Aube was suddenly terrified.

This was a feeling that hadn't appeared to him in years, and every time it did, it meant that danger was descending.


He was now in the conference hall of his own Family, he was participating in the Elder Council as an Elder, he was sitting amidst influential members there, including Patriarch Ofran. There weren't many places safer than here for him in all of Okland.

'How could I feel danger here?'

Aube pondered, but couldn't understand.

'Did I imagine it? ...Yes, I definitely imagined it.'

As Aube comforted himself in bewilderment, Logan's gaze stopped on other people.

"Hayden, he is also a famous person in our Merlin Family. He is an 8th Rank High Mage at the age of forty, his future can be said to be boundless.

"Follen Merlin, he is a 9th Rank High Mage at forty-five. He is one of our High Mages with the greatest chance of becoming an Archmage..."

After pointing to two Elders at his side, Logan's gaze fell on Leon.

"There is also Leon. He is a 7th Rank High Mage at thirty and is the disciple of Hoen, the head of the Magic Department of the Cloud Tower. Whether it is strength or background, he is more than qualified to manage the Gilded Rose..."

"..." Leon raised his head with a stupefied expression. He stared fixedly at Logan, his eyes almost leaving their sockets.

'Elder Logan, you old bastard, I did nothing to you, why are you trying to pull me in...

'Shit, don't you see me trying to bury my head in my arms? Do you think it is easy for me to act like this do so at the Elder Council? I'm doing my best to weaken my presence, yet you are unwilling to let me off...

'Good, good, good... I won't be polite since you won't let me off...'

Leon clenched his teeth and stood up. "You are too polite, Elder Logan. You are a senior figure of the Merlin Family, you have good morals and ample experience. You would be the best candidate to manage the Gilded Rose!"

After finishing, he politely smiled at Logan.

"..." Logan felt baffled. 'What's going on? Is there something wrong with Leon? Who wouldn't want to manage the Gilded Rose, an alchemy behemoth constantly producing massive amounts of wealth...'

Golds were counted by tens of millions there, and just by stretching out his hand, he would be able to obtain unimaginable wealth. Not to mention, the Gilded Rose didn't only have golds; it had all kinds of advanced techniques, all kinds of powerful alchemy items, and all kinds of rare magic materials. Whoever managed the Gilded Rose could use those at will.

Who would give up such a position?

'What's going on with Leon... Why would he push such a position onto me? Is there some conspiracy I'm unaware of...?

'This feels wrong... How could there be such a pleasant conspiracy? But regardless...'

Logan didn't think long before making his decision. Even if there was a plot against him, it would have to wait until he took his position as the manager of the Gilded Rose. He wouldn't be showing any respect to Leon if he didn't take advantage of his praise to take that spot.

Logan gave a meaningful glance to the Elders on his side before shaking his head. "I can't, I can't, I'm already under heavy pressure from handling the affairs of the Lorraine branch, I don't have the energy to supervise the Gilded Rose. Elders, please find someone more qualified..."

"Elder Logan!" An Elder from Logan's group stood up. "You can't say that! Isn't the Lorraine branch part of the Merlin Family? I feel that you should make some sacrifice for the benefit of the Merlin Family and put energy into developing the Gilded Rose!"

"Yes! Elder Logan, you cannot favor your branch over the whole Family!"

"That's right, you are the most qualified person, Elder Logan..."

At this time, Logan's faction all stood up and did their best to push Logan into being the manager of the Gilded Rose.

As for Logan...

He resolutely declined, but the more he declined, the less resolute he looked. In the end, his tone relaxed...

"Since that's the case..." Logan said with reluctance.

But he was cut off by Lin Yun's sudden laughter.

"Only these few?"

"You... What do you mean!" Logan's faction had been acting for a while, and he was just about to agree to take over the Gilded Rose when Mafa Merlin stood up. Naturally, Logan's expression wasn't good.

"Haha, nothing, it's only a few people..." But Lin Yun just kept chuckling.

Then, berserk mana fluctuations suddenly filled the atmosphere.

"What!?" The one who endured the brunt of the pressure was that forty-year-old 8th Rank High Mage, Hayden. He was originally sitting, but under the pressure of those berserk mana fluctuations, he crumpled on his chair.

The mana fluctuations were so shocking.

They burst out in the conference hall like a tsunami and caused complete chaos.

And this wasn't over...

A bright moon rose up behind Lin Yun...

Before they could understand what was going on, that moon blossomed with a bright light as the two gems, one red and one blue, seemed especially dazzling.

"I'm curious about one thing. What if no one is able to manage the Gilded Rose?"

After Lin Yun said those words, the bright moon behind him flew out as the two lights flashed.


The seventeen Elders and the Patriarch of the Merlin Family saw an unforgettable scene.

The berserk mana fluctuations seemed to have reached their peak in an instant, before being followed by a loud explosion.

That ascending bright moon burst with endless spells in an instant: Frost Spike, Fire Arrow, Wind Blade, Earth Spike, Flame Spear, Frost Lance... It was as if countless mages attacked at the same time, making the endless spells turn into a wave of magic.

And the target was that 8th Rank High Mage, Hayden...

To be honest, that Hayden's reaction was pretty fast. When targeted by all those spells, he quickly jumped off his chair, already aware that the situation wasn't good. He cast a Mana Shield and a Runic Shield, and not feeling safe with just these two shields, he cast an additional Ice Wall in front of him.


It was no use.

Under the frightening flood of spells, the Ice Wall instantly disappeared, followed by the Mana Shield. The last layer of defense, the Runic Shield, only lasted one second.

In that second, everyone could see Hayden's expression turning from terror to despair, before finally turning into ashes.

It only took one second for Lin Yun to kill an 8th Rank High Mage. Lin Yun's ferocity frightened the entire conference hall.

But it felt like a trivial matter to LIn Yun. He only beckoned the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel back and smiled, as if he hadn't killed an 8th Rank High Mage, but only squashed an ant.

"First one." After saying that, Lin Yun's gaze turned towards that forty-five-year-old 9th Rank High Mage, Follen...

"Mafa Merlin! What do you think you are doing!" Logan was stunned, a mix of anger and alarm on his face.

The Merlin Family had been around for over a millennium, but never before had someone attacked someone in the conference hall, let alone going so far as to kill an Elder like just now.

This was a provocation to the entire Merlin Family!

No Merlin could tolerate such an action.

After Hayden died, Lin Yun was staring at Follen.

Then, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel emerged once again...

The mana fluctuations turned berserk in an instant.

As the red and blue lights interweaved once more, the shadow of death covered the conference hall.

"Mafa Merlin, you are insane!" Aube was losing himself to fear.

'Fuck, fuck, I got so much information on him, but why was there no mention of him being a lunatic? He is simply unreasonable! To overturn the decision of the Elder Council, he didn't hesitate to start a slaughter in the conference hall. Does he want to become enemies with the entire Merlin Family?'

"Stay your hand, stay your hand! Mafa Merlin, you will become the enemy of the entire Merlin Family, it won't end well for you..."


Regardless of how loudly Aube shouted, he couldn't stop the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. The flood of spells submerged Follen Merlin in an instant...

The conference hall turned silent once again.

This was too frightening.

That madman killed two Elders in just moments. Who could say that he wouldn't kill all seventeen Elders if it continued?

"There are still a few left, isn't there?" With a smile, Lin Yun looked to the other side of the table before his gaze fell onto Aube's body.

"Shit!" Aube screeched, "Shit, why are you looking at me!"