still Star Sage Jouyi behind him...

Leon didn't want the tragedy to repeat again.

And he couldn't do anything about it, because he was one of the five candidates...

If he waited for Mafa to casually kill Aube, wouldn't he be next?

Thus, Leon had no other choice but to stand up.

"Who wants to harm Aube!?" But suddenly, a loud voice rumbled like a tsunami.

In an instant, a frightening power filled the conference hall.

This frightening power even counteracted some of the pressure caused by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

"It's Thorne!" The originally silent conference hall suddenly flared up.

It was indeed the voice of Thorne Merlin...

One of the three Sword Saints of the Merlin Family, the owner of the Crimson Flame Sword, the commander of the Raging Flame Plane's Planar Legion, as well as one of the strongest members of the Merlin Family. He would inevitably have a seat within the Ancestral Land in a century or so.

Aube managed to become who he was today because he was Thorne's son.

Ofran couldn't help sighing when he felt that power.

'Thorne really came back...'

"Mafa, you should stop while there is still time, I can give an explanation to Thorne. I can guarantee as the Patriarch that as long as you stop now, Thorne won't retaliate against you. I don't think you'll be able to escape Thorne's vengeance if you plan on doing things your way..."

"That's right, Mafa Merlin, don't think that because you can do whatever you want because you have a frightening Magic Tool! If you touch even one of my hairs, my father will uproot your Gilded Rose. Weeping won't help then!" When Aube felt that familiar power, his pale face regained some color. His next words were full of self-confidence.

"Really?" Lin Yun gently rotated the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, and countless abstruse runes flickered amidst the two precious gems...

As if feeling Lin Yun hesitating amidst the flickering runes, a proud smile appeared on Aube's face. "Mafa Merlin, I advise you to think this through. My father controls the entire Planar Legion, do you know what that means? Your Gilded Rose would be annihilated if my father just gave the word." Aube continued, "At that time, your closest relatives, friends, subordinates, they will all be doomed because of your recklessness. Who do you think you are to challenge the entire Merlin Family with one Magic Tool?"